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Full Version: I haven't seen the MiloStar movie yet, and I'm already disappointed because... (Any post that contains actual movie spoiler discussions --> please post in SPOILER ZONE forum)
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Anyone who is, for whatever the reasons, already disappointed about this movie, instead of posting those on regular discussion threads for MiloStar movie, please post it here. biggrin.gif

Also, we're designating this thread as a "safe haven" thread. And therefore, we ask FMA fans who are excited about this movie to please kindly stay away from posting rebuttal on this thread, and please keep this thread for those who are disappointed about this movie to safely express his/her opinions, thoughts, & feelings. smile.gif

For those who are disappointed about the movie, let us remind that just because this thread is a protected safe-haven thread, that does not mean this is a free-fall thread where you can bash FMA MiloStar movie, or for that matter, any FMA series or FMA fans. Please try to stick to explaining your reason for your disappointment without trashing or bad-mouthing the upcoming movie, or any FMA series/FMA fans.

Thank you! biggrin.gif
I was honestly hoping that there would be some form of continuation at least. Although as far as I can see when I visited the website and watched the trailer, it's got its own plot and it takes place in the middle of the series maybe, timeline-wise. I should have expected as much, considering nearly all movies of anime series make very little impact to the main plot, probably as a way to draw new fans in and please old fans with new settings, character development etc. at the same time.

My only concern is that a certain someone wouldn't leave another certain someone while going off in a hot-air balloon like in The Conqueror of Shamballa, if you know what I mean. laugh.gif
Ed's hair annoys me ohmy.gif
And I hate him wearing such tight pants which makes me go nosebleed all the time I saw it dry.gif
well,so I think this thread is perfect for me XD
obs: sorry for the mistakes in english ^^"",I hope you guys will understand what I tried to say rolleyes.gif

when I heard that a FMA movie would be produced,I was thinking in a post-Brotherhood,of course.For me,this kind of movie would suit better than a boring random filler movie.

(I know that Brotherhood over,but I think that a post -series movie would not "tarnish" and "disrespect" the end that arakawa think for her manga(this is what ive been heard from some people,at least)
a movie taking the last of the battle of (Warning! Series Final Spoilers ahead!! --->)the promised day,and then "complete" some parts that was maybe quite fast at the end of manga(i dont know,how Roy will help Ishival,if the other coutries around amestris(that are military countries too)would try to attack it,or if they will create agreements of peace; Xing too,how would be the relationship with amestris;the Elric brothers too,obviosly Ed cant do alchemy anymore,but Al can(I guess XD) so there are some stuff that could be utilizable, I dont know(. Its not me the producer of a movie XP.)But with this, the movie would not be called "Fullmetal alchemist" since Ed isnt a National alchemist anymore,but he still an Alchemist,after all, so he will always search for betters ways to alchemy.I think it would be cool to see this.)

However,this kind of plot doesnt suit for a "shonen movie",so its only a wish of fans,they will not do a movie for such 'little” things.
So now I ask: Why they decided that a movie like Mirostar would be better? I mean,for me this is a movie that “”disrespected” the autor,because :the movie will not be consistent with the work of arakawa.So they will put a random story, with just the “chosen” characters(like Ed,Al(of course lol) Roy, Armstrong,Riza ,Winry ,together with some random characthers and...thats it. .FMA its only this.Homunculos and Xing people?who cares about them?¬¬ the thing that will be much more interesting to see in a movie is alchemy stuff,freaking chimeras,and flying soldiers. and the worse is that the current characthers of FMA that really apeear in the movie will be only a stereotype kind, like any shonen anime.

obs:I dont know If the animation and drawn stuff(that bothers me in the movie too) can be described here,so I will finish with this ^^''
this is , roughly, why I dont like this movie before watching it.

<When including series final spoiler content, please make sure to also mark the spoiler with "series final spoiler warning" such as, Warning! Series Final Spoiler! ^^ Thank you!! biggrin.gif ~ Board Staff>
Lucky Lucy
I don't exactly know what to think about the movie, but I'm already a bit disappointed because I would have wanted it to be a sequel, not something that takes place in the middle of the series, but just as Schnabeltier said most of the anime movies actually are like that(even though in The Conqueror of Shamballa, things are different laugh.gif).
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Now that the FMA MiloStar Movie is out in Japan, spoilers will likely to appear on the net.
We ask everyone to keep the spoiler discussions in the designated MiloStar Movie Spoiler Zone sub-forum, if you encounter spoilers, please post them ONLY in this sub-forum!
There are major plot twists in the movie, so if you don’t wish to be spoiled, do NOT come there!

Please do NOT post and discuss spoilers outside the MiloStar Movie Spoiler Zone sub-forum!

