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Full Version: AMV - Our Brotherhood (Spoilers)
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Hello all,

Just finished this AMV for an upcoming AMV contest. Would love some feedback!

(Warning! Following vid contains HUGE Series Final Spoilers C: -->) My FMA:Brotherhood AMV

Welcome to our board, MikeBanjo95! biggrin.gif

Nice editing to follow the journey of Ed & Al in FMA:Brotherhood, and I like it very much! happy.gif

By the way, I added "Series Final Spoiler Warning" because some of our members are still following this series and haven't watched the ending yet. Hope you don't mind. C:
A Pierrot's Aria
I think it's fantastic!!

I love the choice of music and how you've fitted it into the scenes. I just love it when clips are edited in such a way that they fit the beat. biggrin.gif The speech is all really well placed and well picked out; I think it adds further emotion to the video (and it's also well placed with the music and it's great that the music doesn't overwhelm the speech. biggrin.gif)

I am absolutely in love with that bit towards the end where (Warning ---> End of series spoilers ahead!) the music is building up at the part where Ed's about to go into the gate and grab Al's body. That was seriously amazingly done!

Overall, I believe your AMV is made of win! tongue.gif Great job!!

And welcome to the board!! hug.gif
Wow, thanks alot guys. Appreciate the feedback!
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