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Full Version: What's your typing speed?
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Maybe majority of the members here had grown with the influence of computers so maybe this is one thing that you should acknowledge and brag about.

I am just deep set curious here smile.gif

To MODS: You can freely close this thread but I sincerly promise that I had thought about this topic.
<I think the topic is fine. C: ~ Tombow>

Typing speed is measured in WPM. Maybe all of you are familiar about that but for those who are not, WPM stands for Words Per Minute, and in typing one word is equivalent to four letters or more.

For those who doesn't know their speed yet, you can get it here:

When I took this test I resulted at 53 WPM (Quite slow, really...)

Note: You do not need to follow the proper typing positions when doing this. Just type like you usually do. (If you know what I mean...)
A Pierrot's Aria
63 WPM. laugh.gif
I got 75 words per minute. \o/ But I also made quite a few mistakes, so eh, go figure. xD
78 WPM, I kind of screwed up and I misread one "s" as "r" haha.
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