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In an alternative universe, on what would be considered England, the Victorian/steampunk age has thrived for at least a century. Everything is in order, there's lots of rules and lots of rather cruel punishments for breaking these rules. And everybody's happy about it and it's all flowers and sunshine. Not really. Most people are happy with the rules and obey them like zombies, granted it's unwilling but their too caught up in the social order in the world to see the truth, but there are a select few who rebel. Those people, would be us. We are the 'freaks' and the 'outsiders', the ones with powers and abilities they can't quite explain. These people, are called in by one of their own. And due to a ruler-in-the-making who has gotten a little too power hungry for everybody's own good, most people turn a blind eye because of the rules, they are the ones who must save us all from world domination.

Our mission, is to stop the hunt on our people. People from the streets, lonely hobo's and people you wouldn't think twice about, have become targets and have disappeared during the night. Who's next? We're not gonna wonder long enough to see. We'll find the person hiding in the shadows and over-seeing their evil plans, and take them down.

-PG 13 violence, language, ect. we know the drill.
-Don't kill anybody but freebie random people without permission
-The time set is Victorian setting with steampunky-ness, so magical science of course
-There will be almighty 'special' people, but if you want just a normal human being than that's good too. We need all the help we can get.

I'll be posting my chara's shortly, so...just put yours up?


Name: Kari
Age: 19
Looks: This (the one on the right with black hair XD)
Height: 4 feet 9 inches (144.78 cm)
Gender: Female
Race (as in human, demon,daemon ect.): Unknown to Kari herself
Skills: She's gifted with a hand-pistol, she often has to modify them to be smaller so she can hold it, and has a surprising amount of force behind her martial arts for such a petite person. She has a knack for figuring things out, sometimes longer than others, when she puts her mind to it.
Bio: Currently unknown
Random Fact: She always has a ring on a chain (excluding the tag thing) that she often fiddles with when she's nervous. It's, according to her, a family heirloom.

Name: Hades
Age: ???? He looks about 23
Looks:Human form and wolf/daemon form
Eye color: Silver
Height: 5 feet 11 inches (180.34 cm)
Race: Daemon
Skills:He has the flexibility, love of heights, and strength of a circus gymnast. He has the balance of a tight-rope walker, and his politeness makes up for Kari's rudeness. He can control dark magic, during the day it's weaker but still useable, and gets stronger as the moon waxes and weaker as the moon wanes. He's pretty helpless on the New Moon, and extremely powerful on the New Moon. Both nights he has to shift into wolf/daemon form.
Bio:Currently unknown
KARI~ 8D *tackles*
It's been too long~

Life got really crazy, I s'pose xD

This sounds like a good plot, so I'll probably join :3 Delays pending, mind you.

I'll post my charrie later~

EDIT: Whoot, charrie time! Looks like I'm joining xD

Name: Yukito Saitou
Age: Late twenties, possibly?
Species: Human?
Occupation: Dream-Eater, Dream-Walker, Dream-Reader... 'Diviner of Dreams' may be a more accurate title.
Appearance: Tall, slim, and appears to be of Asian origin despite the palor of his skin, as well as his hair color, which is now white and long, falling to his lower back and often pulled into a ponytail. His outfits are more Western than Japanese, often-times wearing a black work shirt with a dark gray vest and striped slacks, followed by a maroon and black trench coat. He almost always sports a pair of dark-tinted glasses, constantly keeping his eyes, which are fully black with red irises, hidden.
Personality: Brazen, rude, caring, hot-headed.
Strong points: Honest, emotional, strong, protective, determined.
Weak points: Cruel, emotional, combative, aggressive.
Abilities: As his job title suggests, he possesses the ability to enter dreams, as well as manipulate and interpret them. And if he's feeling peckish, they also serve as a snack, depending on the type of dream (he prefers nightmares, and will sometimes warp the dream to his own liking, regardless of the dreamer's wishes).
History: His story is something he himself is still figuring out. It seems whenever he is close to remembering something, it is blocked out immediately. All he knows is that he isn't entirely human, he possesses a large amount of skill in swordsmanship, and that there is a woman he keeps seeing yet...not seeing.
Weapons: A sleek, unnamed chokutou.
Notes: Check 'History'.