Sorry for sounding harsh but this movie seems like an OC fanfic,sadly.I have read some and I can say I remember I've read something similar like this in dry.gif

But let's be honest there,do we need this? FMA has already an amazing cast why they never tought about a Xing movie? Or a Flame Alchemist spin-off (team mustang action that lacked in original series) heck,I always wanted to see Roy and Edward fighting together against someone filler or canon.It'd have been damn awesome.I quite don't understand this.Seriously until now half of the movie about Julia and Melvin.Not even Ed and Al.I don't care for them.Who is she? I prefer to see a pre-manga-teen military staff (including olivia) flashbacks then those I-will-never-see-them-in-canon guys' sad life.I'd prefer to watch a movie where Winry uses her wrench as an actual weapon,lol.

I know this movie is not that bad because unlike Shamballa there isn't any OOC action but why don't they show any other sides of the characters we love instead of adding new characters? That's my only complaintment and disappointment.

Oh my thank you acaray for the summary! I hope you'll continiue it because I am not thinking to watch it,this summary will help for me.
When I first heard what movie will be about, I was dissapointed. Because it's not a continuation, because it's not about Xing or something like that, because it's not about papa Hoho's past after he got immortal (LOL like they'd make a movie about it! But wouldn't it be super-awesome? 300 years of journey, and he was in Xing too! biggrin.gif), and stuff. But - that will be kind of off topic, haha - after I saw the trailers, my dissapointment dissapeared. This movie has the feeling of FMA's earliest volumes, the feeling of an adventure. And I absolutely love the animation. Man, I would watch this movie only for that animation! I'm really grateful that the animation director and chara designer is the guy who worked on Ghibli movies. I also think he got the designs of Arakawa the best, Brotherhood wasn't that similar to original style, on other hand - it was inconsistent.
His Name is Unknown
QUOTE (FirstMoon @ Jul 5 2011, 03:53 PM) *
Sorry for sounding harsh but this movie seems like an OC fanfic,sadly.I have read some and I can say I remember I've read something similar like this in dry.gif

But let's be honest there,do we need this? FMA has already an amazing cast why they never tought about a Xing movie?

See, that's actually the one aspect of this whole production that has me most intrigued - I love that fan fiction type stuff because it affords other minds the opportunity to experiment with distinct musical, directorial, animation and story-telling techniques. It doesn't always work, but if done well (as in, say, the opening episode of Brotherhood), has the potential to be really entertaining. More of the same, especially at this point in FMA's lifecycle, strikes me as 'too much of a good thing.' Granted, I would have preferred something a bit more relevant (say, a movie about Bradley's early years and the founding of Armestris, Hohenheim's personal journey/romance with Trisha, or Roy's alchemy training), but an examination of Creta's relationship to Armestris is still valid canonical development.

I do have to comment, though, that of all the areas outside the world of Central glimpsed thusfar, Xing seems to me the most stereotypical and least worthy of further consideration. There's an element of personal bias in that statement, certainly, but I just can't bring myself to care for the two dimensional presentation of certain elements within the Xing sub-plot (Fu and Mei's generic characterization with stereotypical ninja tropes presenting the worst offense to my sensibilities). They've always struck me as unnatural additions to the FMA character roster, and speaking truthfully, Melvin, Julia, or even the Black Bat squadron fit into my concept of FMA far more seamlessly than alchemist ninjas.

While I harbor some overall disappointments with the direction of Milos Star ('off-topic' side story narrative, questionable art style), in the end, I think I will grow to appreciate this film. It's directorial quality certainly appears more consistent than Brotherhood's schizophrenic oscillation between phenomenal and pedantic.
@His Name is Unknown That's totally a personal opinion.
People say "well it's not that bad because storyline is already over" but I think FMAverse is not only about Ed and Al there are many faces and adventures of the "main cast".(because fma has one awesome cast already!)Heck even Pinako has some adventures we don't know.(remember the mechanic in Rush Valley?)
Creta's relationship with Amestris even tough an important canonical development,it comes later in importance list.It can be again done with actual cast making Julia and Melvin as secondary casts.Creta is not my complaintment,it's nice to see different parts of FMAverse but this journey could focus on other "real" charas (with ed and al of course) and somewhat include their stories on it.There is a story,but a story of an outsider.

Also if they want to make fic-like adaptations they can make gen-fics and use every characters.(inner fangirl says they can make The Elemental Chess Triology by LadyNorbert,wanna see action: check,romance:check,every character gets action:check,amazing character development:check...ehem...) OC fics are...not my type.

And I wouldn't have any right to say on movie if it was around Ed and Al (aka canon characters) but making it around OCs,ignoring canon cast just...ugh.Hopefully I heard Julia isn't a total Mary-Sue but stillshe very well could be a background character.

As for Xing,I agree I couldn't bring myself into them either but...THEY ARE THE PART OF CAST AT LEAST.And its importance is more than Creta.

