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A Pierrot's Aria
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Chapter Summary:
(To be filled)

Characters in this chapter:
Ms. Fuji

Pig barn

I liked this chapter, it really makes me want to read the next one. I'm getting really mixed ideas about Hachiken's home situation. But I'm getting the feeling that he somehow doesn't feel good enough. Also, I really want to find out what kind of relationship he has with his parents (whether it's a good or a bad one).

And their teacher, Miss Lara Croft who was teaching them about pigs, seems very intimidating. laugh.gif

And those pigs were the most adorable things ever. xD

This chapter came out yesterday which is awesomely early. laugh.gif You know, if anyone notices that the chapter us out, feel free to make the thread for the chapter. happy.gif

ETA: Updated the character guide
New chapter! ^^

I like this chapter. biggrin.gif Hehe, they eat Buta-don (pork-bowl) XDD It's grilled pork pieces smothered with teriyaki source (most of the time, but some versions use different sources ^^) on top of rice, and it's yummy! biggrin.gif And yes, that's a famous food for Obihiro city. They got lots of Buta-don restaurants in Obihiro. ^^ ...oh wait, I should post this in Silver Spoon Miscellaneous info thread. tongue.gif (Though, pork doesn't have to come from Obihiro, as the region around there are many towns with farms. ..SFX in Raw is simply saying it's a famous food/cuisine for Obihiro. ^^)

I like Miss Lara Croft (Fuji-sensei)! xp She slightly reminds me of Olivier Armstrong in FMA, although Fuji-sensei is probably not as brutal as Olivier is. laugh.gif

And, we're learning what is the hurdle for Aikawa-kun's dream of being a vet. He can't be a vet if he's squeamish about doing operations. Oh boy.

And those piglets are cute! biggrin.gif Even Tokiwa couldn't resist! biggrin.gif It was funny that naive Hachiken's instant resolve to raise a runt piglet for the netx 3 years was just as quickly crushed. Awww... poor Hachiken.

And, Hachiken's former home-room teacher maybe coming to visit Ezo-ag high school! ?! We may learn more about Hachiken's past then... This is getting interesting... ^^

Not as serious as the last chapter, and I like it. biggrin.gif
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