Ahh, I hope he's appropriate for such a plot =w=
(Here are my Tricksters and Vino...with some slight changes in appereance *traumatized chibi* I'm not too fond of the idea but I did it so they could fit the theme a bit better. But Roxie's hair is still fuchsia and Vino is still midget Vino XD)

Name: Roxanne Angeline Laforet (aka. Fuchsia)
Age: 23
Occupation: Thief/Fortune Teller/Con Artist (Con artist)

Personality: Roxanne is confident, independent and eccentric girl who lacks respect for authority. Though charming, she is outspoken and unconsciously childish. She prefers to live for the moment but ironically she always has time to plot the future. Has a sharp mind and can be very intelligent when she so chooses. Despite the fact she always tries to put a nonchalant facade she can be really hyper and she tends to get distracted easily (90% by shiny objects). When she is not teasing or playing pranks of other she can be a really nice and sweet girl. She loves expensive/shiny things and even when she’ll never accept it, she LOVES bunnies.
Good points: Cunning, smart, fast, charming, knows everything there has to be known about the underworld,her tarot readings have proved to be really accurate (even tough ironically she doesn’t believe in them)
Faults: Greedy (loves money and expensive things) gets distracted and daydreams easily, love to tease people, she is really bossy and she tends to be quite evil and curious/nosy.
Skills: Her primary ability is the manipulation of kinetic energy, being able to charge matter resulting in the violent and powerful explosion of said matter through touch. The objects that she charges explode with a force somewhat proportional to the size of the object, though a playing card (her trademark attack) is as powerful as a hand grenade in her hands, she uses a metal staff as her weapon which can be changed into a scythe.
History: Unknown
Weapons: Her metal staff/scythe and her explosive cards, she always carries 2 decks of cards, the regular ones and the tarot ones.

Curious Facts: She is in fact an expert gambler (her forte are cards) but there are many reasons to believe she cheats cause so far she hasn’t lost (and there’s no doubt in the fact that she has connection with several important thugs). Noah has been her childhood friend since she can remember; they are as close as siblings but neither of them accepts it. She always claims she is just waiting the moment he’ll no longer be of use to dispose him. They are often found robbing stores and pick pocketing tourists and cops but once in a while they are also found in their “legal jobs”.

Name: Anthony “Noah” Russo (aka. Ashes)
Age: 24
Occupation: Thief/Street Violinist (Con artist)

Personality: Noah is an extroverted and outgoing guy. He isn't afraid of drawing attention to himself and he doesn't worry about what other people think of him. He tends to be relaxed and laid back about most things, quicker to joke than to stress. One of the bigger flaws in his personality is his tendency to lack tact or manners. Though there doesn't appear to be much going on in his head, he is very bright, yet he applies this mostly towards schemes and pranks. He has the ability to be very charming when he wants to, and his dazzling charisma gets him out of trouble on many occasions. Despite his easygoing attitude, he is afraid of being alone and attaches himself to those he cares for. He explains his nickname by claiming it alludes to his chain smoking (even when he rarely smokes and he just carries the cigarettes in his pocket) but it is actually in reference to his tendency to burn down things.
Strengths: Powerful, charming, sly, can win people’s hearts easily, impossible to find someone as good with bombs as him.
Faults: Has pyromaniac tendencies (He just loves things going “boom”) he tends to be really lazy and he is too promiscuous for his own good sake: he has found himself several times with angry fathers and big brothers dying to beat the crap out of him.
Skills: He is really good in hand-to-hand combat with both agility and strength. But his forte will always be bombs; he can even build a bomb with his eyes closed. Just as a way of precaution he carries a gun with him (Smith & Wesson 500.)
History: Unknown
Weapons: Hand-to-hand combat plus his bombs and his handgun (Smith & Wesson 500.)

