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Full Version: Raiden Tameemon: The best Sumo wrestler in the history
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Raiden Tameemon, Arawaka oneshot (all color) is out yesterday in Shin Manga Nihonshi #35.
Whoa, I did not know this! ohmy.gif Thank you, loicos! happy.gif

From the cover I can see that:
Shin Manga Nihonshi (New Manga Japan History) is a magazine that tells Japanese history in manga form, and the latest issue, issue # 35 (490 Japanese Yen) is focussed on the history of Sumo, and Raiden (no, not a robot XD) the best Sumo wrestler in the history of Sumo, with the career record of 254 wins & 10 losses, an (astonishing ^^) 96.2 % winning rate, with the cover page of Raiden drawing by Arakawa-sensei and one-shot by Arakawa on Raiden inside the magazine. smile.gif

I only know Raiden (yes, I'm pretty sure he was the Raiden-18's name-sake) was a famous Sumo rikishi (sumo wrestler) but not much else. I want to read this one! biggrin.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
Thank you for the news, loicos!

And thank you Tombow for the extra info! It sounds really interesting. (Japanese) history and manga is a winning combination in my eyes. laugh.gif
Thanks for the news, loicos and Tombow for the extra info! ^^

This one-shot sounds interesting, I'd like to see how Arakawa tells a Japanese history. I hope it'll be scanlated someday. smile.gif
AA battery
...Arakawa really loves muscles doesn't she? XD

I wonder if we'll ever see scans of this...
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