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Full Version: Sakura-con (any year)
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Post your Sakura-con pics, stories and reports (from any year) and discussions here, please! biggrin.gif
I had so amazingly much fun! The first day I cosplayed (not very well) as L from Death Note, my boyfriend cosplayed as Kyouya from Ouran, my brother cosplayed as Soma Cruz from Castlevania, and my friend cosplayed as raptor Jesus. It was my boyfriend's first convention, so we did a lot of wandering and just seeing what was going on. We managed to wander the entire exhibition hall to look for things we wanted to get, and we took many, many photos. (He also got asked for a lot of photos, since he bears an uncanny resemblance to Kyouya, and he had the outfit down really well, too!) My friend who was dressed up as raptor Jesus also got asked for her picture every five minutes, it seemed. It was really awesome, because we'd put a lot of time into her mask, and had turned out really well!

The second day was more of the same, pretty much. We did pick up a few things from the exhibition hall, met up with another one of our friends, hung out in the park just outside the convention center since it was a beautiful day, and went to watch the scripted cosplay chess, which was absolutely hilarious.

All in all, it was an awesome time. biggrin.gif
I'll have to post up some pics a little later, but I just now saw this thread and figured I should join in on the conversation! I went to Sakura-Con again this year as Lust. happy.gif Had a great time as always (though I had a terrible cold and was feeling bad, the convention itself was amazing, as were the cosplayers). We actually did a big FMA photo shoot on the second day of the con - I'll post a link to my photo album here in a little bit.
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