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A Pierrot's Aria
Chapter 2/ "Spring" ②

Chapter Summary:
Hachiken and his newly assembled team set out to tackle their first assigments: in the Chicken coop! While there, Hachiken experiences his first share of hard graft, and perhaps even learns a little more than he bargained for!

Characters in this chapter:
Aki (classmate)
Mayumi (classmate)
Aikawa (classmate)
Ichirou (classmate)
Tamako (classmate)
Tokiwa (classmate)
Nishikawa (classmate)
Inada ("Smoked-chicken" upperclassman)

School's chicken-barn
Halls of Residence recreation room
School's greenhouse
Faculty Room


I found some spoiler images for Silver Spoon Chapter 2 on Mangahideout.

Looks like Hachiken is freaking out about something again. laugh.gif

This whole weekly thing is so surreal...but awesome! tongue.gif I haven't been used to weekly releases for a very long time now!
Thanks for the pics, A Pierrot's Aria!
It looks like we'll see more funny moments, Hachiken still can't get used to this school. I can't wait for the new chapter to come out! biggrin.gif
Thank you, A Pierrot's Aria! biggrin.gif

Looks like Hachiken and other students are taking care of farm animals in school's farm in the evening (correction: fixing green house or some school facility that was damaged by bad weather), then it took longer and they work well into the night, making them miss dinner serving hour at the school dining hall, then someone (upperclassman?) gather around some food from various sources to feed them. Also, we see a female new classmate, Tamako who is very "round" and looks like an egg, and incidentally her name sounds very much like Japanese word for egg (tamago). XDD Tamako turned out she is a younger sister of the upperclassman who cut the chicken head and then offered Hachiken smoked chicken once that chicken gets processed, in chapter 1. XDDD

I can't wait to read the rest! biggrin.gif
Found some more pics and a spoiler summary of chapter 2 on a blog:
A Pierrot's Aria
Thank you, Michiyo-, and thank you Tombow, for the summary of the first few pages from mangahideout!

I don't know why, but that chubby girl looks quite haughty/moody/bossy. laugh.gif I hope a RAW will be released in the next day or so! biggrin.gif
Thank you Michiyo-!! biggrin.gif

The linked blog doesn't tell the detailed chapter summary, but follows the story in the chapter and gives the blog author's comments on each of the key scenes.

<Chapter spoilers below! >
Looks like we're going to see a silver spoon for the first time. After seeing that, I have some thought/guess on the meaning of this, but I will post it after reading the whole chapter. smile.gif

Also, Hachiken learns how chicken eggs are born and develops instant avoidance for that food, but after repairing of the damaged school facility took much longer and missed school's dining hour and being starving, he overcomes his aversion and stuff himself with eggs. XD
A Pierrot's Aria
I found a RAW of this chapter. It's only 18 pages long (as expected, since it's weekly; only the first chapter of a series is usually longer from what I've noticed.) happy.gif

From what I can see, I think the people that Hachiken works with are determined by picking letters out of a box. xD
This seems like a fun manga. I think I will keep reading it. The main hero (Hachiken, is it?) is such a city guy. I think I like him XD
Please IGNORE this post if you do not wish to learn the chapter Two spoilers before you read the actual chapter!!

Aha... yes, shorter chapter length....more in line for weekly series. ^^

<Caution!! Chapter Two spoilers below!! Please proceed only if you'd like to know the story spoilers BEFORE you read the actual chapter!>

They take drawings to decide on work-group members who will work together for the next three years, and Hachiken, Komada, Aikawa, Tokiwa, and Tamako are in Group A. Tokiwa is dissapointed that with other "pretty" girl students in the class, they got Tamako in the group.

Group A's first job is to work in chicken burn. Hachiken and Tokiwa were assigned to gather freshly produced eggs.

Hachiken witnesses a chicken producing an egg, and the egg coming out from the chicken's "behind."

This causes Hachiken to loose all his appetite for eggs.

After working before the breakfast they head for school's dining hall for breakfast. There is a Silver spoon displayed at the entrance of the dinning hall.

Menu for the breakfast includes egg, and everyone chows down but Hachiken can't eat it.

But, after school, their group A was enlisted for extra volunteer help, and work into the night helping fixing the school's greenhouse that was damaged by the strong wind, and they miss school's dining hall hours, and his hunger causes Hachiken to overcome his aversion and he chows down egg&rice dish that was presented by Upperclassman.

The chapter ends with Upperclassman Inaba bringing them just produced smpoked chicken, as promissed, and they find out Tamako is his younger sister. And guys realise Tamako is quite pretty besides being "round".

Another fun chapter! biggrin.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
Just read the chapter...(I should think people know where to find it now. laugh.gif)

It's a really fun chapter! xD I was giggling like mad when Hachiken is freaking out about the eggs coming out with the poo. And I laughed at Ichirou when he said "There's always room for ping pong!" laugh.gif I seriously want to say that one day. Haha!
So I wonder if Hachiken will definitely decide to join the Food Sciences club?

