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Full Version: 2011 FMA Fan Fun Festival "FMA AMVs, MMVs & Other Fanworks" Flood
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ETA: FMA Fan Fun Festival is now closed. Thank you, everyone for participating! biggrin.gif

2011 FMA Fan Fun Festival on board "FMA AMVs, MMVs & Other Fanworks" Flood

Any length, and includes any FMA character(s) or scenes from any FMA series or games.

# Theme (Optional): If you'd like, pick one from the following themes:
[Family, Together, Trust, Friendship, Promise, Secret, Sacrifice, Immortal, Truth behind the truth, "All is one, one is all"]

* If your piece contains series final/post-series-Final content, please post as link only, accompanied with Series Final Spoiler Content Warning.
* If you'd like to contribute a piece previously created by you, that is fine as well (but please don't enter the piece created by others XDD)
* All entries will be included in our 2011 FMA Fan Fun Festival Album.
* We are PG-13 board, so please make your piece suitable for viewing by minors. The board may "decline" pieces that are deemed not fit for viewing by minors.

If you have any questions for this activity, please post your question on FMA Fan Fun Festival thread (check the first post of FMA Fan Fun Festival thread for the activity # of this activity, and on your post please include the activity # as the reference) or PM Tombow with your question (please include the activity # of this activity also.) smile.gif

Squeee, I'm the first one! biggrin.gif

I'll just go ahead and spam you all with YouTube linkage for all my creations...complete with long, rambly commentaries! *blingbling*

Flame and Fullmetal - I'll Bring the Fire
When fire meets steel, a legend is forged. I wanted this AMV to capture everything I love about Ed and Roy's relationship - the banter, the snarkiness, the friendship, the mentorship, the parallels between their histories, the ways they challenge each other and push one another forward. They've impacted each other in many ways and share a lot of similarities...though they'll never admit it. tongue.gif I think the chorus of this song says it all for them: "Because when I arrive, I'll bring the fire; make you come alive; I can take you higher..."

Ed, Al and Winry - Your Love (Warning! Brotherhood ending spoilers!)
One of my newer creations! I love looking at Ed's journey throughout FMA and seeing how much he's grown and connected with the people around him. His world starts so small in the beginning - just him and Al, two brothers clinging to each other like they're all they've got in the universe. And then Winry comes in as their guiding light, supporting them whenever they fall and giving them a reason to hold on to hope, to come home in one piece. And little by little, with every friend that crosses his path, Ed begins to see just how many countless people care about him and want him to triumph and find happiness again.

And I think the chorus of this song is what he ultimately realizes at the end of the story:

Your love, your love
The only thing that matters is
Your love, your love
It's all I have to give
Your love is enough
To light up the darkness
It's your love, your love...

All I ever needed is your love.

EdWin MMV - Sacred Simplicity
This was my first-ever EdWin video, and I'm still immensely proud of it. (Manga music vids are HARD!) This one is about Ed and Winry's journeys and shared history, and the way their love slowly grows and deepens over time...basically, everything I love about the pairing. smile.gif The song is "Eric's Song" by Vienna Teng, and it fits both EdWin and Royai like a glove. Beautiful, poetic, emotional stuff.

EdWin - Fix You
I consider this to be Ed and Winry's theme song...or at least ONE of their theme songs. (My EdWin playlist goes on forever, lol.) It's easy to see the humor and hormones and fluffy stuff about their relationship, but it doesn't seem like many people stop to think about the raw pain and emotion and meaning that it comes with, too. So those are the themes I tried to ephasise in this video. I wanted to bring out the hidden depth in their relationship, and show how Winry will always be there to support and repair her best friend...both in body and in heart.

And if you need some comic relief after all that angst...

"Hello, Ladies."
This is what happens when you take Edward Elric, Edward Cullen, the Old Spice Guy, and shake 'em up in a bottle. wink.gif TEAM ELRIC!! There's only ONE Edward in my book who's allowed to have golden eyes and sparkle in the sun, and he was around LONG before Mr. Sparklepants was, dangit!

Birthday Silliness!
A goofy b-day vidlet I made for one of my online buddies, combining two of our favorite brotherly dynamic duos: the Elrics from Fullmetal Alchemist, and the Winchesters from Supernatural! If you aren't familiar with Supernatural or the Winchester brothers, just think of Ed and Al as ghostbusters and you'll get the idea. xD Both shows are great in their own ways, and they both have amazing moments of humor, angst, and awesomeness in general.

Winry's Gonna Show Her Haters Love (Warning! Brotherhood ending spoilers!)
I stumbled across some Winry/EdWin bashing somewhere, which ticked me off a bit, but I decided to channel my annoyance into something constructive and made this fun, smug little vidlet. I made this for the sole purpose of rubbing Winry's awesomeness and her canony relationship with Ed in people's faces. If you're not a Winry/EdWin fan, I highly recommend that you DON'T watch this. tongue.gif

Ed, Al and Winry - You're Everything (WARNING!! HUGE BROTHERHOOD ENDING SPOILERS!)
I guess you could say this one is my crowning masterpiece; the best of my best, if I may say so myself. Vic Mignogna actually commented on it, saying he loved it, so...yeah, I can't help bragging about that, haha! This is basically the entire FMA franchise in a nutshell, I think. To me, it's the beautiful relationship between Ed and the two people who complete him that drive the whole series. Al and Winry mean so much to him, and both have been there for him in so many ways; and I wanted this AMV to capture the depth and closeness of that love, and how far they've come in their shared journey.

