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Full Version: How many times have you re-watched this series?
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Hello all, I just recently finished watching Brotherhood a week ago, that same day I started it from the beginning. I absolutely adore this show and the manga,I've watched the First FMA and several other animes but I've never been this attached to any before. I was just curious how many times have you re-watched/re-read FMA.

ps: I don't know if this is the right place to put this topic, so if it's not sorry in advance!

Well iv watched Fma discs 1,2, and 3 for brotherhood twice, once in each language and the first half of the first series twice aswell
I followed the whole series in raw as it was aired in Japan, then watched official English sub with Japanese VAs, and now I'm following the airing of official English dub on Adult Swim (U.S) every late night Saturday/early Sunday morning ...currently up to episode 43, and I'm still enjoying watching these episodes. biggrin.gif

|/ @HawkseyeM1910 - Some characters I like Japanese VAs better while some other characters I like English VAs better. smile.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
I've re-watched Brotherhood about 3 times, and am currently watching the English dub episodes, so I guess that would make 4 times all together when the dub is finished. biggrin.gif

|/ In general, I much prefer dubs over subs. So I definitely like the English version better. wink.gif
@A Pierrot's Aria and @Tombow you've both watched it so many different ways, maybe you'll watch it in another language next ;D
Do you prefer the Japanese or English voices?


Same here, so for I watched the first few episodes of the first FMA. I think I'm going to finish it and re-watch brotherhood after.

What can I say? It's seriously one of the best, if not the best anime's I've watched, in my opinion. smile.gif
When it aired I've watched each episode in RAW, then sub and a second time sub. So the whole Series 3 times. Over the time I've re-watched several episodes in no order. Just what I wanted to rewatch. Recently I started from the beginning again, but I don't have that much time, so it's going slowly.
As for the Manga, I've read it first scanlated and now I'm buying the volumes and reread it as I buy it xD Currently on volume 22.
It's hard to say, but with the possible exception of episode 27, I think I've watched each episode at least 3-5 times.
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