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Full Version: IRC?
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Do you guys have an IRC channel or a chatroom of some sort?

I think implementing one would assist in keeping members in touch and bind the community together further, as a whole - allowing for a faster exchange of ideas which could then be condensed into a thread for public discussion/debate/what have you.

Your thoughts?
Welcome to our board, Nocturne! biggrin.gif And, thank you for the suggestion!

Regarding IRC channel, a few years ago we opened the IRC channel to be used as a designated chat channel for our members because occasionally we had been getting requests for a chat channel, and for a while the board really pushed and promoted the use of the channel among our members, organizing video viewing night and other stuff, but I guess it never really caught on as a part of board activity among our members, as only a handful of members actually signed on there, and then even less and less members were using it and eventually it fizzled out, and because of a long period of inactivity the whole "IRC Circle" stuff is now archived. Sorry. sad.gif

(We'll be merging this thread to Suggestion for the board thread later. ^^)
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