I know what the term "silver spoon" usually refers to, but I have no idea what it's getting at in this chapter. I wish they had explained! xD

But as I said, overall, this was a very fun chapter --it made me smile. smile.gif

Oh good, now we can discuss about the content of this chapter. biggrin.gif
My first thought on this chapter was that I'm glad I don't have to translate this chapter, with all that "poo" talk. XDDDD
(That, and where Inada goes off talking about food-additives... trying to find the correct spellings for all these chemical names would probably kill me. XDD)
Huge thank-you to Musou_Mitai. ^^

Hachiken is so naive and sensitive. XDD

And, I like Tamako. XD

^ @A Pierrot's Aria - So far the meaning of Silver Spoon is still a mystery, but I guess it will eventually be explained. ^^

Meantime, here is my wild guess about the meaning of Silver Spoon, and it's coming from Arakawa-sensei's semi-biographical farmer comic book, 百姓貴族 (Noble-Farmer). In it she describes the life as a farmer based on her experience of growing up as a farmer in Hokkaido, getting up before dawn and work till late into evening. But, they eat the best tasting veggies, eggs, milk, and other crops and farm products; even the crops they don't produce, they can still get the freshest tasting one because other farmers would provide that in exchange for things they don't produce such as milk, eggs, etc., or, they get beef, pork, chicken in similar fashion, (note: and in case of Hokkaido, some of farmers may do similar in-kind exchanges with near-by fisherman as well, and hence get fresh Salmon, Northern King crabs, lobsters, etc. I know some do.. ^^) thus, according to Arakawa-sensei, they ate like kings & queens and other noble aristocrats. ...Hence the title of her comic, Noble-Farmer, or Farmer-Nobles. smile.gif
...therefore, I'm guessing the Silver Spoon in this manga may have the similar meaning. We know from their introductions, almost all of students there at Dai-Ezo Aggie are sons and daughters of farmers. Families they might work their butts-off, but they eat the best tasting crops and other farm produces, like rich aristocrats, and they are born into these families,, born with Silver Spoons in their mouths.... tongue.gif

Then again, I may be completely off. laugh.gif Anyway, it's kind of fun to guess it's meaning. ^^
You're welcome! I spent a good two plus hours working on that one crazy speech bubble alone! I had help from one of my coworkers figuring out how to read some of the words and getting a crash course on science in Japanese. It was difficult, but it was a lot of fun, too. I'm glad my effort didn't go to waste! tongue.gif

Also, I was talking to some of my coworkers about the meaning of "Silver Spoon" and they had some interesting insights. One even did some research for me and typed up an explanation!! I plan on doing a bit more research of my own and putting something on my blog at some point. I'll give you guys here a link when I do!
Tombow--That guess is better than anything I could've come up with! It sounds highly plausible at the very least!

Oh, Hachiken, eating farm-fresh eggs is no big deal if they're cooked first! (My great-uncle had chickens, and we used his eggs a LOT.)

I loved the ping-pong moment, but the one that takes the cake for me is: "I get plenty of sleep during class!" "And you're proud of this?" I cracked up. laugh.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
@Tombow Yeah, I was thinking exactly the same thought as you, regarding 'Silver Spoon'. smile.gif It's one of the only things I can think of when I think of the term...

However, I know of only one more thing that a silver spoon can symbolise; in some countries, being given a silver spoon can be a way of representing nurturing and giving life. I can see how this could possibly fit within the theme of this series, especially in the taking care of the animals aspects and maybe even cultivating (or nurturing) great crops. (Then again, this is in some countries, but it may be that this doesn't hold true everywhere.) Although, I'm not sure how it would fit in the long run... We'll have to wait and see. I can't wait to see yours and your co-workers theories, Musou Mitai! And once again, a HUGE thank you to you and your co-workers for all your hard work! You're amazing!

@jacksparrow589 I absolutely loved that bit where Ichirou says "I get plenty of sleep during class", too! It made me laugh!!
Ahahahaha, this chapter was hilarious. XD Hachiken's reaction to finding out where eggs really come from was amusing. I really can't wait to read more of this manga.
I really enjoyed this chapter biggrin.gif Pyroclasm wrote, Hachiken's reaction to finding out where eggs really come from was amusing.
Though I think it wasn't very plausible, because I can't imagine a person who would not know about that thing)
I like Tamako, I don't know anyone in anime or manga who would resemble her character! Will she become slim?) I believe she is satisfied with the way she looks, no matter what) Though I may be wrong, and that's why I can't wait for the 3 chapter! biggrin.gif Dear God, make time pass quickly!
I made that post I mentioned about the meaning behind "Silver Spoon" and started a new thread in case people wanted to discuss it.

You can find it HERE.
This manga is so amusing, with Arakawa's classic humor! And it didn't slip past me that the chapter opened up with one of her sayings, "If a man does not work, he does not eat."

Another familiar Arakawa-moment (I know, odd thing to say since she is the person who wrote it, but you know what I mean) was when they realized Tomako was related to the chicken guy because of their eyes...kind of like Alex and Catherine Armstrong and their eyelashes!

All that aside, as everyone said before the chicken parts were the funniest. I love the line where Hachiken is like, "Chickens are amazing to s--- something this delicious!" XDDD
QUOTE (timeitekina-yume @ Apr 17 2011, 11:24 PM) *
I really enjoyed this chapter biggrin.gif Pyroclasm wrote, Hachiken's reaction to finding out where eggs really come from was amusing.
Though I think it wasn't very plausible, because I can't imagine a person who would not know about that thing)
I don't find it implausible at all. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who don't realise that chicken eggs come from the their...leavings...
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