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Full Version: 2011 FMA Fan Fun Festival "Show Off Your Temporary FMA Tattoos" Pics Flood
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ETA: FMA Fan Fun Festival is now closed. Thank you, everyone for participating! biggrin.gif

2011 FMA Fan Fun Festival on board "Show Off Your Temporary FMA Tattoos" Pics Flood

Admit're too chicken to get that Scar's Tattoo as a whole sleeve tattoo on your arm? Or, your state requires parental consent for tattoos on minors, and your mom said "no" to have that cool Ouroboros tattooed on your chest?
Here is the chance to show off pics of yourself with (temporary) FMA Tattoos and look as cool as those who post their FMA tat pics on our I Got/am Getting FMA Tattoo On Me! thread. tongue.gif
Just draw some temporary FMA tattoo (Ouroboros, Flamel Cross, etc.) on you, take a pic, and post it! biggrin.gif

# Post pics of yourself with temporary FMA tattoos. (You can check out I Got/am Getting FMA Tattoo On Me! thread for the samples of real FMA tattoos done by our members.) smile.gif

* All entries will be included in our 2011 FMA Fan Fun Festival Album.
* We are PG-13 board, so please make your pic suitable for viewing by minors. The board may "decline" pics that are deemed not fit for viewing by minors.

If you have any questions for this activity, please post your question on FMA Fan Fun Festival thread (check the first post of FMA Fan Fun Festival thread for the activity # of this activity, and on your post please include the activity # as the reference) or PM Tombow with your question (please include the activity # of this activity also.) smile.gif

Did this today after epicly failing at the "Look Ma, I'm Doing Alchemy" pic I took before this. Again, another fail, but drawing on body parts is hard... well for me because I ain't no artist. This will work until I get my real FMA tattoo in the future. (My reason for not having it now? You need money for tattoos... and money I don't have right now)

@TheDrummerWithTheAutoMail - That's a nice looking Flamel Cross you got there! Well done! biggrin.gif
Thank you for sharing the pic with us! happy.gif
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