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A Pierrot's Aria
Chapter 3/ "Spring" ③

Chapter Summary:
Pushing on with his work in the Chicken Coop, Hachiken finds himself wondering about which after school club he would like to join. After much deliberation, which club will Hachiken be persuaded to join? And will it be more than he can handle?

Characters in this chapter:
Aki (classmate)
Aikawa (classmate)
Ichirou (classmate)
Tamako (classmate)
Tokiwa (classmate)
Nishikawa (classmate)
Beppu (classmate)
Mr. Nakajima (Equestrian Club Advisor)

Dorm Room No. 138 (Hachiken's, Beppu's and Nishikawa's dorm room)
Chicken Coop
Horse Stable


I had a quick nosey at Mangahideout out of curiosity, since I'm up now, and noticed that they had kindly released some spoiler images for chapter 3.

It's nice to see Hachiken actually smiling in that first image...

QUOTE (Tombow @ Apr 16 2011, 04:57 AM)
Ah yes, but... the caption says "Hachiken Yuugo with nice smile. But, One second later.......!"

Ahahaha!! very harsh! xD

Thank you for the overview of the pages, Tombow! hug.gif
Thank you, A Pierrot's Aria! biggrin.gif

I guess these are scenes fromHsciken checking out various after/before-school activity clubs in order to decide which one to join.

I see Hachiken watching Aki riding a horse.
QUOTE (A Pierrot's Aria @ Apr 16 2011, 11:30 PM) *
It's nice to see Hachiken actually smiling in that first image...

Ah yes, but... the caption says "Hachiken Yuugo with nice smile. But, One second later.......!"

(And, we can see why in that pic. XD)
Oh oh... laugh.gif

Second pic is Hachiken at "Holstein" club. (It's a bleed of cow... I guess they admire award winning Holstein cows and learn how to breed good Holstein stock, etc.) Then gets trapped there, and saved by advisor of Equestrian club just passing by on a horseback.

Third pic is Hachiken at Equestrian club. Seems he liked everything there till the advisor says students in that club need to get up 4 O'clock in the morning to take care of the horses, and that sends Hachiken falling on the ground. XDDD

Looks like another fan chapter! laugh.gif
D'aww, first page.

I'm really interested about this manga now.

Arakawa already got me to like this characters and I'm eager to know how the plot will advance - because I know she can built very complex story and complex characters. I'm interested why Hachiken left home and what are the stories of the rest of the team.

By the way, is Hachiken a name or a surname?

<As posted by Musou_Mitai below, it's a family name, and we edited our Character Guide to make it clear. ^^ ~ Board Staff>
Thanks, A Pierrot's Aria for the spoiler pics, and Tombow for the quick summary!

Hachiken's smile in the first page was cute. But you can see the approaching horse in the top right corner... laugh.gif
I wonder which club will he join, now that he learned that he has to get up at 4 AM if he wants to be in Equestrian club. XD

This manga is great, I really like the story and the characters.. ^^
QUOTE (Kasumisty @ Apr 17 2011, 01:20 AM) *
By the way, is Hachiken a name or a surname?

Hachiken is his surname. Yugo (it's actually a long 'u' sound, but I think it looks better written in English with only one) is his given name.
A Pierrot's Aria
I came across the RAW of Chapter 3, if anyone is interested in taking a gander. happy.gif

Poor Hachiken (this seems to be a recurring phrase! tongue.gif)...getting knocked over by a horse! And he looks absolutely terrified when he feeds it!

ETA: Thank you, Tombow! happy.gif
Thank you, A Pierrot's Aria!

