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Full Version: The Elemental Chess Trilogy: An Unofficial FMA Sequel
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Well...thank you to A Pierrot's Aria for setting this up! (Sorry I put it in the wrong place!) My fic is called the Elemental Chess Trilogy. It starts roughly three years after the end of FMA, and ends almost four years later. Very spoiler-laden. laugh.gif Because I'm a colossal nerd, it has its own page at TV Tropes, which you can visit here:

The links to the three story parts are on that page and also in my signature, and the folks over in the Royai thread have been more than generous in their praise of the trilogy. Thank you all. wub.gif
Trying to catch up with everything I've missed in the last few months, and I discovered that I never posted here about the ECT prequel being finished. It's very Royai; it's basically about Roy, Riza, and Hughes during the war in Ishval and how they developed the relationships they maintained for the rest of the series. And yes, a certain scene involving dog tags is included, so those of you who loved that bit in "Brilliancy" can see how it went down. wink.gif

The prequel is called "Triumvirate" and the link is in my signature. I hope those of you who have enjoyed the rest of the trilogy will enjoy this part too! Thanks for all the support of the stories!
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