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Full Version: Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Akaki Erikushiru No Akuma
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I will send it soon ^^
But since I lately have much stress around me (school, private life etc.)... *SIGH*
Tomorrow I'm going to inform myself about how much the shipping costs are ^^ and buy DVD-Rs of course, or else I can't b.... buy it... ^^U
Any chance you people with this game can rip/encode the cut sceans XD I'd love you forever!! XD XD
I will look up how to do that and if that is even possible ^.~
I never realized how bad my japanese reading skills were until yesterday...-__- Anyway, Rolf, here's a short list of the items that I was able to understand and translate...

Icon: Vest
Use: Increases defense by 30%, also guards against special fire attacks.

Icon: pink bag/jar
Use: Decreases enemy's accuracy

Icon: black bracelet with a yellow bead
Use: Revive once. (Item disappears after use.)

Icon: Red block
Use: Increase experience points by 5%

Icon: Red block
Use: 20HIT+ combo and increase of exp. by 20%

Icon: Wrench
Use: Decreases chance of seeing stars(being stunned laugh.gif).

Icon: Bullet
Use: "Bullet of Determination" Increases shooting accuracy by 30%. (I believe this is increasing Hawkeye's shooting accuracy, but I am not entirely sure...Have to go read the description again, but my uncle took the PS2, so I can't check...>__< )

Icon: White vest
Use: Al does not respond to Ed's call (R1 function still works though.)

Icon: Red vest
Use: Al does not respond to Ed's call (R1 function does not work at all.)

(I know I'm missing a lot, but it's the best I can do for now...^^)
Chibi Viki
hehe, mjhermi and i used a digi video camera to record cutscenes and demo play from the playstation 2/vcr/tv, then plugged the digi video camera into her PC. You'll need a powerful computer to do this since the video files will be big. ours were encoded in mpeg2, but i encoded them to avi w/c greatly reduced filesize. :,3
Well thank kyu so far the list, Kasumi :>
and well done, viki *pets head* X3
No prob, Rolf! wink.gif I was wondering though, there were a bunch of items with yellow text that says 30% increase in strength/defense/alchemy...You didn't want those, did you?
um.. well.. if i see the effect in the stats, i dont need it..
but i wonder what the items does which has A and B in their names o.O
Oh that, I remember it saying something like it has to be equipped together... Don't take my word on that yet though...Argh! I need my PS2 back!
do you remember what's the effect if equiped together? :>>
Sorry, I don't... And I still haven't gotten the PS2 back yet...Grr...

Anyway, I forgot the mention this, but in Lior, wasn't the girl that passed by (and eventually standing beside the cactus/cat stand) from Tobenai Tenshi?
yup, thats almony from tobenai tenshi ^^
i Just finished the game today and the end was a little weird blink.gif
Spoiler: (Click here to Display)
Yeah, I agree, it did somewhat feel like a prequel instead. It's kind of suspicious with Almony appearing at the beginning of the game as well... Hm...

Anyway, it's been a while since I finished the game, so, sorry, can't help you there.
Well then Thanks!!! yeah it was suspicious maybe there will be a Third game who knows
QUOTE(Chibi Viki @ Oct 25 2004, 10:17 AM) [snapback]30516[/snapback]

black hayate not there? but i saw a screenshot of him at the official square enix FMA2 site... he was w/ hawkeye.... oh well...

i still wanna play it though so that i'll have ranting/raving rights about it later. but most of all, even if just as support... roy and riza XD

Yeah Black Hayate is to there. After the military car blows up and you leave to fin that Bald guy. *scene* After the scene turn and go back to the area where the car blew up and just look for Black Hayate. He'll be straight ahead near the wall or something. *scene* After that scene, every time you go back to HQ (Headquarters) Black Hayate will be there, it's so funny! happy.gif
Somehow, I /can't/ get passed the horned golem. I've bought the cheatbook, looked up cheats on the internet, nothing as worked. And would you like to know about the impression I got when trying to defeat this boss? You run up to it, poke it with a stick, and run away. So, obviously I'm not understanding something.
Any "secret" tips on how to defeat it?

And I just realized I posted this in the wrong section.
My apologies.
I just run, transmuting anything that I can, revive Al, and attack when it attackin Al tongue.gif
i beat this game in like . . . i think 2-4 dayz . . . it was kinda easy
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