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~ Forum Change (switching Category orders) is coming on May 8!, On May 8 forum index order will change... ~

ETA: May 9, 2011
It is done. ^^ This current arrangement will be likely to stay at least through July. I know the forums look little different, and might be confusing at first to some, but hopefully the new arrangement will become familiar to everyone soon. ^^ Meantime, we apologize for the confusion and inconveniences! smile.gif


Starting May 8, 2011, on our Forum home page, we're going to switch the order of categories, and forums in "Fullmetal Alchemist discussions forums" category will be placed on top of our forum index, followed by forums in "General Discussions" category.

This change may be temporarily, but will last at least while we are having the premier of new FMA:MiloStar movie in Japan... (i.e. through July 2011), or we may keep this forum orders longer, depending on the review after the initial evaluation period.

There maybe some additional changes in forum orders within the forum categories, but basically, starting May 8, our forum homepage will look something like this: (please note that FMA Discussion forums are on top, and General Discussion forums are below ^^)
<Double posting with justice. This post will be merged later>

We made some additional changes in our forums! (that's an understatement. tongue.gif )

First, if anyone has missed our last board announcement, yes, we have switched the order of two main forum categories, and now we have FMA Discussion forums at the top, followed by General Discussion forums.

Within FMA Discussions category, we brought FMA:MiloStar Movie forum at the top, to be ready for the movie's premier in Japan in the beginning of July. This is temporary arrangement, and this arrangement may change later, depending on the assessment during the evaluation period, but will stay through July.

Also, we revamped FMA Music forum. It now contains 3 sub-forums, "FMA-1 Anime Music" forum, "FMA:Brotherhood Anime Music" forum, and forum for info and discussions for "Drama CD, FMA Radio, and other FMA audio programs".

Music discussions for FMA-1 anime: "Conqueror of Shambala" Movie are currently contained in FMA:CoS Movie Music sub-subforum within "FMA-1 Anime Music" forum.
Note: For the time being, Music discussions for FMA:MiloStar movie will be held within FMA:MiloStar Movie forum.

As for General Discussions category, we have a brand new forum (and a sub-forum), Conventions and Cosplays forum and Cosplay sub-forum where members can post their cosplay pics and their reports on attending anime cons and other conventions.
Our three moderators, jacksparrow589, Michiyo-, A Pierrot's Aria have kindly agreed to be the moderators for this section. smile.gif
Hope you will enjoy posting in our new Conventions and Cosplays forum! biggrin.gif

ETA: Also, for those who had already seen FMA:Brotherhood/manga series final, we now have Spoiler Zone sub-forum in FMA Character Discussion forum with specially designated threads for FMA character discussions regarding series final & post-series final contents, where you do not have to add <Series Final Spoiler Warning> to your post while discussing series final/post-series-final spoiler contents. smile.gif

As usual, if you got any questions on posting in forums, please feel free to ask us, by PMing our moderator, or posting on General Site Question thread. smile.gif

Otherwise, hope to see you around the board! biggrin.gif


Also, a sneak preview.... something fun for all FMA fans are coming in June on our board!!

To celebrate the one year anniversary (June 11) of the conclusion of FMA manga series, for Saturday, June 11 2011 - Sunday June 12 2011 we're holding a two-day FMA Fan Fun Festival!
(For Royai fans, yes, this will be held in conjunction with this year's Royai Day Festival! ^^)

There will be fanfic/fanart floods, and many fun activities for FMA fans! More details will be announced on this soon!! happy.gif
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