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A Pierrot's Aria
Chapter 4/ "Spring" ④

Chapter Summary:
Hachiken begins to experience work within his new after school club, but the workload seems a little overwhelming. And even now, there is something that seems to leave Hachiken conflicted. Despite this, there is still something that allows him to look upon things with a slightly different perspective, and again, a valuable lesson is learned.

Characters in this chapter:
Aki (classmate)
Aikawa (classmate)
Beppu (Classmate)
Nishikawa (classmate)
Mr. Nakajima (Equestrian Club Advisor)
The Principal

Horse Stable


A few spoiler pages from Mangahideout again. I can't wait for the chapter to come out because the first colour image looks really nice! happy.gif

|/@Tombow Thank you so much for the overview! happy.gif I know that it sucks to be left behind at uni when everyone else is gone when it's their reading week! laugh.gif
Thank you, A Pierrot's Aria! biggrin.gif

<Preview pics (as posted by A Pierrot's Aria above) Quick Spoilers below>
Judging from the preview pics posted by A Pierrot's Aria above, it looks like somewhere in this chapter they are entering the Golden Week, and while most of students are going home for the holidays, Hachiken is not going home and hence he volunteers to take care of the club's horses while everyone is gone... except, it turns out Mikage Aki is also not going home, and hence Hachiken adn Mikage are staying behind at school, and taking care of the horses while everyone is gone. Ohhh, lucky for Hachiken...or, is it? The last preview pic posted above is the last page of this chapter (chapter 4), and in it, Mikage askes Hachiken to go out with her after taking care of the horses the following morning! Oh my!! \o/ Hachiken's heart pounds fast (says so on the side caption. XD) this will turn out? I guess we'll find out in the next chapter (chapter 5). biggrin.gif
Thanks, A Pierrot's Aria for the spoiler pics, and Tombow for the translation!

I really like the color page with Hachiken and Mikage. The horse Hachiken is riding is the same that knocked him over in the previous chapter, right? laugh.gif
Can't wait to read the rest of the chapter. ^^

Btw, since next week is Golden Week in Japan I think chapter 5 won't be out until May 11. Shounen Sunday's website also states that this week's is a double issue (22-23).

ETA:The chapter with Chinese translation is out on Baidu.

Silver Spoon also got the cover of Shounen Sunday:
Cover pic

ETA 2: Sunday's website has been updated, it says that the 24th issue will come out on May 11.
Also, a Silver Spoon wallpaper can be downloaded from the site.
A Pierrot's Aria
Thank you for letting us know, Michiyo-! It's a shame there's a break though...but I'm sure I can survive without my Silver Spoon fix for that long. tongue.gif
Thank you, Michiyo- for all the cover & info! happy.gif

I like the cover of this week's Sunday, with Hachiken and that "not so pretty" horse! ^^ I get the feeling they are going to be good "friends" as the chapter progresses. biggrin.gif

And, it does make sense that they will skip an issue for Golden Week. Yes, I'll survive. ^^
I didn't see this being posted yet:

Anyone who'd like to read Silver Spoon in English, you can PM me or A Pierrot's Aria. smile.gif
Thank you, Kasumisty! ^^ (And, sorry for the edit. Please wait for PM that's on the way. ^^)

Chapter discussion time! ^^
Hmmm.. seems not much funny scenes or new revelations in this chapter, but we meet the principal of the school for the first time. biggrin.gif (I'm only skimming the raw at the moment. xp Be back later and read it again. ^^)

And, it's only 20 pages (I think?). Hello, Shougakukan, that's not "double" chapters, as you advertised. xp But, they are offering Silver Spoon wallpaper (go to Michiyo-'s post above for the ink ^^) and that's nice. biggrin.gif

Hachiken's reaction when he heard that Aikawa joined the Holstein club was hilarious. laugh.gif
Aikawa seemed serious when he said that it's not enough to have a dream and know how to achieve it, I wonder what he meant by that.
The principal seems to be a funny person.
And finally Hachiken got to ride on a horse. smile.gif
Nice cliffhanger at the end with Mikage inviting Hachiken to a "date", but knowing Arakawa, it can turn out to be completely different.
A Pierrot's Aria
I agree that not much went on in this chapter, but there were a few interesting points. One of those points being the bit where Aikawa got all serious when he was talking to Hachiken about dreams. And, similarly, it's also interesting that Hachiken is still chasing after a goal, and seems to genuinely start thinking about it when considering whether or not wanting to learn how to ride a horse was a dream.

The bit where Hachiken mounted the horse for the first time was really nicely done, I think; he was looking at the beauty of the world from a different perspective and I liked how the panel was drawn.

I thought the shock Hachiken displayed when Aikawa revealed he had joined the Holstein club and the part where Hachiken thinks (about the principal) "Is he a hobbit!?" were by far the funniest parts of the chapter. laugh.gif

Can't wait for the next!

(I've updated the character guide to include the Principal --although, it won't let me post anymore images on that post!)
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