Please remember that the main purpose of this Fanworks forum is for the celebration of joy of making of these FMA related artworks, and joy of non-commercial sharing (i.e. showing and viewing) of these FMA related fanworks among our members.

However, if you happen to also sell the posted FMA fanwork piece you've created (the items must be of your creation), or the likewise item would be crafted by you and available for commission, you're allowed to mention that on your post, but please do NOT use this forum for the advertisement for the sale of such items.

In general, we recommend leaving out all the sales info except the mentioning of the fact that the item is available for sale, and ask any member who is interested in such purchase to contact the poster by PM for more info (no email or any other off-board contact please)
And, generally, no posting of off-board links that is connected to the sale of shown item, please.
The board reserves the right to limit (or edit) any further sales info from the posts in this forum, as determined by the board staff. smile.gif