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A Pierrot's Aria
Chapter Summary:
(To be filled)

Characters in this chapter:
Aki's Uncle
Career Advisor
Veterinary Surgeon

Ban'ei Racecourse Stables
Veterinary Surgery

I was a little disappointed about the lack of Hachiken's past in this chapter, but I think that there were some interesting hints dropped.

At the beginning, he seems dead-set on going somewhere that's away from home. And he also looks really tired on those first few pages (and it's strange seeing him without his glasses!) And he also asks Ichiro if his mother does all the work at home. Which gets me wondering if Arakawa is getting at the whole "father not being there" thing again. ohmy.gif I have a few ideas surrounding the circumstances of his family, but I won't share them because they might sound stupid/be completely wrong. laugh.gif

Again, if you're having trouble finding the chapter, feel free to ask me. But I think it's safe to say that everyone knows where to find it now. xD
This chapter was too series! I want more funny scenes! tongue.gif

And, wow, Ichirou and Aki are very close!
(Aki calls Ichirou "Icchan" which is a shorter form of Ichi-chan, like a family member or someone very close. ^^)

That's all the impressions of this chapter for now. xp

I'll try to take time and read more carefully later. smile.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
Yeah, there was a lot more drama and a lot less of the usual comedy. But while I love the comedy, I really liked the seriousness of this chapter. laugh.gif

That said, I think that page 11 had me laughing my head off due to the sheer hilarity of Aki's Uncle's expression when he's laughing at Hachiken's and Ichirou's notion that Aki could understand the horse's feelings perfectly. laugh.gif

And I wondered since the first few chapters if anything to do with the talk surrounding euthanizing animals would come up. It appears it did.
^ Yeah, I like that scene also. ^^

In this chapter and in previous chapters, Arakawa-sensei shows interesting two sides of "relationship" between farm animals and humans/farmers around them: On one side, she shows about treating horses with "respect" and tells us that working with them is "cooperation" rather than "coercion" (to a degree ^^) yet she also shows us the brutal reality that their "life" decisions are completely up to the farmers who own them, and they can be "altered (i.e. neutered, etc.)" for farmers "convenience" and they can be put to death and eaten as soon as their usefulness expires.

I'm not sure what Arakawa-sensei is trying to convey, but that's one of the recurring themes/messages I read in this series so far, including this chapter.
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