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Full Version: Chapter 10/ "Spring" Part 10 Discussions
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A Pierrot's Aria
Chapter Summary:
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Characters in this chapter:
Mr. Sakuragi
Mr. Shiraishi

(To be filled)

Another really nice, heart-warming chapter. happy.gif I'm glad that the pizza turned out so good, and I have to say, even though it was just an illustration, the pizza looked pretty darn nice! laugh.gif

I laughed when Hachiken was worried about whether or not the pizza actually turned out okay, and Nishikawa said he could be the "poison tester". That's exactly like how I am when I cook something; I'm worried about how to turns out and whoever else I've cooked for will make sure that I taste it first. laugh.gif

So this is the last of the "Spring" arc and in two weeks we'll be onto "Summer", and we'll have a colour cover page. I'm looking forward to it!

I liked this chapter, it was nice to see everyone's happy face when they tasted the pizza for the first time. ^^
Everyone worked together to help Hachiken make the pizza, at first he only wanted to make two or three, but it turned out to be a pizza party. laugh.gif

It was a nice ending for the "Spring" arc, I'm looking forward to the "Summer" arc! biggrin.gif
Finally, got the chance to read this chapter!

I love the way Spring part concluded!
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