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Full Version: Hong Kong Festival (any year)
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A Pierrot's Aria
Please post your Hong Kong festival, stories and reports (from any year) and discussions here! happy.gif
Thank you so much A Pierrot's Aria for inviting me to share my experiences in ACGHK!! biggrin.gif
Here are my sharing and review about ACGHK I will divided into four part to share

On 29th July (the first day of ACGHK) , I've arrived and line up outside at 7:50am to wait for 10:00am
to get it as soon as possible , finally. I went inside at 10:20am

After I've got inside, I quickly run to the place which have pre-sale ticket for sale
Lucky, I'm the earliest group to get in , so the queue is very short! XD
And I'm so surprise to see they had put a lot of wallpaper as decoration!!
Look really nice!!

And a pair of Elric brother.... board!! tongue.gif
Edward looks really short!!LOL

Close up smile.gif

Outside of the stall, there is a showcase to show some not-for-sale goods and comics.
(well , the *special goods*all are come from Gangan so I'm not very surprise with them tongue.gif )

part 1 finished
Part 2 smile.gif

Another stall that have pre-sale ticket set for sale,with a big poster as free gift
( so sad that I didn't notice this stall before I bought the set at the other stall ohmy.gif)

Part 3
The last stop that had lots of FMA things to see

Well.....this stall called [The maid's book store]...I expected that I can see lots of maid with good services
however.. lots of disappointed -v-
(Lucky I'm a girl ...if I am a male maybe I would feel more disappointed with them tongue.gif)

Inside the stall, there were full of FMA comics guidebook.........for sale
with discounts!!!

I saw lots of people were got interested in FMA smile.gif
And also many people bought the books of FMA

(FMA-1's offical characters setting guidebook got the most buyer!! biggrin.gif )
Part 4 ---the last part

finally...I've stayed in the hall for 5 hours
and here are the things that I've bought smile.gif

One big poster of milos
2 comic book of the conqueror of shambala
One pre-sale ticket set
FMA-1 postcard book

pre-sale ticket set ( price in HKD : 148 for USD.. I thought the price is 18.99?)

Two free small-size poster (I'm so greedy to tell you all that I've took 6 poster for myself XDD)


I've got a lots of unforgettable memories in this year's ACGHK smile.gif
It's soo great to see there are still many people who still love and support FMA
I am looking forward to this November to use my precious coupon to exchange the ticket!!! biggrin.gif

Thank you for reading my sharing smile.gif
Thanks for sharing, hil!!!
The ACG display this year is really great--So Many Hagaren products! XDDD
Thank you so much, hilary! happy.gif Looks like they got nice FMA display section!!
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