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Full Version: 2011 FMA Fan Fun Festival "Frugal FMA Costumes, Props, & Gizmo Making Party"
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ETA: FMA Fan Fun Festival is now closed. Thank you, everyone for participating! biggrin.gif

2011 FMA Fan Fun Festival on board "Frugal FMA Costumes, Props, & Gizmo Making Party"

The idea here is to create FMA cosplay costumes, costume parts, and props, or something that reasonably "looks like it" with whatever you have on hand. laugh.gif

For example, if you have an orphan cotton work glove, draw "flame alchemy circle" with a Black marker, and you got Roy's flint glove, or if you have a long Red coat, use black tape to add the Flamel symbol, and you got Ed's Red coat. xp
Or, if you feel more challenging, you mat be able to convert your dining table chair, with some old garden hose, and recreate Father's throne (FMA:Brotherhood anime, manga) in his underground lair. XDD Or, maybe you can create the Central Army Headquarter building out of cardboard boxes? XD

You are probably not going to Cons in these costumes, so they don't have to be durable, nor professional looking. xp
The idea is to HAVE FUN making these stuff without spending tons of money, using mostly what you can find around you, and if the end result would look reasonably similar to the real thing, that would be a bonus! tongue.gif

# Post pics of "before" (material in original form) "during" (pic of you working on it, optional) and "after" (the completed product).

* All entries will be included in our 2011 FMA Fan Fun Festival Album.

If you have any questions for this activity, please post your question on FMA Fan Fun Festival thread (check the first post of FMA Fan Fun Festival thread for the activity # of this activity, and on your post please include the activity # as the reference) or PM Tombow with your question (please include the activity # of this activity also.) smile.gif

Last day but still on time! wink.gif

Yeah…. So I couldn’t make my kitty a cool cosplay so it’s just a red cape I made… T_T
Now just so you know…. It was really had to take good pics because Camila just wanted to play (she even bit my silver watch…. D: ) and I couldn’t make her stay still dry.gif
So here's Camila! biggrin.gif

A Pierrot's Aria
So CUUUUUUUUUTE!!! wub.gif *Dies*

That's such an awesome idea! I love the addition of the watch!

Thank you for sharing these pics. Seriously, they just put a massive smile on my face! biggrin.gif
I know! She is just adorable!!! :3

I planed making some globes... but Camila would take them off ¬¬
Aww, DianaLLM, such cute pics of as an Alchemist! I love those! Thank you so much for sharing them! happy.gif
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