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A Pierrot's Aria
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It seems that no one else wanted to create this thread. xP As I've said previously, if there's a chapter out and there's no topic for it yet, please feel free to make one! laugh.gif

I'll edit with info and my thoughts after I've re-read the chapter in a while. biggrin.gif The thing I remember in the chapter the most right now is the life-sized Colonel Sanders figure. I totally find those in the rubbish every day!! xD. xP

(Also, just a reminder: there's no chapter next week, so chapter 9 will come out 22nd June. happy.gif )
AA battery
I'm actually happy to see that "no chapter next week" sign for once! She really should give herself some break, being pregnant again and what not!
Lol, "the curse of Colonel Sanders"! laugh.gif
That whole garbage pick up part is just too funny! We see an old straw hat, we see an "adult" magazine, we see an underwear with mushroom growing, then Hachiken carrying back life-size Colonel Sanders and another student musing "That's a top prize of the day!" and then after loaded on the truck Colonel Sanders is wearing the hat, underwear, and the adult mag! XDDD And then after Ichirou suggests to burn the Colonel Sanders, and just then the garbage pile collapses, and Tokiwa shouts "the curse of Colonel Sanders!" XDDDD

Also, Hachiken is finding out that these classmates whom he considered as "idiots" are not so idiots after all, as Hachiken was beaten at every subject (albeit by different student on each subject). smile.gif
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