Curious Facts: He has an extensive scarring on his left shoulder from an accident with his homemade explosives when he was a child, he never talks about it and Roxanne is the only one that knows about the incident. Just as his childhood friend he is a really good at gambling but his forte are dices. He always carries cigarettes in his pocket but Roxanne never allows him to smoke. As his trademark attack he makes tiny bombs with great strength in the shape of dices, he calls them “Demons Dices” His motto is "I steal only what I cant afford"
(His violin)

Name: Minerva Black (aka. Vino – Snake Charmer)
Age: 21
Occupation: Unknown

Personality: After many psychological tests it has been concluded that Minerva Black is a megalomaniac with a personality disorder and an overgrown ego, completed with paranoia. She might be innocent looking, but she is also feisty, precocious, headstrong, evilly cold and has an obsession with revenge. And not to mention her many “tendencies”. One of this is the reason of her nickname “Vino” --Spanish for "wine”-- earning the name because of her predilection for mutilating the bodies of her victims beyond recognition, which usually leaves her covered in a thick layer of blood. Minerva is a thorough-going megalomaniac who believes that the world is a show put on for her, and that she has complete control and power over it. Her love for acts of violence truly shows in the maniacal glee she exhibits while fighting or killing. She isn’t exceptionally skilled in hand-to-hand combat or in the use of firearms but she has proved to be extremely cunning and good at controlling people’s mind. But despite all this, deep down Minerva is just a child who has yet to grow up. She is usually found in the middle of tantrums, which end in someone killed (usually one of her subordinates)
Strenghts: Cunning, fast, knows how to read and control people, extensive number of contacts in the underworld and in the high political charges.
Faults: Easily angered, megalomaniac tendencies, vain (Her love for herself has reached the point were she thinks that if anyone stares at her for too long or directly her skin will be damaged), never listens to anyone and thinks everybody is inferior to her therefore stupid and insignificant (She has come to think everybody’s thoughts are so simple and dumb she can read them) She has an obsession with revenge and also with chocolate truffles.
History: Unknown
Weapons: Sword

Curious Facts: She is usually followed by 4 mysterious figures, all of them dressed in black. She never calls them by the names, she uses numbers. All that is know about them is that they are called the “Deadly Vipers”. She holds a nasty grudge against a group of “certain people” (Who will not be mentioned yet) whose lives she plans to destroy.
I'll join! happy.gif

Name: Ezra Kaylock
Gender: male
Age: 24
Job: Owns what appears to be a bookstore, but is just a cover for his secret business (which operates in the back room of his store). He is skilled with magic, and uses these abilities to carry out miscellaneous favors/jobs for customers (in exchange for money; he's kind of greedy so he usually charges his customers a lot).
Appearance: this
Abilities/Powers: Magician/wizard or whatever you want to call it. He uses various kinds of magic, which includes spells, curses, potions/powders(which he carries with him at all times), etc. He can only use a certain amount of magic, because whenever he utilizes his powers, it drains his physical energy.
Weapons: spells/potions/etc. Also usually carries some kind of magic cane for the purpose of spells, and also just for hitting people during close combat. (There is a concealed blade on one end of the cane.)
Personality: Ezra is a bit obsessive about his magic, which he calls his "work". He is a hard worker, but gets bored very easily with uninteresting tasks (and usually just refuses to do them). However, if he is interested in something, he is very dedicated to it. He can be stubborn.
Strengths: Good at hand-to-hand combat. Quick thinker, and can easily get himself out of tough situations.
Weaknesses: He is a bit immature. Sometimes is irresponsible or is unprepared. Is unmotivated by any task he deems "uninteresting".
History: He was secretly taught to use magic by his father (he had no other known family), starting from a very young age. He lost his left eye while misusing a spell, and it was replaced with a fake eye (which is functional, due to some kind of spell his father used to build it). He helped his father with his business (at the "bookstore"), and decided to run the store himself once he turned 18.
His father has recently vanished, and Ezra believed it to be the work of whoever is picking the "rebels" off of the streets. Ezra was only semi-aware of the injustices of the world in which he lived in (his father often mentioned them), but his father's disappearance made Ezra take action. Since then, Ezra has been closing his store at earlier hours so he can spend time searching the streets for others like himself. However, the search has been difficult. Afterall, Ezra has no idea how to find these "freaks" and "rebels" who are so skilled at hiding...
The Mad Bomber
Name: Finn O`Sullivan
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Job: Sharpshooter, Royal Rifles Third Regiment.

