Little heads-up announcements...

Sometime during tomorrow, May 8, 2011 (yes, that's Arakawa-sensei's birthday ^^ Also, happy Mother's Day to all our "mom" members!! biggrin.gif ) we are switching the order of Categories for our forum index on forum home page.

Currently, General Discussions are on top, followed by Fullmetal Alchemist Discussions, but starting May 8, we'll be switching that to have "Fullmetal Alchemist Discussions" category on top, followed by "General Discussions" category.

This change may be temporarily, but will last at least while we are having the premier of new FMA:MiloStar movie in Japan... (i.e. through July 2011), or we may keep this forum orders longer, depending on the review after the initial evaluation period.

There maybe some additional changes in forum orders within the forum categories, but basically, starting May 8, our forum homepage will look something like this: (please note that FMA Discussion forums are on top, and General Discussion forums are below ^^)


Also, something fun for all FMA fans are coming in June on our board!!

To celebrate the one year anniversary (June 11) of the conclusion of FMA manga series, for Saturday, June 11 2011 - Sunday June 12 2011 we're holding a two-day FMA Fan Fun Festival!
(For Royai fans, yes, this will be held in conjunction with this year's Royai Day Festival! ^^)

There will be fanfic/fanart floods, and many fun activities for FMA fans! More details will be announced on this soon!!!! happy.gif

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