OT: Hehe, some of the pages in this chapter include "character guide" on the side of the page... and they are exactly the same contents as the Character Guide we already made! biggrin.gif

<Caution!! Chapter Three spoilers below!! Please proceed only if you'd like to know the story spoilers BEFORE you read the actual chapter!>

The chapter starts with a sort of flash back... Hachiken is being in his Middle (junior high) school in his dream, while in reality being in his dorm bed at Dai-Ezo Ag high school. In the dream, Hachiken is telling his friend that he's not taking any after-school "club" activities at school, in order to spend more time studying, and to attend after-school private-run exam-prep courses, because he would like to enter an University that's ranked as high as possible. And then the alarm clock goes off and Hachiken is brought back to the reality of getting up at Five 'Oclock in the morning to do the manual labor in the name of practice-learning in the chicken coup. Awww...

Besides Hachiken being so tired and his body barely able to move, Tamako also fell dizzy and loses balance. Hachiken feels kindred spirit. But...actually, Tamako is just being hungry because she didn't have morning snack. XDD

Teacher (I think he is a teacher, though I can't remember his name ^^) sees that Hachiken is very tired, and threatens that breaking one egg will be one day of expulsion from school. That scares heck out of Hachiken that he almost drops the egg he was handling. Of course the teacher was joking, but tells Hachiken to be just as careful handling the eggs. When Hachiken mutters "We are lower than those firm animals in the hierarchy here, aren't we?" The teacher corrects him and declares, "Forget being lower than them in the hierarchy, you are their slave!"

The day's school starts... The result of Math mini test is back, and Tokiwa is super excited that he got good grade! He thanks Hachiken for his help with Math, and this makes Hachiken happy as well.

Tokiwa shows his test grade, excited that for the first time in his life he received DOUBLE DIGITS test grade in Math! Hachiken, expecting to see some reasonable grade, sees Tokiwa received 10 points (out of possible 100 points XDD) and the glass in his glasses shutters in shock. XDD Hackien groans "how come, after I took that much time to taught you that well, you only got that little..." (and the caption showing Hackiken saying: "And, that was a multiple choice test!" XDD And, Tokiwa's comeback is: "Don't underestimate my dumbness." XDD (I sooo love Arakawa-sensei's writing!!) (Ok, technically, what Tokiwa really said is "I told you not to underestimate my dumbness." But you get the picture.. ^^)
Hachiken gets mad, and decides to teach Tokiwa all over again from the beginning, and Tokiwa is all for it.
Seeing this, classmates are amazed at Hachiken's determination to help Tokiwa with his math.

Meantime, home-room teacher drops by and reminds everyone that next week is the deadline for turning in the paper telling which club each student would like to join for the mandatory club activity. While cleaning the chicken house for the evening work-study duty, Hachiken ponders which club to join.

The evening work-study is over and group A's one week of work-study is done. No more getting up at Five O'clock in the morning for the rest of April.
While the rest of group A goes back to the dorm, Hachiken decide to chck out some of the "club"s.

He runs into three upperclassmen ogling the picture and commenting about the attractive boobs and a curve around the hip.
Turned out they are the members of "Holstein" club.

They want Hachiken to join their club and Hachiken is trapped there. But, saved by the advisor Equestrian club, Mr. Nakajima just passing by on a horseback. Mr. Nakajima takes Hachiken to Equestrian club.

Long story short (you can read Musou_Mitai's English translation for this part ^^), Hachiken decides to join Equestrian club.
Hachiken attends the first club meeting as a member of Equestrian club.
Just as Hachiken is thinking that attending Agricultural high school may not be that bad after all, as the study is easy, he got a nice cute friend, Mikage, and above all, there will be no more work-duty to get him up at 5 O'clock in the morning for the rest of April... Just then, Mr. Nakajima tells freshmen club members that to take care of the horses, club members are required to get up at FOUR O'clock in the morning.
The chapter ends with Hachiken, upon hearing Mr. Nakajima's words, falls on the ground.

Awww...poor Hachiken! laugh.gif

Anyone who'd like to read this chapter in English, please PM A Pierrot's Aria. biggrin.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
Heheh, another great, funny chapter!

I couldn't stop giggling when Tokiwa was happy at getting 10/100 in maths and his reply was "Don't underestimate my stupidity!" tongue.gif I should use that phrase sometime! laugh.gif And it's funny when Hachiken gets frustrated yet it determined to teach him more maths!