Abilities/Powers: Sharpshooting as indicated by his job, ability to predict the trajectory of bullets, mediocre close combat skills and knowledge of first aid.
Weapons: His prized rifle, which he has customized to fit his needs, and a kukri, that he claimed as a trophy from a battlefield.

Personality: Those who do not know Finn mistake him for a silent, cold blooded killer capable of callous actions on the battlefield. At times he shows little to no emotion. However those that get to know him, find out that he just wants to get the job done and go home when he is ready. He isn`t greedy neither charitable in any regard, he prefers to get by without being noticed. He despises people of higher status for reasons unknown. He likes to fashion himself as a regular middle class guy with no higher aspirations in life, but has a critical view of the world and everyone else. He has a bit of a record for being an insubordinator as he chooses to wear his old clothes from the colonial days, which allowed him better to blend in with the terrain, rather than what he considers `fancy parade clothes`.
Strengths: Perceptive, calm and forward-thinking.
Weaknesses: Unimaginative, used to the comfort of being able to surprise his enemies, unsympathetic.

History: Finn`s father was a colonial soldier and his mother a maid at the local governor`s mansion. Finn spent a relatively normal childhood away from his homeland, albeit he was born there and arrived to the colonies as an infant. Finn`s father passed his creed and mentality onto Finn, who was quick to enlist into the local regiment once given the chance at the age of 18. Throughout his two years of service, the area remained relatively quiet save for a few bandit hunts and riots. On Finn`s twentieth birthday his father was severely wounded by native rebels as they ambushed an ordinary patrol through the city. As a result Finn`s father was left a cripple and forced to end his service in the army, which in turn caused Finn to grow a deep seeded hatred for the local rebels. During the next two years extensive rebellions broke out in the colonies and Finn participated in various battle`s throughout his service.

He spent most of his time hiding in high places and ambushing the rebels until his squad could strike. Yet as much Finn had grown to despise his enemy, he realized that some of his own comrades were no better, if not worse. What was an eventful last year in the colonies for Finn, his unit distinguished itself in putting down two rebel armies. After the rebellion was over Finn returned home only to learn, that he was to be assigned to the Royal Rifles back in his home country, a place he had not true tie or belonging to. As soon as he had arrived back home Finn left. Upon landing in the city Finn reported to his unit and settled down for a somewhat uneventful months, moreover he was more trouble than worth as he began to gamble and picking fights at local gambling halls.

Now Finn finds himself called in by his superior for `a special mission`.
((OKAY! Due to the fact that I was waiting for Rosi and did not realize she edited her post...let's just start this now...))

Kari looked around, feeling particularly irritable because she had to get up early to set up the old abandoned warehouse for it to be livable for the meeting, and asked nobody in particularly completely out of pure annoyance.

"When the hell is everybody coming!?"

Granted, the meeting time that was enclosed with all the letters that had been sent was only two minutes ago. So it wasn't that anybody was late, unless you count technicality. Hades sighed, walking over to her in her large cushy arm chair in wolf form for the time being, and told her while she rubbed behind his ears absentmindedly

"Their not late, your just impatient. So drink your coffee."
"This better be GOOD. We usually dont get out of bed for that amount of money" An amused voice echoed in the old warehouse. Standing next to the rusty door were two figures: one tall and dark haired, the other small with bright fuchsia hair...both of them wearing top hats.
"Nice to meet you, the S.A at your service" The girl said as she stepped forward and offered them a small smirk. "You requested our help..." The boy said as he waved Kari's letter in the air.
The Mad Bomber
As soon as the duo had entered another person walked right in, standing behind them, carrying a rifle over his shoulder. He was wrapped in an outlandish looking tan cloak and by just looking at him you could tell, that he did not belong, namely his greenish hair tended to stick out. Finn glanced the at the duo before him with a healthy degree of suspicion as he felt, that he had seen them around the city before. Without a single word Finn walked right past the duo, stopping some few meters away from Kari and Hades. He surveyed the room and glanced at the others without a word, pondering as to why his superiors had sent him here after having him do menial jobs in the barracks. Everything about these people indicated, that they were civilians, which raised a number of questions as to why he was invited. His briefing had been vague at best and these people were more than vague. Uncertain whether to salute and just take a seat without another word, Finn chose to get straight to the point and presented the same letter Kari was holding in her hands.

