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Full Version: 2011 FMA Fan Fun Festival "Look Ma, I'm Performing Alchemy!" Pics Flood
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ETA: FMA Fan Fun Festival is now closed. Thank you, everyone for participating! biggrin.gif

2011 FMA Fan Fun Festival on board "Look Ma, I'm Performing Alchemy!" Pics Flood

If you have ever attempted alchemy by clapping or drawing a circle.... this time, take a pic, and post it! laugh.gif

Just draw some circle on the ground, and put your hands on the circle, and take some pics, and post it! (No costuming necessary.)
Or, you can add cosplaying with costumes, or circles on gloves or hands, etc. if you'd like.

# You can "use" any style of Alchemy, and any alchemy circle (or no circle if you have seen... wink.gif ) from any FMA series, or use your own unique style of Alchemy or alchemy circle.

#On your post, please explain what style of Alchemy you're "performing."

* All entries will be included in our 2011 FMA Fan Fun Festival Album.
* We are PG-13 board, so please make your pic suitable for viewing by minors. The board may "decline" pics that are deemed not fit for viewing by minors.

If you have any questions for this activity, please post your question on FMA Fan Fun Festival thread (check the first post of FMA Fan Fun Festival thread for the activity # of this activity, and on your post please include the activity # as the reference) or PM Tombow with your question (please include the activity # of this activity also.) smile.gif

Here's my baby mannequin Little Dickens doing alchemy with the Edward Elric booties I made.
Oh, this is fun. biggrin.gif

Anywho, here I am ready to do some explodey-type alchemy.

Don't get too close! I'm not the most experienced alchemist. D:

And because I'm a bit derpy and didn't realize the camera was set to video, have a .gif:

A Pierrot's Aria
@sarahbn Absolutely awesome photo! biggrin.gif Those little booties look great! (In fact, the overall cosplay on Little Dickens looks superb!)

@Rainshine I love your photo, it's brilliant! The gif is awesome, too! *Hides from inexperienced exlpodey alchemy* tongue.gif

Both of you came up with fantastic ideas for photos! wub.gif
Ohh, those are great fun pics! XD

@sarahbn - Nice job on making those boots! ohmy.gif That really looks like Ed is standing there! biggrin.gif

@Rainshine - That gif is strangely fascinating and hypnotic at the same time! XP
*hides next to A Pierrot's Aria from inexperienced exlpodey alchemy* tongue.gif

Thanks for the compliments everyone! Little Dickens is wearing Alchemist Robe v1.0 (my 5 year old will get v1.1 as a Halloween costume). Other than the robe and the booties (and the belt, which is a much larger belt with a clip holding it in the back), everything else came from the thrift store. (BTW Little Dickens doesn't have a head, which is why the shot is cropped at the neck. He usually models booties so he didn't need one.)
Alright so my picture involves a little story as to why it turned out the way it did.

First off, I'm no artist at all. I can't draw to save my life, so the transmutation circle I drew looks freakin terrible. Second, I am "performing" flame Alchemy because of all types of alchemy, flame is definitely my favorite. Third, the reason it's drawn on a piece of paper... well given the fact that if I was to draw it on my hand, I'd get in massive amounts of trouble, I had to resort to the next best thing. I'm pretty sure that I broke all the rules of alchemy with this pic so I'm terribly sorry in advance, but I at least had fun with it so there. Lastly, the reason for a lighter... well I can't literally perform flame alchemy, and it'd be cheating to photoshop some sort of flame into the pic, so, again, I did the next best thing. Anyway, here's my crappy pic.

@TheDrummerWithTheAutoMail - Haha, it doesn't matter how you got it, but look! you got a real flame! It worked! laugh.gif
Plus, you had a fun doing it, so that's a double success! biggrin.gif
Thank you for sharing your "success" moment! happy.gif

@sarahbn - LOL, unless you told us I wouldn't know that little Dickens got no head! You did nice job with your shot! biggrin.gif
Well thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. And yeah, I did have fun so it was worth it.
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