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A Pierrot's Aria
Chapter Summary:
(To be filled)

Characters in this chapter:
Ichiro's mother
Aki's Uncle

(To be filled)

I liked this chapter. Ichiro's sisters are absolutely adorable! They remind me of when my twin sister and I were younger and our mum always used to dress us the same and give us the same hair style and all that. laugh.gif We don't dress the same now, though, haha!

It was really nice of Hachiken to help Ichiro, his sisters and their mum on their farm but I laughed when Hachiken was talking about the labour standards act with Nino and Misora. With Ichiro replying "don't put ideas into their heads!" laugh.gif

Next chapter is certainly going to be interesting. I wonder if Hachiken will butcher the deer. ohmy.gif
Ichiro's sisters are adorable!!! happy.gif About them so small and yet working in the family farm, Japanese fans already checked the Japanese Law, and since Ichiro's farm is operated only with family members, it is perfectly within all the labor laws and child protection law and all these stuff. tongue.gif

Also, yes, according to fans who are farmers in Hokkaido, they have many deers, and young deers are very tasty.
LOL on Mikage and Ichiro's dialogue on cooking deer meat.
(But, kind of wonders that Mikage's grandfather's truck didn't get any damage from hitting that deer? unsure.gif Usually, there would be quite a damage. ) It must have a reinforced bumper or something. tongue.gif
Hachiken's sensitivity toward animals is so sweet!! <3 i can't wait to see how it plays out in the next chapter.

and yes, Ichiro's sisters are lil cuties. Tough little kiddies too, helping out with the chores and stuff at such young ages. I don't think I would of been able to handle so much labor at their age. XD

Hachiken: "You're too greedy, you bastard!" lol Ichiro also looks like Greed too! 8D With bigger eyes and more eyebrows ffffffffft.

I think Arakawa is throwing in some cooking tips for us, with that bit between Aki & Ichiro. ;D THIS MANGA IS SO EDUCATIONAL!!!

nest chapter, why you no come this week?? ;A;
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