2011 FMA Fan Fun Festival on FM-A.com board "Create Your Own Transmutation Circle" Drawings Flood

# Create your own Transmutation Circle by drawing your own, and post it here! (You can check out some hints on drawing transmutation circles thread.)

* If you'd like to show off Transmutation Circle(s) previously created by you, that is fine as well (but please don't enter the piece created by others XDD)
* Entries will be later added to our Alchemy Circles Drawing thread in Fanworks forum.
* All Transmutation Circles posted during the Festival period will be included in our 2011 FMA Fan Fun Festival Album

If you have any questions for this activity, please post your question on FMA Fan Fun Festival thread (check the first post of FMA Fan Fun Festival thread for the activity # of this activity, and on your post please include the activity # as the reference) or PM Tombow with your question (please include the activity # of this activity also.) smile.gif