"O`Sullivan from The Royal Rifles, Third Regiment. I was sent here for a mission."

He briefly stated his business whilst eyeing the wolf with slight unease, truth be told he had not actually seen one before, believe it or not. Where he had lived his entire life it was more likely to have a run in with a tiger than a wolf, but Finn had no illusions that this beast was no less dangerous in it`s own right.
ooc| That explains it! Sorry 'bout that, Kari. Or 'Neko'. I'm really not sure what to call you, now, since your OC is named 'Kari' xD;
I certainly hope this RP lasts; I need something to keep me occupied during my job hunt o3o

BiC| The slamming of a large door resounded throughout the warehouse, followed by the light tapping of dress shoes on concrete, signs of yet another arrival. Soon, a white-haired man entered the room, expression dull and bored, who sported a pair of tinted glasses despite being indoors, along with a maroon and black trench coat, worn open with his hands slipped inside the pockets. He acknowledged the other arrivals with a quick nod, then approached the chair seating their 'host'. The man stared down at her, then at the wolf, and huffed in annoyance.

"Some of us work at night, you know. All night, even," he grumbled as he yawned and leaned against the back of the woman's chair, adjusting his glasses as he spoke. "I'm only here out of curiosity, so if you want my assistance at all, you'll first need to tell me why, exactly, you've called us out here." There was a touch of irritation in his demanding, arrogant tone, but he refused to do a job if he didn't want to, or feel like, doing it.
"Agreed" The Tricksters echoed as they calmly returned the glare that the Sullivan guy gave them. "And maybe after that we can discuss the subject of payment...cause the amount in here is just sad" The girl said as she re-read the letter in curiousity.
Kari gave the two trickster's a sour look and said flatly in a matter of fact tone which got the duo to be quiet for at least a few moments so she could move on to other people's problems.

"You two hush since I'm using up the favor you two owe me for the incident at Bachmana's Jewelers."

She turned to the boy with green hair, eyeing his rifle with respect, and told him while motioning to the chairs.

"Have a seat, and your here because your commander said you were the best shot he's seen in awhile and you haven't completely lost your street smarts like some of your superiors."

Kari looked behind her to the white-haired boy and said with a shrug and giving her wolf a dirty look while he merely snorted and laid down at her feet.

"And I'm sorry that your tired and work at night, it was HIS idea to have it in the morning. Less conspicuous or whatever."
Both the Tricksters gasped in horror "Are you trying to blackmail us??" Fuchsia mumbled warily "Fine...but that still dosent mean we'll do this for free" She grumbled after two seconds of considerating it. "And guess what? We're in an OLD, ABANDONED warehouse...we CANT get MORE conspicuous" Ashes snorted stubbornly before they reductantly sat down.
"Tch! And you're letting him run the show?" The man rolled his eyes and snorted, clearly perturbed. He folded his arms, leaning still against the back of her chair while he narrowed his eyes down at them both. "Just tell us what you need done already," he demanded, annoyed as he adjusted his glasses once again.
"We, my cranky colleagues are supposed to catch the person that's been behind all the weird disappearances with no bodies turning up. You know what I mean."

Kari said while getting up out of her seat, Hades following at her feet, and going over to her white board and flipped it over showing a name drawn at the top. 'Vino'. She turned back to everybody and said while pointing to it, knowing fully well the trickster's weren't going to like this, with a meter stick.

"We gotta catch her. If we happen to like living that is of course, because we're more than likely going to be on her list since she appears to be collecting people who are.... let's say abnormal."
There was a momment of silence in which the Tricksters just stared at Kari, both of them looking pretty confused...but then they just snorted and started laughing. "Ok, nice...I see what you did there: break the tension, bring some laughter to the table. That's good, that's healthy" Ashes said as he snickered softly "Ok, but in consideration for the others I think it's time we get serious, and get to the point" He said as he tried to regain some composture, failing to notice that Fuchsia's eyes were jumping from the name written in the board to Kari's face. "Unf*!@ˇ're actually serious" Roxanne mumbled, first in amusement then in confusion. "So...let me get this straight: you want US to go after a CRAZY PSYCHO, play the DETECTIVES, RISK our lifes just because YOU RANDOMLY summoned us, and offered us a SAD LITTLE amount of money..." She stated calmly before she stopped and smirked in amusement "Are you off your meds?" She asked.
"Believe it or not I'm actually not on medication, and I'll pay more if it's within a semi-normal price range. I'm not made out of money."

