Newbie Q&A

Hello newcomers --and a very warm welcome to the board! hug.gif

Having trouble deciding whether or not to open a particular thread? Don't know which forum to open a certain thread in? Or just need some general help with something, for example, how to post an image or unsure about our spoiler guidelines?

Now, there are threads dedicated to these sorts of things. So, please if you can, check out:

Help Threads
Newcomer's Guide to the Forum
Spoiler Guidelines
Signature and Avatar Guidlines
Guide to Making an Effective Poll
Thread opening assistance for manga/anime series discussion threads
"Add Reply" For Beginners And Veterans Alike
Adding images to posts/FAQ

But we understand that you may still have questions. For example, you still may be unsure about signature size and may want someone to check it out, etc.

We've decided to set up this thread to help any newcomer who needs help around the board --if you're unsure about anything, please feel free to ask here, and myself or our helpful Mentors and/or possibly other Moderators will get back to you on this thread as soon as possible!



* If anyone would like to volunteer to be our awesome Mentors please contact me, A Pierrot's Aria!
* For names and other info on our admin and moderators, please visit [here].

If you need to contact us personally, please don't hesitate to click on the links to the profiles above and send us PM! happy.gif

Most situations will be dealt with on this thread, but if there's a situation that requires a lot of Q&A, it may be taken to PMs with one of our lovely mentors so they can help you out further without engulfing the whole thread. xP