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A Pierrot's Aria
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So chapter 11 is finally out. If you're having trouble finding it, please send me a PM (but I think everyone's okay on that front now. tongue.gif) I haven't read it properly myself yet, but I do love the colour pages! I'll come back with thoughts on the actual chapter later. happy.gif
AA battery

Not that surprising really LOL. And nice that he got to go to his crush's house for summer! XD I think we can expect to see more horses kicking his face in the next few chapters hahaha.
A Pierrot's Aria
^Haha, yes, I expect some hilarity to ensue while he's staying with Aki! laugh.gif

I like how Hachiken is still "growing". Although he's having trouble with not "looking down" upon the horse, he's progressing nicely with riding and his growing muscles are also one of the fruits of his labour (albeit he says that muscle-building isn't as important to him! That said, I think he's still quite impressed and proud of it!) laugh.gif

A lot of the chapters thus far have really left me wondering what his home life is like. In one chapter he looks exhausted and Hachiken is trying to find a school to go to that has its own halls of residence, and he ignores texts from his mum and in this chapter, he's clearly pretty reluctant to go home for summer vacation.

But it's nice that Aki allowed him to stay at her house during summer vacation. I also loved how he knew, deep down, that there would be a catch when she mentioned her parents wouldn't be there --Of course, her grandparents would be there, instead! That made me chuckle! xD

I also really love the colour pages in this chapter. The bright colours --particularly the lovely, blue sky -- gives such a summery feel which is very apt indeed for the beginning of the "summer" arc. I'm looking forward to the next chapter! biggrin.gif
Summer came to Ezo-ag high! biggrin.gif Fist off, thanks to MusouMitai for providing the explanation about "Cavalry Battle" that is one of the traditional sport event for school sports festival, and other footnotes for this chapter! biggrin.gif

The contrast between events for male students and female students were funny, and it kind of depicts the "typical" image of those technical (agricultural, industrial...) high school students. xp

And, it's true what Aki and other female students were chatting about ...the male agricultural high school students often trying to catch future bride (whose main contribution, at least one of them, is as a free labor for their farm, and it's often a serious challenge for young male farmers in Japan to find young Japanese lady who are willing to marry farmers) if they can. ....I think we'll get more glimpse of this (in very funny way) in next chapter. (I took a quick look of the next chapter raw tongue.gif )

Anyway, during the sport events these male students were totally into the competition, but after the events they are all friendly and having good time with BBQ. Glad to see they all had a good time. biggrin.gif

And then, Hachiken finds out that the school dormitory will be closed for Summer, and he ends up helping Aki's farm this Summer! ... He is going to have hands-down experiences in real farm! I think this was a nice start of Summer chapters, and can't wait to read upcoming Summer chapters! biggrin.gif

I love the contrast between the male and female levels of enthusiasm XDDDD I can see that!

Favorite part was when Aki was like, "Yep, my grandparents will be there" I love how he called that!! So much funnier than that stereotypical awkward moment when he walks in and meet them XDDD So funny!

Can't wait to see what direction this arc takes for him!
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