- FMA Fan Fun Festival on FM-A.com board -

With permission from the board admin, I present to you a shameless promotion for the FMA Fan Fun Festival on FM-A.com board! All members are welcome to show and share their love for FMA and celebrate our fandom via almost any means, regardless of skill!

This festival has in fact already began, so I hope you will all be able to work on something to share with us all --The Festival began Saturday June 11th and will end on Sunday, 3rd July. Keep in mind that this is not a competition, but a way for us FMA fans to have fun and celebrate our being fans of such an amazing story. All detailed information regarding the festival can be found at the FMA Fan Fun Festival Thread!

There's a great range of activities in this festival, so you're sure to find something to suit you:

We've got activities for those of you who like to draw fanart, write fanfics, create AMVs/MMVs, cosplay...to those who like to sing, write comedy scripts, crafts, showing off fake tattoos, drawing transmutation circles and even cooking!

For those of you who have a particular favourite character or pairing; you can show your love of FMA through those characters --because all of the characters add to the awesomeness of FMA! Or you can go for something with more of a general nature --it's up to you!

For further details about these fantastic activities and where you can share your fun artwork, poetry, prose, cooking...the works, then visit the FMA Fan Fun Festival Thread! Where you'll find a helpful contents page which will allow to to easily locate which of the activities you would like to participate in and find out all of the information regarding the activities you'll need!

We hope to see you having fun and participating in the FMA Fan Fun Festival and look forward to seeing all of your amazing works!