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Full Version: Fma Attraction At Usj (later This Was Released As Fma-1 Ova)
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News from Japan

A Fullmetal Alchemist-themed attraction will be introduced at Universal Studios Japan (Osaka), and is scheduled to be opened in late March, 2005. This attraction, based on the television series, 鋼の錬金術師 (Fullmetal Alchemist), will feature a building modelled after the anime's (not specified which) with a mini-theater inside. This theater will have a seating capacity of 200 people, and will show a short, original movie. This attraction targets families.

As an anime-based attraction, this is a first for Universal Studios Japan (that has, up until now, only based their attractions on overseas films or television series). There have been many doubts about the success of this new project; the theme park is, up until now, short of families as patrons. As a result. it was concluded that trying to introduce an attraction that doesn't have the 'Hollywood' label on it would be impossible to most of the theme park's patrons. Even then, Universal Studio Japan is taking a bold leap by trying their luck on a popular home-grown animation this time round.

Source: Nikkei Net

Update (10th December 2004):

The attraction will be open from the 19th of March 2005, till the 8th of May 2005.
Oh! That sounds so cool! How I wish to be able to visit it. *sigh*
Hmm... I hope it will be succesful for the sake of FMA!
A film? A theatre only one? I hope I get to see at least that.. biggrin.gif
Hmmm, according to my source, it's an original movie....

But then again, Universal Studios Japan is a supporter of the upcoming winter event, so there is a slight chance that the event will show the movie.... hmmm....
Wow!!! Thank you so much for translating that article--I'm so excited! An original movie?! And they're constructing building from FMA? (Could it be the military headquarters? Or even better--that theater where the last episodes take place? How gorgeous that would be~). Dang, now is the time to be in Japan...!!

~Cy smile.gif
No problemo~ it's my job here ; )

Yep, the article mentions an original movie to be aired within the constructed building. I'm speculating it's the millitary headquaters~

Though I've heard rumors that the attraction will only be around for a couple of months.. hmmmm if that's the case, it'll open in spring, end before summer, and I'm guessing they might throw in a teaser for the upcoming summer movie, if the 'original movie' mentioned doesn't already have bits of it. ; )
alex the alchemist
hi there guys and girls i am new to the wed site biggrin.gif tongue.gif laugh.gif smile.gif
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