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Full Version: Post your fav Brotherhood AMVs here! (not your own but ones done by others)
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well,I visit this forum since 2009,and I searched recently about a topic that we can share Brotherhood AMVs,but I didnt find any.(sorry if the topic exists).

So,if I could,id like to share some awesome AMVs that i found biggrin.gif (If the topic about this already exist,someone please transfer to a suitable ^^'')

(ATTENTION:MAJOR FINAL SERIES SPOILERS) Moving Mountais part 1/3 Parallel Promises part 2/3 Black Alchemy part 3/3 The Final Stand The Truth
A Pierrot's Aria
To my knowledge we haven't got a thread dedicated to sharing FMA:Brotherhood anime AMVs, although we do have one to share FMA-1 anime videos (Share your favorite FMA-1 AMV you found on Web here!). smile.gif

Although this can go on Found Awesome/silly/funny/etc FMA Fan Video On The Webthread: FMA-1, FMA:B, MMV, Cross-over, Live-action, & whatnot. thread in the fanworks forum, since they're fan-made anime music videos. And that's where people tend to share their AMVs if they have made one.

But it's great to see you post here, Bel! I hope to hear more from you! happy.gif

We may figure out the best place for this thread later. Meantime, everyone feel free to add your post here. smile.gif
By far the most amazing Brotherhood AMV I've ever seen. Possibly THE BEST AMV I've ever seen.

It won Best in Show at Anime Boston 2011. My friends and I all voted for it smile.gif We screamed when we found out it won. It left me shaking and wanting to cry.

Ohh I'm collecting Brotherhood AMV for some time in my YT favorites. Though they get deleted all the time and I have to look for them again... so my favorites from them are: "This is War" by 0LittheRedCap0 (General) "Anthem of the Angels" by iAmvAlchemist (Royai) "Träumerei" by Umika (It tells its own story and uses apart from BH also FMA1 clips and from other anime) "When you move, I" by fadingforya (Royai) "Viva la vida" by EarnestHum0r (King Bradley) "The Happiest of Men" by EarnestHum0r (Hughes, probably the saddest AMV I've ever seen) "I'm still here" by EarnestHum0r (Al) "Believe" by Earnest Hum0r (general) (lol yes I love this editor) "nothinglefthereto b u r n" by morningee (Ed (&Al) (probably one of my all-time favorites) "And you found today" by fadingforya (Edwin)

lol I've had TONS of Edwin AMVs before but most of them are deleted by now...
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