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Full Version: Good Morning, Ch1
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Little note from author: Hey. I've just joined here, so I'm still adjusting to this website. I saw this page, and decided to submit one or two of my FMA fictions I have written. I'd be curious to know what you think as I intend to improve.
This fiction has a set of drabbles into how Roy and Riza wake up together XD In all it's glory. So each and every one is basically. . . well, self explanatory. Set in the morning tongue.gif

I shall update in due course!



She hadn't been drunk last night. Well, for the record, neither had he which was quite promising to be honest. The heel of her foot was resting against his knee, and she wondered if he was awake yet. She felt quite awkward to turn around and see if his eyes were open or not, so she remained in her position for a few minutes.

They hadn't slept together before. This was a whole new experience for them. Actually, it was a whole new experience for Riza in general. Never had she slept with a guy before at least, not to her knowledge. She had to admit over the years she felt like she had been "missing out", but work was too much in her face, and sex was hardly a priority.

. . . she figured it was for Roy Mustang though.

'Always put sex before work, Hawkeye. It's not only healthier, it's. . . nicer too,' he would say to her whenever she would criticise him when he entered into the HQ doors late. The reason for his slight absence was, of course, because he had to sort out the woman he had had "fun" with the previous night.

She would scoff at him. "Always put sex before work" it made her a little pissed off.

Last night she had learnt that "the heat of the moment" idea was not true. It was a bit of a downer, but during the whole situation she hadn't really been thinking about that. She was more concerned about which part goes where and what she should do next.

He was experienced though. Very experienced. She wondered if that was a good thing or not.

Their ordeal last night had happened because they were finally able to snatch some time together, and their feelings for each other were bubbling anyway, and she couldn't deny the fact she was incredibly hormonal at that hour. But, to her, it wasn't just "sex". What had happened last night was so much more deeper than that.

That was why he hadn't left. He had stayed.

Her sigh accidently caused her heel to glide up his leg, and he made a small noise. She knew then that he was awake. He was certainly awake when he mumbled her name. When Riza rolled around to face him, he gave her a warm smile. The morning sun glistened over his gorgeous white skin and black hair, and she had to admit she had never felt so happy to see him than she did now.

His left arm rose a little, and he curled his hand into a ball. She frowned a little, and made the same action, before they both fisted one another.

'Good work last night, buddy.'

She scoffed, and slapped him.

'Good morning to you too,' he grinned, and she couldn't hold back the smirk crawling up her own face.

A Pierrot's Aria
I really enjoyed reading this! It's certainly an interesting prompt, and I think you handled it quite well. I'm by no means an expert at reviewing fanfics (I lurk on, read the fics and appreciate them silently. *Hides from fanfic writers*) but I think you did a good job! I like how you write --it flows nicelyl! laugh.gif

I hope you're able to update soon --I'd love to read more. happy.gif

And a huge welcome to the board, bureizu! hug.gif
I really did enjoy this short piece. It was short, but you captured the moment really well in my honest opinion. Hope to see an update for this real soon. Great job! biggrin.gif
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