The bit the got me off guard was when there were the three upperclassmen, looking at images while saying "look at the tits on that one!" and they were looking at COWS! I was laughing like mad! Don't worry, Hachiken, I would have been running away, too! Ah, how I love Arakawa's sense of humour!

So he joined the Equestrian club...I wasn't expecting that! I'm looking forward to seeing how he gets on! And the beginning of the chapter makes me wonder even more as to why Hachiken is striving to be the best. It seems like he'd miss out on most things if it meant he could cram loads more studying in.

Again, if anyone is really having trouble finding this chapter, please contact me! happy.gif
Yay, discussion time for chapter 3! biggrin.gif

First off, I thought Hachiken might not join Equestrian club, because that's kind of "most likely" storyline, and hence I thought Arakawa-sensei might surprise us by making Hachiken joining some totally different club. But, I guess with all of the clubs are sport/phisical activity clubs*, and among them Equestrian club might be most appealing to him, and of course we know Mikage is there, so that's a big draw.

* So then (if all clubs are sport/physical activity), I wonder what do they do in "Holstein" club. tongue.gif
(They probably take care of Holstein, like taking care of any other farm animals.. ^^)

Stating the obvious: Mr. Nakajima looks so much like a Japanese Buddha statue. (I'm sure the resemblance is intentional. ^^)

We learned more about Hachiken's past. He used to study, study, study, and he was planning to (eventually) get into ranked University. Hmmm... what happened after that? I'm sure we'll learn more on this as the story progresses, but I want to know now! tongue.gif

To me, by far the funniest part was the dialogue between Hachiken and Tokiwa. laugh.gif I hope Tokiwa will eventually understand Math. ^^
A Pierrot's Aria
QUOTE (Tombow @ Apr 23 2011, 12:08 AM) *
To me, by far the funniest part was the dialogue between Hachiken and Tokiwa. laugh.gif I hope Tokiwa will eventually understand Math. ^^

Definitely! It's so well scripted and Arakawa executed the whole thing SO well! It was comedy genius; I adore Arakawa's sense of humour! The panel in which Hachiken's glasses lenses shatter and Tokiwa's presenting his amazing 10/100 is just brilliant! And not only is it comedic, but the scene served to demonstrate further Hachiken's determination.
Heh, I laughed at the "You maggots are the animals' slaves" part. XD And Tokiwa being so happy about such a low score in his math test. XD But the funniest part of the chapter for me HAD to be the Holstein Club! XD It sounded so bad, them complimenting the cows' figures and telling Hachiken that they would breed "the perfect cow for his tastes". And their comments when Hachiken was leaving, "Who needs women when you've got cows?" made me o_O, but laugh at the same time.

And Hachiken seems to think that he won't have to work very hard in the Equestrian Club, because the horse will be doing all the work. XD I'm guessing he's going to be finding out just how much work is involved in the next chapter...
Hmmm, Hachiken feeding the carrot to the horse reminds me rather of myself in similar situations. wink.gif My mom has a horse and I periodically took lessons growing up, but never quite got into the whole idea. I've always been just a little bit afraid of them! So I can totally relate to all of his feelings regarding the Equestrian Club. It's like Arakawa is reading my mind! XD

I think I would also cry and/or faint if I heard I had to get up at 4 AM every day. I sometimes have to get up that early when working on certain sets here in LA and am SO incredibly happy I don't have to do that every day!!! Part of what makes Arakawa's sense of humor so great is that she has a real talent for illustrating on the page, in some crazy fashion, how we all sometimes feel in our minds. happy.gif Like the glasses breaking (twice!). Hehehe.
Oh, Hachiken, so naive... Waking up at 4 AM to take care of a horse is part and parcel of being in an equestrian club! (I've never had direct experience with this, but I know people who have.)

And all of what Mikage says about horses really is true. I went to a horse camp for a few years, and I had one of the gentlemanliest horses there. I couldn't help but treat him with respect! (And shower him with affection!)
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