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Full Version: What's with the Winry hate?
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Hey everyone, first time posting here smile.gif

I want to ask about something that's been bugging me in the FMA fandom; the constant Winry bashing. A lot of people seem to think she's a Mary Sue, and I just don't get that at all.
Now, on these forums she seems well-liked, but I still see a lot of hate, and well, my question is... Why?

Is it because she can't fight?

Because of how the first anime treated her?

Because of the wrench?

Because she is close to Ed and Al?

If there's already a thread about this, then just delete this post. I'm just curious about what it is that make her so disliked. I personally think she is an awesome character.
@Sakuyahanabi - Welcome to our board! ^^

Ah yes, that is an intriguing question isn't it? I think there are others wondering about that as well, and in fact we have a long thread dedicated for this discussion! biggrin.gif You can check out what others have posted on this topic on Why Do People Hate Winry And/or Edwin? thread, and add your posts there also. Hope to see your posts there (and on many other FMA character discussion threads)! biggrin.gif

Everyone, please share your opinion on Why Do People Hate Winry And/or Edwin? thread, and let us hear what you think! ^^

This thread may be merged to Why Do People Hate Winry And/or Edwin? thread later. smile.gif
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