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Full Version: Do you guys like to see Sequel/Prequel/Midquel of Brotherhood (as TV anime series, DVD/TV special, theater movie besides "Scared Star of Milos" etc.)? If so, what would you like to see?
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You guys think there will ever be a sequel to the Brotherhood series where it shows (Warning! Series Final Spoilers ahead!)the brothers splitting up to the West/East? Along with Ed and Winry showing more emotion towards each other?

<Everyone: We have many visitors and members of this board who have not finished reading FMA manga or finished watching FMA:Brotherhood anime. Please be kind to those guests and members, and don't forget to use SPOILER covers, AND add Series Final Spoiler Warning if you include the series final spoiler content on your post. smile.gif ~ Board Staff>
How dare you start a thread getting my hopes up. dry.gif

But no, now that the manga is done and that they preferred to introduce an in-between story for the movie rather than a direct sequel plot says that the conclusion of FMA is definite. sleep.gif
I hope they won't go with another filler girl/random city/not cared angst if they're making another movies.

But I'm guessing even if they're making one after those complaintments maybe we can get Team Mustang action! I'd so approve that! (This team needs mooore love <3 )
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QUOTE (Vlyse @ Aug 1 2011, 06:57 AM) *
How dare you start a thread getting my hopes up. dry.gif

I edited the thread title to make it less confusing, and while at it, expanded the discussion topic to includes prequel/midquel, and not just anime TV series but includes the possibility of TV/DVD special or another theater movie (i.e. not series but short stand-alone story). smile.gif
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