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Full Version: Chapter 13/"Summer" Part 3 Discussions
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A Pierrot's Aria
Chapter Summary:
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I'll comment more on this chapter soon when I get the chance to read it again. xD The part I remember loving at this moment is when Ichiro was able to get a signal on Hachiken's phone because he's taller and can reach higher. laugh.gif
^ LOL, Ichiro is a human antenna. tongue.gif

Seriously, I haven't expected this chapters' storyline at all. Wow, Hachiken is a total fail in this chapter.

And, that abandoned farm looks spooky! mellow.gif

Interesting turn of event in this chapter.
QUOTE (Tombow @ Aug 5 2011, 05:54 AM) *
^ LOL, Ichiro is a human antenna. tongue.gif

I laughed so hard at that scene.

But yeah, really like where this is going. I expect the next chapter to play an important part in Hachiken's development.
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