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Full Version: Which FMA Miltary characters (excluding Ed and Roy, from any series, any military branch, male or female) do you like most? (Spoiler Warning!!)
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Which character in the FMA military do you like the most?

Tell us your top 3 favorite FMA Military characters
* from any FMA series (FMA Manga, FMA:Brotherhood anime, FMA-1 anime)
* any military branch (Central, East, North....)
* male or female
* including past and present military personnel, including retired ones
* any rank, including Führer
* dead or alive
* including State Alchemists (plain clothing ones included)
* including chimeras who are/were in the military
* but excluding civilians working in the military facility

And, please explain why you like that certain character happy.gif

(If your post includes series spoiler, please make sure to use Spoiler tags!! ...if you don't know how, please ask moderators smile.gif )

Also, let's exclude Ed and Roy, otherwise, from our past experiences, we already know Ed and Roy would dominate. tongue.gif

I like Hughes, Havoc and Fuery, i think they were just good characters and didnt do andything you thought was "You idiot dont do that!"
I really love all Team Mustang (including Hughes).But I especially love Havoc and Riza.
Olivia is my fave female character laugh.gif
And that's all I guessç
A Pierrot's Aria
Riza - I think she's really awesome; a very kind-hearted person who will always have Roy's back

Hughes - I remember back when he was my favourite character full-stop. He's still one my favourites though! I just find him very funny (in a good way!) and very kind! I love how he loves to go out of his way to help out.

Olivier - There's a time when I really disliked her. But deep down, she really does care. Yet she's a strong, decisive and effective leader with lots of respect among her men! happy.gif

<I've added this thread to the list of threads in the character discussions directories.>
Well, I'm gonna start with the obvious: Riza. She's very strong-willed and doesn't suffer fools gladly, but she does have her soft side. (Yeah, my being a Royai fangirl probably has something to do with this, too. tongue.gif )

Next up is Havoc. He's so easy-going. He's got a heart of gold, and he's really loyal. And he's just freakin' adorable.

And of course, Hughes. Like Havoc, he's pretty easy-going, has a heart of gold, and is loyal/dedicated, but he's also smart as a whip.
I loke Lieutenant Hughes, Riza and Major Armstrong....
My favorite of them is definitely Hughes. He's so funny and really a great character.
Second and third would be Alex Armstrong and Olivier Armstrong.
A. is hell of fun, I always laugh when he shows up, and O. is that kind of woman I like - strong and a really good leader.
Huh? No love for Brosh?

I think the guy is hopelessly lovesick and hilarious.

I adore Hughes, Havoc and Fuery too.
Besides Roy, Riza is my favorite military personnel. She's just so awesome in so many ways. I always really loved how loyal and committed she is to not just helping Roy reach his goal, but also atoning for her own sins in her own way.

I also really like Olivier. She's so incredibly bad arse biggrin.gif I like how she's not afraid to show her authority. She'll tell you how she really feels without feeling any sympathy.

...And to be honest I REALLY like Rebecca for some reason lol There really isn't much of a reason. I just think it's silly that Riza has a best friend who's so polar opposite of her laugh.gif
brosh, maria, ed, roy, olivier, alex, hughes, and some others. tongue.gif
Which character in the FMA military do you like the most?

1. Roy Mustang
2. Ling Yao
3. Selim Bradley
Alex Armstrong and Olivier Armstrong
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