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Full Version: Cosplay Q&A/Help thread: Fellow cosplayers, please give us your advice!
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Do you need help with your cosplay? You can post here, and see if any of our cosplaying members can help. biggrin.gif
One of these days (not this year...) I'd love to do an Al-in-armor costume. But I can't figure out what Al's "hair" is supposed to be made of. It moves like a feather, but I've never seen a feather that long that moved as flexibly as that one does along its entire length. We thought maybe it would be a horsehair plume, which is that flexible and that long, but horsehair that long wouldn't stay together in one piece unless it was treated with glue, or bound together in some way.

^ @sarahbn - I'm not really qualified to give advise for cosplay costumes, but since nobody is replying, I'll make a fool of myself with my wild guess. XD

A strand of horse mane probably looks nice, and you can probably use hairspray to keep them together? But, horse mane may not stay standing up nicely, and instead, may drapes flat. And, for that I think something more stiff might help, such as monofilament line or code, like fishing line (you can get them at sporting good stores) or if you need even thicker ones for more stiffness you can use weedwhacker/string trimmer line/code (you can get them at home-improvement stores)? Or, maybe some combination of these glued together or held together with the thick coating of hairspray might work?

Just my wild guess. laugh.gif
Hope we'll get some expert advise from our cosplayers. biggrin.gif
Little Washu
It looks relatively thick to me, but at the same time fluent. Since feather would be out of the question for shape and length, you could try yarn, or the kind of strings they use for a mop(which is called mop yarn, I believe). You could bundle them up and either hot glue or tie them at certain points (top, middle and end) so they'll still move well but stay together. Now length will depend on your height. I'd say about 3-3.5 feet in length, give or take.

Now, lets say you sue the mop yarn. Once you have it bundled and tied in the three (or more) areas or glued, you'll want the end you're attaching to your helmet to be glued and then bound, like shown here:

That way attaching it will be simpler, and they wont be uneven.

I hope this was of some help~

EDIT: I just realized this after thinking, if you make the strands long enough, you can fold them in half and bind the folded end for the attaching. You'll use less strings and they'll be more taught.
Hmmm, good ideas. After I posted I also thought about encasing a wire between two lengths of fabric or ribbon. The wire would allow it to be rigid enough to stand away a bit, but at that length it would also be "floppy" enough to flow like a feather.

Next question: This year I am making Amestrian military uniforms, and I can't for the life of me figure out how they get into their pants. The pants clearly have a front fly (zipper fly?), which doesn't seem to extend up into the waistband, indicating that the white waistband thing is a separate piece. I have screenshots of it being used to suspend belt pouches in the absence of the "skirt" (FMA:B episode 14), so it's definitely supposed to be an independent piece. I think it's a belt with two buttons in front that goes over the "skirt" and pants. But the belt doesn't seem to have a closure or seam in back, side, or front, or underneath either of the buttons. Moreover, when Hawkeye, Ross, etc. need to attach things at the waist (like guns), they use a separate brown partial belt that hooks onto the front buttons, indicating that either the standard white belt might not be up to the job, or that they put these things on after they get to work. Hughes' white belt houses his throwing knife in the back so I'm guessing not the back. Nor does it seem to be attached to the pants in any visible way. If it's not attached at all, this means (a) it's not serving to hold the pants up and (B ) it'll displace itself quite easily, especially at center back where the pants waistband lowers when you sit down. My vote is for "attached invisibly" then-- but how? Inner buttons? hook-and-eyes?

I did figure out how Ed gets into his pants though. Ed's pants actually have a wide brown (leather?) waistband with a front opening but no closure (you can see this when they strip him in Rush Valley to examine his automail). The pants are held together at the waist by a matching brown (leather?) belt that goes through the belt loops attached to the waistband. That would make sense from a garment care standpoint only if his pants were also made of leather, which in turn makes sense because I bet automail wears right through ordinary fabric pants.
^ @sarahbn - This one sounds little more complicated. XP
If you can, could you post pics as examples for these? That may be helpful. ^^

By the way, if anyone needs help with posting pics, you can check out my posting tutorial here, or A Pierrot's Aria's Newcomer's Guide, or ask our moderators such as A Pierrot's Aria for assistance, and we can gladly help you. biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Tombow @ May 18 2011, 10:50 AM) *
^ @sarahbn - This one sounds little more complicated. XP
If you can, could you post pics as examples for these? That may be helpful. ^^

All right, I'll give this a try.
@sarahbn: I suggest you take a look at this site, it's a great tutorial on how to make the Amestris military uniforms. I also used it when I made my Riza cosplay. ^^
Also, I fond another detailed tutorial with lots of pics on Roy's uniform, hope these'll help you. smile.gif

I also took photos when I made my cosplay, so if you need more help, I can post them.
Wow, those tutorials are amazing! Thanks for posting those! I'd love to see your photos too!

I'm approaching my cosplay from a rather interesting perspective. My husband was in the military so I've had some experience with military uniforms, and I do medieval re-enactment for a hobby so I'm into textile and clothing history and technology as well. So I'm approaching it from the perspective of "what would this uniform 'really' be made out of, given Amestris' technological level?" I figure they'd have wool since Resembool is a sheep town, and we know they have leather (Ed's boots, Al's straps), probably linen, maybe cotton although they might have to import it since I don't know if Amestris has any areas with the right climate to grow cotton, and possibly polyester or other synthetics (50-50 whether they have that level of petroleum technology; their trains run on coal and their cars might run on ethanol). And then of course I'm having to substitute things because I figure the military uniforms would "really" be made out of a nice tropical wool suiting, which I can't afford to make uniforms for two of my kids out of. smile.gif

We were thinking it would be really funny if my daughter dressed as Riza went to the anime convention and went to get her fake gun peace-bonded, if she pulled the one out of her belt holster, then one out of a shoulder holster under the jacket, then another one from the other side, then one from a holster concealed under the "skirt"... XD That would be so Riza!!
Hi there everyone,

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I love FMA, and I really want a cosplay, preferably of Roy Mustang, so after days of searching, I came across one on e-bay (Roy Mustang Cosplay) (I know the insignia is a Captain's one, where is should be a Colonel, I have talked to the seller, and they said they have both, it's just some people prefer Captain, and they can't do General sad.gif), and because I am OCD, I carefully examined the pictures in the auction, and unfortunately, found a couple of mistakes (or so I think, I might be wrong, and this is the reason why I created a new topic), so I was wondering, could fellow fans of FMA help me in deciding whether to get this cosplay or not (if not, is there anywhere else I can get it, me and sewing machines don't work well, so I have resorted to buying one instead, and if there is somewhere else, do they sell the holster/belt like the one I found), like is it the right colour, is the holster correct and stuff, and if the mistakes I found are actual mistakes?

Here are the mistakes:

1) The back doesn't have the upside triangle, I don't know if that is true in the anime/manga or if it's just the picture, but anyway, here is what I mean

2) The length of the actual cut seems a bit short, should that be increased, or is it fine just the way it is, because I have talked to the seller, and that is possible.

3) I have noticed this quite a lot, there are colours on the left hand side of Roy's chest, they are also present on Alex Armstrong as well (I think), what are they, because I can't find them on most cosplays, especially this one that I want to buy. Here's what I mean .

Apologies for writing so much, it's just I really want to make sure I have a perfect uniform
Thanks again
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