Kari said sheepishly with a shrug and added while slowly twisting the chain around her neck between her fingers, a nervous tick of hers, and added while writing down the information she did know on Vino.

"Plus, she hates you two. So she's gonna come after you guys anyway, so I figured it'd be a good idea if we got to her first before she finishes whatever plan she's scheming that uses the poor suckers she caught."
"Oh well that makes it all more understandable...let's be the BAIT...that's just peachy" Ashes said as he laughed sarcastically "We might be made of all kinds of awesome and unique, but MAYBE there was a mistake this time...are you sure you meant to send this letter to US?" Roxanne asked as she frowned and double-checked the letter "If I were you I would inspect those letters know, just in case" Ashes whispered to the others, clearly looking for some support.
The Mad Bomber
Finn made note of the look in Kari`s eyes as she looked at him and in his book`s she had already treated him with more courtesy than most. People usually made notice of his clothes and sneered as they realized they were dealing with a colonial. To clarify the point it was a common belief that most colonials might have mixed with indigenous population, which was rather ironic considering Finn was born right in this very city. He flung his rifle before him and placed it against his shoulder as he sat down onto the chair whilst following the bickering of the tricksters.

Finn returned Ashes whisper with a quiet, unsymphathetic look, that told he was not about to argue with what he had been told. Yet maybe there was something to what the tricksters were saying. Their mission was to catch this Vino alive, but even so he was a soldier, granted he had taken part in similiar operations before, but their targets were someone of high importance. What was about Vino, that drove these two to such bickering and why were they assigned to capture her? Obviously Vino was dangerous to the point, that the task of catching her could not be left to the police. Finn hit the butt of his rifle against the ground to gain everyone`s attention and stared at the with a calm, level-headed look in his eyes.

"I´ll need someone to explain a few things here, if you don`t mind." Finn said as he raised right hand and began to raise fingers according to the questions he had in store for them. "One, Why is this Vino such a threat, that the police cannot handle her? Two, who are you exactly? As it seems you are pulling the strings here, I could stand to know how you are acquainted with the commander."

He asked straightforwardly, but his tone was more subtle as he asked the second question as he had not idea who Kari was to begin with.
Ezra was late to this "get-together", and perhaps he would have entered quietly and carefully through the door of the warehouse had he cared to be considerate. But rather than choosing a less blatant entrance, he decided to use his magic to transport himself to the location of the meeting.

In the middle of the warehouse, a thin stream of blue smoke suddenly appeared, and stepping out of the smoke was Ezra. At first, he absent-mindedly fixed his hat and casually fanned the smoke away from his face. However, once he stopped to look around, he realized that he was interrupting a conversation between a group of -what he thought were- very strange individuals. But Ezra never cared much for discreetness (as far as his rudeness was concerned), and only gave a half-hearted apology.

"Forgive my lateness. Judging from the... uh, individuals here, I'm guessing I'm in the right place, am I not?" He held out his letter, fully expecting someone to answer his question and fully explain the reason for the letter. Ezra was never raised in "high class", but his haughty attitude could fool anyone into thinking otherwise.
The Tricksters seemed to calm down, as someone finally asked the question they had been dying to answer...mostly because they hoped everybody would finally understand why they werent happy. " to describe Vino..." Ashes mumbled as he rubbed his forehead "Her real name is Minerva Black, what do you have to know about her? Only the vital parts: she's crazy, enjoys mutilating people in her free time, she is a megalomaniac, also a murderer and a psycho, there are rumors she has been messing around the dark arts, this days she has pretty much taken over the underworld, word on the streets says you can't scratch your arse without her hearing about it, she has vast contacts in all sort of high charges -I wouldnt trust anyone if I were you...- AND apparently she has started kidnapping people...WHY? I wouldnt want to make a wild guess, but I bet she's trying to get souls to become Satan's mistress...just saying" Ashes stated bluntly before he sat back and Fuchsia nooded in lazy agreement. "And YES my friend, you're in the right place" He said as he turned around to look at Ezra and smirked wickedly "We were just discussing some minor details of the "job".
Kari ignored the trickster's complaining to a point, she figured she'd been patient enough and there wasn't enough patience in the world to deal with the two without getting annoyed, before saying flatly giving the two a slap upside the head before moving on to everybody else

