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Full Version: GanGan "Cheer Up Japan!" FMA drawing
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Not sure where to put this. May move to other place later. ^^

GanGanOn-line has been holding "Cheer Up, Japan!" drive, in which Square Enix manga artists are donating their drawings with messages, and these drawings are used in various charity functions to generate funds to help Japan.

And, this is Arakawa-sensei's drawing with her message:

My quick translation of Arakawa-sensei's message:
The area that was damaged [by the Eastern-Japan Earthquake] has always been providing us with electricity, and variety of agricultural produce and seafood, etc.
Now is the time to practice "if given 10 favors, one should repay the kindness by returning 11 favors."*
March 2011, Hiromu Arakawa

(Direct translation of this part is "Now it's 'if given 10 give back 11' time." ^^)

You can see this drawing and other artists' donated drawings & messages on GanGanOn-line's Cheer Up Japan! site.
A Pierrot's Aria
Aaaaaaw! That's such an awesome picture and message! I just love this line -- 'Now is the time to practice "if given 10 favours, one should repay the kindness by returning 11 favours."'

Thank you for sharing the image and translation, Tombow. hug.gif
Aw, I love that smile.gif

I really like what she said about if given ten you should give eleven in return as well happy.gif

Thanks for the translation!

The drawing of Ed is great too biggrin.gif
Thanks a lot, Tombow!
Those words of Arakawa's warmed my heart biggrin.gif So kind and tender ^______^
By the way, it seems to me that her style of drawing became a bit better. Or maybe it's just me? C:
Anyway, as usual, she's great.)
Great image, but also a wonderful sentiment. Thanks for getting this to us Tombow
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