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Full Version: Let's discuss about CLAMP, Creator of X/1999, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Card Captor Sakura, XXXholic, Wish...
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I love CLAMP. I like:
Tsubasa RC
Cardcaptor Saura
(gets a tomoyo look)
i just looove clamp!!! they're like one of my heros!! i love their work, their art and stories..its all so different and good and beautiful! mai fave is ccs without a doubt ive read wish and i like x/1999, trc, mkr, xxxholic, chobits, clover and ive tried to get my hands on miyuki in wonderland.. love them! they released special clamp chess sets recently.. anyhow yes yes i love clamp! simply amazing! i esp. love how they always have a light and dark side to everythign!
The only thing I have ever read by CLAMP is Card captor Sakura. I really want to read WISH though. The story sounds very interesting. My friend has read Chobits and she says its really funny...not into the whole guy meets robot kind of manga but maybe I'll give it a try someday.
You should, it's so cool!!!
yes yes! chobits is really good! and i liked the music too..just you cant have the wrong mindframe when you watch/read. some peopel are just stupid but im sure you wont be ^^

lightning alchemist: loove the icon hahahah!
I love Clamp (wish I could draw like them happy.gif)

some of my favorites are clover, xxxholic, tsubasa, x/1999, and card captor sakura. Don't know much about magic knight rayearth, is it any good ?
i love the clamp school detectives and chobits a lot plus i thout card capter was nice
Thanks edwardasakura18, Riza Babe made it for me!!! It's perfect though for Miroku isn't it?

How is Cardcaptor Sakura? Haven't started it yet.
Don't know much about magic knight rayearth, is it any good ?

to winry... i liked it, it was pretty good. great look at clamp's first works and ya..ugh! i soo wish i could draw that well tooo!! it was their first real popular one i hear..not too sure but yea its good. the anime of it isnt that good though, acutally quite disappointing after the reading but the manga was great and its short so no sweat! give it a whirl!!

Thanks edwardasakura18, Riza Babe made it for me!!! It's perfect though for Miroku isn't it?

How is Cardcaptor Sakura? Haven't started it yet.

that was soo sweet of riza babe!! and yea its totally perfect for miroku haha, and its just too funny that sango is in the pic too!! haha.. she'd probably hit him and blush or something hahaha. cardcaptor sakura is one of mai very faves, its very young but at the same time it can be quite grown up in a good way you know like uhm..peter pan? haha its very uplifting, cute and happy and at the same time sakura has her own conflicts so its not like happy happy all the time. the romance portion is just the tops and the art know haha. its so sweet one of the best view on relationships by far. very, friends, "that one" sort of stuff.just the best..tied with dear fma in my heart happy.gif if you have more questions just ask.. but i can go on and on forever hahahaha
DarkWater Alchemist
Hmm, I like their cute Sakura or chobits style better than the Tokyo Babylon style, but I still have to read more of the CLAMP group. Still, they can't beat Kaori Yuki U.U
biggrin.gif *waves newest manga* Legal Drug. I'm advertising this everywhere. laugh.gif Can't help it I've only read one and I'm already dying to buy the next.
Hah.. I felt the same wink.gif... But now I'm dying for them to finish the series... Apparently it's supposed to be quite long too... Who knows how long a wait it is before vol 4 will come out... *sighs*
DarkWater Alchemist
Legal drug in on my list... more because it's shounen-ai stuff than because it's by CLAMP... (good reviews in magazines also help XD )
Heh... that was the same with me at first wink.gif. It's actually after I got more into CLAMP's manga(hmm.. not too ling ago) that I started appreciating them as a whole (if that makes sense).
Ooh... what good reviews did you read?
fellow clampians... er sleep.gif just talk with this guy who said i had bad taste for liking ccs, t:rc, chobits and the like. er, thought you should know and share my rage. i mean..clamp puts out something for everybody..dont diss clamp or mokona will eat you!!! ahhh!!!!! (ok..i know, not hte best threat..)
Well I only have two volumes of one Clamp manga - Legal Drug. At first it was weird and I thought I wasted my money but I went ahead and bought the 2nd volume and laughed a lot. There is an underlying story that now I can't wait to find out but Kazahya is just too much. He overreacts to almost everything and well I've really gotten into it now. Maybe I'll check out some of the others you guys have mentioned.
CLAMP was my second manga-teacher XD I started drawing first in Sailor Moon style and when Magic Knight came out... well, let's sya I totally switched.

