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Full Version: Where are my fics?
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Anyone got my fics, mmv/amv and/or doujinshi's? I'm lacking one or so, thank you!!! ^^
Um...Reika, remember that you have never posted any fics in our Fanfics forum. ^^

I'm your fan and I'd been following your FMA creations in our Fanworks forums (FMA MMV, doujin, etc.), but I don't remember coming to the Fanfics forum to read your fics on our board, and just to be sure, I double-checked, and since all of the fanfics that have ever been posted in our Fandfics forum are still here, and none of them have been deleted, if you ever posted any of fics here, they would have been still here, but no, we don't have any record of your posting fanfics here... wish you did, but no. sorry!

(Your MMV thread is still in Fanworks forum, and your doujinshi thread is in Fanart forum, and the thread with link to your DeviantArt page for your Royai animation vid is in Fanart forum. smile.gif )

ETA: Reika, I hope you or someone can find the files! If I see them, I'll let you know! ^^
No, I did, "drabbles that pass through my feverish mind" was the headline of one of them, lmao, 'bout the MMV, I need someone who actually downloaded it 'cause the link WON'T WORK!!! :'(
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