And I'll just copy-and-paste my original description for this last one. 'Cause I'm lazy. tongue.gif

Edward Elric - You Don't Own Me
This AMV is pretty special to me. It spells out a lot of my own story as well as Ed's, so there's a lot of symbolism and meaning in it. I found Fullmetal Alchemist around three or four years ago, during a very dark time in my life. It's a bit personal so I won't go into detail, but I will say that I felt a very strong connection to Edward. His guilt was my guilt. His sin was my sin. I didn't have to imagine the sickening guilt he felt over his brother or how he hated himself for the terrible mistake he made...because I already knew. I was already there. And somehow, following his journey and cheering him and Al on made my own burdens a little easier to bear.

At first I wasn't completely aware of it; but now that I've looked back, it's incredible to see so much of my own story reflected in this series - and this scarred, strong, courageous, compassionate (and vertically challenged) main protagonist. I really wanted this video to shine the spotlight on all that. I wanted to highlight Ed's brokenness and struggles, both external and internal, and how he pushes through them and finds strength and healing in the people he loves. Just like I have. smile.gif

...Yes, I'm done now. xD
A Pierrot's Aria
@Dearheart Your AMVs are absolutely superb! You certainly know how to choose an amazingly fitting song for each character/couple/friendship! I agree that Fix You is definitely one of the EdxWin theme songs. (You have a playlist of EdxWin? It would be awesome to be able to listen to it at some point!) I think my favourite definitely has to be you Ed, Al and Winry - You're Everything AMV. No wonder you're so proud of it; you should be --it's simply spectacular. The song is great and it's all beautifully edited and put together! I adored it!

Also, Winry's Gonna Show Her Haters Love made me grin! That was a great way to respond to the Winry/EdWin bashers out there! tongue.gif

I loved watching all your videos, overall! They're so well constructed and thought out. And the fact that a lot of them are EdWin (My absolute OTP) and Ed and Al brotherly love (which I adore) related, just makes them that much more awesome! wub.gif
@Dearheart - Those are all amazing vids!!
And, I'm glad to see all these EdxWin vids! happy.gif I wanted to do some celebration for EdxWin Day this year on our board (at last!), but we couldn't make it happen (again !), and so, I'm hoping this Festival may present a chance to celebrate all kind of FMA fadom, including EdxWin, because every year EdxWin fans watch Royai Day, yet they never had EdxWin Day Festival on our board, so it's like, I'm making up by organizing this Festival for all FMA 'shippers. ^^

All these vids are awesome, and I can watch them over and over, but my absolute fav for the moment is your newest one, "Ed, Al and Winry - Your Love" that shows (I think) the essence of Ed's journey, and it's beautifully made! I just love it! ^^

Thank you so much for sharing these vids for the Festival! happy.gif
@ A Pierrot's Aria - Thank you!! I'm glad you like them so much! Oh yes, Fix You was written for EdWin, I swear. You can listen to my EdWin playlist here, if you want. 21 songs so far, roughly in chronological order, and still growing!

And because I'm equally fangirly for both EdWin AND the Elric brotherly goodness, I made a playlist for Ed and Al, too!

I'm not an AMV expert by any means, but I know and love these characters almost as dearly as my real-life friends; so I seem to naturally gravitate towards songs that fit their journeys and relationships. Every time I make a video, the story always comes first. The editing and special FX are just there to enhance it and draw people spices on a gourmet dish! (Mmm, now I'm hungry...) xD Ahaha, so "Everything" is your favorite, too. Cool. biggrin.gif Yeah, I am pretty happy with it...but really, I feel like most of the credit should go to Arakawa for making such amazing source material in the first place. I'm just paying tribute to the Cow Goddess of Awesome...with her own awesomeness! tongue.gif

@ Tombow - Haha, I'm glad you approve of all the EdWin stuff! Yeah, I noticed EdWin Day kind of went under the radar, but I understand life can get busy sometimes. I'm just glad we can get a chance to celebrate NOW! biggrin.gif And I'm glad you like my newer AMV so much. It was a bit experimental, FX-wise, but I'm really happy with how it turned out. And it's definitely one of my favorites, too. smile.gif The song is so beautiful, and the more I listened, the more it seemed to sum up Ed's journey and everything he learned along the way. It's kind of funny, really...matching a Christian song with an atheist character. But that's just part of the beauty of FMA, I think. There are themes in it that resonate and connect with anyone of any faith (or lack of, lol). There's something in it for everyone!
^ @Dearheart - Yes, I agree!. ^^

And I like your playlist! biggrin.gif
Dearheart: I just wanna say while all of your AMVs were real good, your Fix Me amv is hands down my favorite. You succeeded in making a grown man cry, and I'm not afraid to admit it. Amazing jobs! And great playlists as well.
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