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A Pierrot's Aria
Hello everyone! Unfortunately a thread concerning discussion on what we love about the Elric brothers and their relationship/bond has never been created here. ohmy.gif

So we thought it was about time we opened one for those who, like me, really love the brotherly relationship between Ed and Al!

Here, feel free to discuss different aspects of Ed and Al and their relationship/roles within FMA-1/Brotherhood/manga! I really hope fellow fans of the Elric brothers can join the discussions! biggrin.gif

Keep in mind that this is not a yaoi thread, so kindly keep EdxAl discussions away from this thread. And on a similar note, this is a 'safe harbour' thread, so please share your anti-Ed & Al thoughts on an appropriate thread and not this one. happy.gif

I would really love to try and keep this thread active with people's thoughts...So I'll get the ball rolling by asking something simple (although I believe it would be a nice way to start the thread!)

What do you love about the brothers' relationship/bond, and why? biggrin.gif And if you have any other points concerning the Elrics you'd like to discuss with fellow Elric brothers fans, by all means, please do!
I am ridiculously happy you made this thread. xD It's about time our favorite brotherly Dynamic Duo got some love! It's their bond that pulled me into an FMA addiction in the first place! biggrin.gif

I think what I love most about it is that it's proof that True Love isn't limited to romance. Ed and Al are proof that a brotherly, familial, platonic relationship can be every bit as deep and powerful and beautiful as a romantic one...if not more so! Like Frodo and Sam from "Lord of the Rings", their bond is so strong and so pure that it doesn't need anything extra to be meaningful. (And go figure - it's this kind of love that's usually the most underrated and misunderstood. 'Cause it HAS to be sexual to be considered "something more", yes?) dry.gif /mini-rant

And just like all the other FMA relationships (romantic AND platonic), I love how there's so many facets to it. They're your typical pair of siblings - fighting one minute, laughing the next. They're a powerful team - back to back, side by side, working together as one. They're the best of friends - sharing the burdens, always looking out for each other. They're yin and yang - opposite personalities, each tempering and completing the other. And in a way, you could also say they're soulmates - bound in spirit as well as blood, destined to stay connected no matter the distance.

Gah, I just can't get over how darn devoted they are to each other... wub.gif Makes me all tingly and fangirly just thinking about it, lol!

Here, have a random gorgeous angsty brotherly fanart I just found:

I'll shut up now. xD
Ed is fire whilst Al is water.

Ed really pushes them both forward and is constantly seeking out new opportunities to achieve their goals whilst Al is a constant reminder to Ed on what it is all about - but he isn't limited to a passive compliance with everything Ed desires which is a unique twist to these types of interactions or bonds. I'm supposing it is due to the creator had either more insight into the human psyche and its potential developments to not become stagnated into cliches devised by previous stories (they become generic over time) or that it is simply due to Al is a male.

They have unique and significant compatibility and I do not think I would extrapolate this idealized bond upon the masses of siblings, because it really is a mere matter of chance (and of course, they were fortunate enough to have their fates directed by a calculated hand >.> Not just mere chance through genetics or potentially transient interactions of parents).

Going back to Al, it is not just the significance of their journey that he represents - but also adaptability and acceptance. He has a care and genuine concern for others - but not just their well being and potential as Ed is fixated on. He understands their emotional well being and strives to act as a mediator between Ed and... well... everyone else. x3
A Pierrot's Aria
@Dearheart I love how devoted they are to each other, as well! And I also agree that there is no need to turn such a deep, meaningful bond into something more. I whole-heartedly agree with your mini rant. tongue.gif And I loooooooove that fanart! wub.gif

And I agree with both you and Nocturne when you refer to them as ying and yang/fire and water, respectively. I love how, really, they're both caring, but they're not just copies of each other. They go about things in their own way: Ed definitely has more of a brash way of going about things while Al is a lot gentler. That said, I don't believe Al is so gentle to the point that he's a pushover. So again, I agree with Nocturne in that Al doesn't just passively comply to whatever Ed wants.

I just thought of something else to ask: what is your favourite brotherly scene and why? biggrin.gif

I'd say one of my favourite parts is when Ed reveals to Al that what they brought back wasn't their mother, and they both realise that they weren't to blame for 'killing' their mum. I just love how Al doesn't let Ed shoulder the blame for what they did. It's just so lovely how much they care for one another. You can see it when Al says in this scene "You try to take all the blame yourself. It's painful to watch. Seeing you suffer like that..." And Ed says later that he just wants to see Al smile again. It's so heart-warming and very touching--I love it! Then after that they reveal they were thinking the same thing: they want to complete their quest without letting anyone else get hurt. I'd say that shows they're on the same wavelength in spite of their opposite temperaments. They also cheer each other up and spur each other on. happy.gif

I also love the little, kind of, heart-to-heart they have in the light novel "The Valley of White Petals". Basically, Al tells Ed that he knows that he [Ed] has a blister on his foot because he could see him limping, and asks why Ed didn't tell him. This then leads to a nice little conversation between the two about being content with how they are in the meantime.

Say, Dearheart, do you happen to have a super awesome Ed and Al playlist like you do your EdxWin playlist? tongue.gif
As a matter of fact, I DO have a super awesome Ed and Al playlist! biggrin.gif Here ya go! Warning: it's just as addicting as my EdWin one. tongue.gif Enjoyyy~

Oh gosh, a favorite brotherly moment? I have way too many favorites, and I could rant about them for hours... xD I guess I'll just share a couple from each FMA "version".