I see where you are coming from but that's my opinion.While the most of fandom enjoys it I'll ignore it's existance and cross my fingers for side stories revolving around "our" characters.
QUOTE (FirstMoon @ Jul 11 2011, 10:45 AM) *
Also if they want to make fic-like adaptations they can make gen-fics and use every characters.(inner fangirl says they can make The Elemental Chess Triology by LadyNorbert,wanna see action: check,romance:check,every character gets action:check,amazing character development:check...ehem...) OC fics are...not my type.

Aw, thank you, FirstMoon! That's really sweet of you! blush.gif

(I would have thanked you sooner but I've been away from the forum for a while and am currently playing catch-up with different threads.)

I can see what you mean about the movie seeming like a fanfic onscreen, and I'm very disappointed by the fact that, since it's set while Roy's recovering from his battle with Lust, he's not in it as much as I would have wanted. (Then again, I'm still holding out for a Flame Alchemist spinoff.) But's FMA and I'll almost certainly go see it when it finally gets here.
QUOTE (FirstMoon @ Jul 5 2011, 03:53 PM) *
Sorry for sounding harsh but this movie seems like an OC fanfic,sadly.I have read some and I can say I remember I've read something similar like this in

According to my sources, Sacred Star of Milos is 11.5 of the manga and I have scans of the manga over here:
<*cough* Please see my post below. smile.gif ~ Tombow>

I trust that they followed Hiromu Arakawa's writing (although the art leaves a lot to be desired for the characters in the movie) biggrin.gif
About this movie reminding of fanfic, I read some Japanese fans commenting that the story reminded them of FMA Playstation Game 3, "Kami wo tsugu shoujo" (there is only Japanese version of this game). biggrin.gif

Note on Vol 11.5...
Just to mention... it is officially stated that the timeline of the story in "FMA Sacred Star of Milos" is during FMA manga Vol. 11.
But, I don't go so far to say that "FMA Sacred Star of Milos" is Vol. 11.5 of FMA. smile.gif (The movie is more closer to a 'side-story' i.e. gaiden, as I see it. ^^)
I think, technically speaking, FMA manga portion of Vol. 11.5 is chapter 45.5. smile.gif (Although we know that, Vol. 11.5 is not titled "FMA comic" but "Miloboshi comic" so I guess vol 11.5 is sort of FMA/FMA-MiloStar hybrid volume tongue.gif )

And, by the way... We DO have whole scan of Vol. 11.5, including scans (all 22 pages of it) and full translations of chapter 45.5 by Arakawa. They are posted in FMA manga forum.
scans of chapter 45.5 are posted here.
Translations of chapter 45.5 (by me) are posted here.
Scanned pages of the rest of Vol. 11.5 (in Japanese, not translated yet) are posted here.

And you may want to check out 8 page FMA mini-comic that bridges chapter 11.5 and the movie that was included in FMA Sacred Star of Milos movie pamphlet that was sold at the movie theaters in Japan. We have scans and translation posted in this MiloStar Movie Spoiler Zone forum (It contains mild spoilers of the movie)

By the way, we have scanlations of these two comics also, and may make them available to members upon request sometime later. ^^

Anyway, anyone would like to further discuss FMA Vol. 11.5, please go to FMA Vol. 11.5 thread in FMA manga forum. biggrin.gif

And General Reminder: This thread is a "safe-harbor" thread where people can express their disappointment about the movie (before seeing the movie) without the rest of us posting rebuttal. Please allow people who feels disappointed about this movie for one reason or another (before seeing the movie) a place to post their feelings and thoughts. biggrin.gif
I knew it! I had a feeling you guys probably have it already but I'm horrible at looking. I thought I'd try to post about it biggrin.gif
Thank you for the info Tombow~

I wanted to say that the reason I am disappointed about Milos without even watching it was because of mostly the art. The art really gets to me. I like the colors and the background art, but why are the characters so badly drawn? Why is the animation incredibly choppy for the action scenes? etc.etc.etc. It looks really LOW budget for a movie :C
Sniper Riza Hawkeye
I'm kind of disappointed it wasn't continued from the last episode (as I thought it would be !warning! - series final spoiler ahead --->Ed and/or Al traveling to different countires), and also, my inner Roy fangirl is sad because he'll rarely be in there (at least that's what a review site said?).

But if my friends decide to watch it, I'll watch it with them. And by decide, I mean get their hands on it! XD
When I watched it, I wasn't really disappointed by the movie itself. What really threw me off was the animation, and just how the characters were drawn. I don't know if it's just me, but I got this whole 'Howl's Moving Castle' vibe from the animation. I also didn't appreciate Edward's hair tips being rounded! Despite that, I generally enjoyed the movie. smile.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
It's great that you enjoyed the movie, omitertul! Maybe if you'd like and ever have the time, you can tell us what you thought of the movie in the review thread. And there is a thread dedicated to discussion about the animation/art style, too!
[This thread is for those who are disappointed but still haven't seen the movie. ohmy.gif]

I look forward to reading your thoughts on the movie should you choose to share them with us! biggrin.gif
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