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Full Version: "Silver Spoon" Character Guide & Discussions (Warning! Possible spoilers!)
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"Silver Spoon" Character Guide

- Following are characters introduced in the series so far:

Main protagonist:
(Last name, First name)
Hachiken, Yūgo: A nerd student from city. His family is not farmers. Came to Dai-Ezo Ag high school because "it has a school dormitory and hence I don't have to go home" despite being graduated from one of the top middle schools in Sapporo (largest city in Hakkaido prefecture, Japan) that sends many students to top high schools that produce many college bound students.

Students who are in the same work-group "A" with Hachiken: (decided in chapter 2)
(Last name, First name)

Inada, Tamako: Wants to learn farming management. Despite the large size, quite athletic. First appearance: chapter 2

Komaba, Ichirou: Likes drinking milk, very athletic, belongs to baseball club, expected to help family dairy farm after the graduation.

Aikawa, Shinnosuke: Skinny nerd, hoping to become a veterinarian

Tokiwa, Keiji: Expected to follow family chicken farm. Horrible with Math.

Students who are in the same club activity (Equestrian) with Hachiken: (Decided in Chapter 3)
(Last name, First name)

Okawa, Shin'ei: Agricultural Engineering Program Senior (First appearance: Chapter 4)

Toyonishi, Mika (First appearance: Chapter 4)

Other Freshman Classmates (total of 40 students) in Dairy Farming course:
(Last name, First name)

Mikage, Aki: A member of the Equestrian club. Went to same Middle School with Komaba Ichiro and known each other well. Family has a farm with horses and cows, and thinking of helping the family firm after the graduation.

Yoshino, Mayumi: Aki's friend. Hoping to produce artisan cheese using milk from family dairy firm.

Futamata, Kouji: Came to DaiEzo Ag to do Biotechnology research and study.
(Click image to see sketch/profile from Vol 1.
Translations courtesy of Tombow.)

Kitamachi, Minami
(Click image to see sketch/profile from Vol 1.
Translations courtesy of Tombow.)

Ohtanishi, Chikara
(Click image to see sketch/profile from Vol 1.
Translations courtesy of Tombow.)

Ochanomizu, Taro
(Click image to see sketch/profile from Vol 1.
Translations courtesy of Tombow.)

Izumikawa, Shigeru: Hoping to obtain the license for farm animal insemination, and wants to breed own dairy cows.
(No pic yet)

Oda, Jun: Self-admittedly not a very bright student, but hoping to graduate somehow, then grow beef cattle.
(No pic yet)

Roommates (Dorm Room No. 138):
(Last name, First name)
Nishikawa, Hajime: In Crop Farming course. Expected to help family's crop (potato) farming after graduation.

Beppu, Taro: In Food Science course. Wants to produce good food.

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"Silver Spoon" Characters - cont.

(Last name, First name)
Inada, first name not known yet: (Tamako's brother). "Smoked chicken" guy. Third year Food Science course student. Researching for food production without the use of additives.

The Principal: (First appearance: Chapter 4)

Mr. Minami: Teaches Dairy Farming (?)

Mr. Sakuragi: Homeroom teacher for Hachiken's class, teaches Japanese

Mr. Yachiyo: The Animal Husbandry Teacher

Mr. Todoroki: PE Teacher

Mr. Niwatori First appearance: chapter 2

Mr. Nakajima: Equestrian Club Advisor First appearance: chapter 3

Ms. Fuji (First appearance: Chapter 7)

Mr. Shiraishi (Hachiken's junior high school teacher) (First appearance: Chapter 6)


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"Silver Spoon" Characters - cont.

Mikage Family:

Aki's Cousin (First appearance: Chapter 6)

Aki's Mother (First appearance: Chapter 12)

Aki's Father (First appearance: Chapter 12)

Aki's Grandfather (First appearance: Chapter 12)

Aki's Grandmother (First appearance: Chapter 12)

Aki's Great Grandmother (First appearance: Chapter 12)

Ban'ei Racecourse Veterinarian (First appearance: Chapter 6)

Komaba's Family:

Ichiro's Mother (First appearance: Chapter 14)

Nino (Ichiro's Sister) (First appearance: Chapter 14)

Misora (Ichiro's Sister) (First appearance: Chapter 14)

Inada Family:

Tamako's Father (First appearance: Chapter 16)

Tamako's Mother (First appearance: Chapter 16)

Other Characters:
Minamikujo, Ayame Went to the same middle school as Mikage. (First appearance: Chapter 45)
"Silver Spoon" Characters - cont.

Hachiken Family:

Shingo (Yūgo's Brother) (First appearance: Chapter 19)

Yūgo's Mother (First appearance: Chapter 28)

Yūgo's Father (First appearance: Chapter 29)
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