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Full Version: Guy in pic from final ep credits
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idk if this has been answered or if im just blanking on EVER seeing him but
who is the guy in the top right of this picture

Warning! This image contains Series Final Spoiler!
(Please do NOT click on the link above if you do not wish to be spoiled of series final content! smile.gif)

<Changed the image posting to a link, and added the Series Final Spoiler Warning. C: ~ Board Staff>
Welcome to our board, evilwaffle! I believe the guy in the top right corner of that pic is Mr. Garfiel, an automail engineer/mechanic and the owner of Atelier Garfiel in the town of Rush Valley, where Winry worked. smile.gif
awesome thx now its all coming back he still is creepy as hell though
^ Haha, yeah he is funny... but he is a good guy. biggrin.gif Anyway, glad you remember him now. biggrin.gif

The OP got the answer now, so we're going to add this Q&A to one of our FMA Q&A threads later. smile.gif
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