"You two shut your traps and quit whining like a bunch of pretty princesses. Who would have thought the legendary trickster's who just looooove to mess with people would pass up a chance to mess with their arch enemy?"

She turned to Erza, raising an eye brow at his general sense of arrival, and hushed the wolf who was growling at the man. She turned back to the rather haughty man and said simply while motioning to a chair.

"Take a seat, and excuse him. He doesn't like not knowing people are coming. I'll explain everything in due time."

With a grumbling Erza seated she turned to Finn finally and said with just the smallest hints of a grin.

"Well you see Finn, I'm Kari. I'm called a lot of other things though, but let's keep it to Kari. I'm calling you guys in, because I want this chick behind bars in intensive solitary confinement in some loony bin or her blood in the street sewers. Whichever comes first. And to your first question as to why the cops can't bring her in, their too busy pushing paperwork and obeying rules. We however, are just ordinary people with rather helpful abilities who do not have to obey such rules. Finally, the commander is a old friend of the family and decided to lend me a hand on this one."

Some could say Kari did not like Vino just from hearing her little 'speech'.
"TECHNICALLY we never refused to help...all you have to do is make a nice offering and you'll find us highly cooperative" Fuchsia said as she shrugged happily "Working with the law is NOT something we do, but on the other hand...messing with Vino...well, that's something we like to do for free, and since your an acquaintance we'll do it for half of the normal price" She said as her trademark smirk settled in her lips...clearly she was the "all-bussines-person" between her and Ashes. " soon as we get our can consider us in" She stated before she looked at Ashes, and then turned to look at the others, waiting for their answers.
The Mad Bomber
Finn eyed Kari quietly as she answered his questions, she had very little to gain from lying, albeit he did not trust her completely yet. In any case he thought, that he might as well go along with whatever she had planned as his commander expected to use him as a means of doing a favor for a friend. It also gave him something more interesting to do than wasting his money at the local watering holes and gambling hall`s, hell, he might even get the chance to see some real fighting, not that he was too keen on going back to war. Yet whatever they would require of him, it meant using his talents and that alone was excuse enough for him to accept this mission without further inquiries.

"Understood, I have no problems with the mission, the least I`ll be able to get myself some living targets for a change." Finn said in a jovial manner, clearly joking, but there was something about his expression which may have convinced that he was only half-hearted about the attempted humor. Finn then turned to examine the new arrival, who quite literally appeared out of thin air. It was not unheard of and something, that Finn had witnessed before, in actual combat. Believe it or not, during the Balqut Rebellion in the colonies, he came across one or two bizarre occurrences. One of them, that he still to this day figured had been a demon and he had shot it square between the eyes. It had gone down like a ton of bricks and vanished into thin air, he had not slept for a heartbeat the next night because of the fear of unnatural retribution. This guy however seemed like a mage or something equivalent, he had met a few, what some might call, seers in the colonies and he did not take their words as jokes after the first one of their prophecies had come true.

It was a hell of a lot better to be beyond paranoid when it came to anything relating to the supernatural.
Kari turned to look at Finn, smiling a just a little bit at his joke, and gave him a thumbs up and said to the devious trickster's with a sour and irritated look on her face.

"You think I own a money tree? How about I pay half of the half since that's what I have and then pay you the other half when I have it? I don't own a bank."
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Roxanne shrugged in bored resignation, and Ashes raised his hands in a surrending manner at Kari's sour mood "Ok, ok...well take that" He mumbled "No need to get so angry" He whispered, as he and Roxanne exchanged a "We should've know this would end like this" glance.
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