I love ALL CLAMP manga, from the oldies Rex, Rayearth, X, RG Veda - to the newer ones like Sakura, Chobits, xxxHolic, Tsubasa and Legal Drug. I own pretty much all their manga, with the exception of Wish and Suki, Dakara Suki. I tend to like their latter manga better for the artwork, but I still think their most monumental creation is CardCaptor Sakura.
I searched and there wasn't a thread for this manga.
If I missed it or anything, feel free to close or delete this thread.

I was just wondering if anyone has read this awesome manga by CLAMP.
Wikpedia link for those who have no idea what this is
Now go ahead, say what you think of it, favorite character, shipping, that kinda stuff.

<Merged "Xxxholic, Another manga by CLAMP" thread with 6 posts here. 07/31/07 ~Tombow>
(I love '' 19sai'' from the anime!!!!!!!! It's so catchy...) Apparently, xxxholic is a bit similar to tsubasa chronicles cuz it is the ''suite'' of tsubasa... am i right? I didn't read it yet, but my friend told me this...
A response! <3

Well, I like to think of Xxxholic as a spin-off of Tsubasa.
They do crossover at times. Such as Yuuko sending an arrow that interupts the epic fight between Kurogane and Seishiro.
And the most recent chapters have been directly intertwined with Tsubasa, like Sakura after gettting stabbed by Fai and getting seperated from her body, winds up in Watanuki's dreamworld and we also learn that Watanuki shares a connection with Syaoran but we still don't know what that connection is.
I read it and have been for a few years. xxxholic is a direct crossover with tsubasa. I have heard that the gap between them is getting smaller though so i would say the ending(s) are going to be closely connected.

Ive read tsubasa, xxxholic, card captor sakura, and clamp school detectives. unfortunatly I can't get my hands on the others at the moment. is X/1999 or legal drug any good? I'm dying to read clover but it went out of production and i cant find a volumn for under $100 US.
Triss Hawkeye
I read the first part of the first book, and it looks pretty good. I think I might get into it - I'm already up to date with Tsubasa, so I guess it's a good idea.
Merged "Xxxholic, Another manga by CLAMP" thread here..
But, please go on with continuing discussions. smile.gif
I really like xxxholic but the Chobits artwork is the best!
If you want to see all of CLAMP's works from 1995-2006 in a music video format, watch CLAMP in Wonderland 2!!
Animations are so pretty and it's nice to see all of the CLAMP characters. Try naming them all!
^ I know it was sweet. I loved it. The Clover part was beautiful. <3
And I loved Ashura's fanservicy scene. ;D
Kamui's little pout was cute.

Could've used more Wish characters though.
Clamp in wonderland 2 was awesome, I really wished they showed more of Fai and Kurogane though. At least they used their really cool outfits instead of the normal ones but they did use the Mokonas alot......even though thats more of magic knight Rayearth(sp?)

By the way does anyone know when clamp is planning to start working on X again?
@endless_oblivian: Well, the future of X is uncertain right now. (har, har)
I haven't heard them say anything about X right now or whether they will actually pick it up again.
They did say they will continue Legal Drug again after they finish Tsubasa and Xxxholic. So there's a good chance they will pick X up again.
I just hope they don't make a half-assed ending for it so they won't worry about it again. And I hope they are able to return to their X artstyle as well.
Clamp is pretty dang good biggrin.gif wink.gif
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