Mangaverse: Aria, you already shared one of my absolute favorites, so I'll share another one - the part towards the end of chapter 53, when Ed and Al are reunited after he gets out of Gluttony's stomach. I love how Al just crushes him in that hug (channeling some Armstrong maybe, lol!), and then he literally falls to his knees, trembling, saying over and over, "You're alright, you're alright..." And then Ed remembers his own anguish when he almost lost Al in the transmutation, and he leans in close and puts a hand on Al's head and murmurs, "Sorry for making you worry." It's a small scene, but it's so heartfelt, and I think the interaction between them both is so intimate there. I love it. wub.gif

Animeverse: (Oh want bromance? This anime is brimming with it. I get the feeling that having a brotherly moment between Ed and Al in every episode must have been in the contract or something.) xD There's no possible way I can pick one favorite from it, so I'll just share the first moment where the brothers' relationship - and the whole series in general - started yanking on my heartstrings. wink.gif And that would be in episode 3, when Ed is going through his automail surgery. Winry softly asks him to "just bear with us, Ed," and Pinako comments how she's impressed that he's being so brave. And then Ed whispers through gritted teeth, "This pain's nothing...compared to what he's given up." That's when I thought, wow. This isn't your average sibling relationship; these brothers really have something special. And that was driven home even further during the sparring scene...when they're arguing over who should restore who, when Ed says, "I don't want to lose you again", and finally when Al says, "From now on, there isn't anything that can pull us apart." And thus, Dearheart officially became an Elric bromance fangirl... tongue.gif

Brotherhoodverse: I adore the scene where Ed sees Al's body in the Gate, and Al says with a sad smile, "I'm sorry, I can't go with you..." And then right after Ed is dragged away, he freakin' punches right through the doors again and promises to come back for his brother no matter what...GUH. Brought tears to my eyes. That's when I thought, FINALLY!! Brotherhood is starting to live up to its name!

(Warning! Ending spoilers!!) I also love how Brotherhood fleshed out Ed and Al's homecoming a little bit - the worried little breath Ed takes when Al stands up on wobbly legs. Al's concerned "How's the leg, brother?", and the way Ed just brushes it off with a grin. And especially when Al smiles and murmurs, "Thanks, brother," and clueless Ed says, "Huh? What for?" and Al chuckles, "Nothing." And then Ed's like, "Geez, you're so weird..." xD It's such a tiny conversation, but I think it speaks volumes about them. Al's not completely okay about the fact that Ed still has automail, but he knows Ed is, and he'll never forget what his big brother went through for his sake. And Ed? In his eyes, he didn't do anything particularly special or sacrificial; and he doesn't want Al to worry about his dumb ol' leg, 'cause he couldn't care less about it. He's just overjoyed to have his brother back, and nothing else matters. wub.gif

Wow, I did NOT mean to ramble on that much... O.O Why does FMA always do this to me?? (BTW Aria, these "light novels" sound pretty good. That little moment you mentioned was so sweet...makes me wanna read it now, lol.) smile.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
@Dearheart Your playlist is too awesome! (And what's also awesome is that you used a quote from Griselda Banks' absolutely amazing, fantastically fantastic 'A Hundred Ways to Say You're My Brother' fanfic. wub.gif I've lost count of how many times I've read and re-read the whole thing!!) But you've made me fall in love with pretty much every song on that playlist (well, I already loved Brothers, Nothing I Won't Give and You'll Be in My Heart). <D I think my favourites were definitely Undone - FFH and You Give Me Hope - Between the Trees. They fit so well!

And those are some of my favourite scenes, too! Another of mine is (Warning! Major spoilers for chapter 108!!) in the manga where Ed is holding Al's hand to help him up so they could exit through Al's door together. It's just that simple panel where you can just see their hands (they're holding hands.) It may be a simple scene to like, but I think it's fantastic. The first contact Al has is to hold his brother's hand (even if it is just to help him to his feet and out of the gate.)

And I love that animeverse scene as well! I also love the part where Al says to Barry the Chopper outside Lab 5 "I love my brother and he loves me!" I also just love how he wasn't afraid to say that!

That Brotherhood scene you mentioned is also totally awesome! One of the best scenes ever with the two brothers. I mean, he could have just let himself be dragged away and held back by those huge doors, but as you say, he punched straight through them and made a promise to come back. It's simply amazing!

(Oh, if anyone is interested in that scene I mentioned from the light novel, you can PM me and I'll have something helpful to send you so you know what happens in that scene! tongue.gif )
Oh gosh, I love that panel in chapter 108 too. Heck, I love the whole made me cry when I first read it (but then, the entire chapter did that to me, lol!) tongue.gif


Two months ago, today, I found the Ed to my Al. My platonic soulmate, you might say. wub.gif Now I don't know if it's because of that, or if it's because I've always been obsessed with Ed and Al, but lately I've felt super fangirly for the Elric brothers' relationship. I can't stop staring at the fanart, reading fanfiction, watching AMVs, rereading and rewatching my favorite FMA brotherly you know what? I thought "what the heck?" and decided to bring all the brotherly goodness together in one place.

Introducing Brother Mine - my very first tumblr blog!! *blingblingshinyyyyy*

WHY HAS NOBODY WARNED ME HOW MUCH FUN A TUMBLR IS? Anyway, if you're as fangirly for this dynamic duo as I am, and if you love the close bond they share as much as I do, this tumblr is just for you! I'll be posting plenty of squee-inducing fanart, links to awesome videos and fan fiction, songs from my Ed and Al playlist...everything you could possibly need for your FMA bromance cravings.

So if you're on tumblr, PLEASE FOLLOW ME! It's no fun fangirling all by yourself! (And feel free to submit your own stuff to the blog, too!)

And if you don't have a tumblr...WHY NOT. JOIN. NOW. COME TO THE TUMBLR SIDE. IT IS YOUR DESTINY.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled bromance fangirling. biggrin.gif
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