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Full Version: News & info on FMA "Sacred Star of Milos" movie on official JP site & around the web (Compiled "Movie Guide" on the first post..updated on Aug. 8, 2011) Please DO NOT post spoiler movie storyline here
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As for the new trailer, still not much revealed and I'm not to sure how I feel about it yet. It does look somewhat interesting,
QUOTE (rosieechan @ Mar 10 2011, 06:59 PM) *
Can feel bland-character-with-dark-past senses tingling already (doesn't help with the fact that her parents were murdered). She sounds like one of those usual Mary Sue OC's in FMA. -__-;

QUOTE (Kasumisty @ Mar 26 2011, 04:20 AM) *

Both trailer and song are just meh. They don't encourage me to watch the movie too much.

The plot reminds me of the first episode of FMA:B and first PS2 game mixed together.

I share some of these reservations. I'll wait until the film's release to judge it properly, but I'm not as excited as I should be at this point. Hopefully the story will be decent.

The return of L'arc-en-Ciel is a nice bonus.

<Program Note>

I made a complete list of all information we currently have on the movie (staff, VA cast, characters, etc). I edited it into the first post of this thread, you can find everything there. The post will be updated as we get more news.
For the discussions on characters, cast, story, music, etc, please use the relevant topics. ^^

yeah, I'm checking back in here pretty much for the first time since FMA:B ended...none of the movie info is thrilling me. I was disappointed when it was revealed that it was going to be a side-story instead of a sequel or prequel, and so far it just looks kind of random. I wasn't a big fan of shamballa - I didn't think it was very deep, but at least the plot mattered to me because it was going into uncharted territory as a sequel. This one just feels like a really long OVA - its good because it's FMA, but I can't help but think it's not going to be captivating, and that we won't learn anything new/interesting about existing characters either. meh... I guess we'll just wait and see :/
As I wrote before, with the way the series have completed (manga and anime), realistically speaking, I don't know how they can or could have made "sequel" and it still being a Fullmetal Alchemist movie. That's possible but realistically I think it's quite difficult, as Arakawa-sensei made it quite clear that Fullmetal Alchemist has ended.

So, this movie to be a Fullmetal Alchemist movie, I think the most likely choice was to put the movie somewhere during (sidequel) or before (prequel) the existing FMA storyline. But, prequel might be difficult because as the FMA story starts Ed is already quite young. XD Hence, I think the obvious choice, for the commercial movie-maker, was to make a story somewhere "during" the FMA storyline, and therefore, I'm not surprised, nor in itself disappointed that the story in this movie takes somewhere during the FMA storyline, as I was, realistically speaking, not expecting (hoping, yes, but not expecting XD) this movie to be any extension of the existing FMA storylines. And as such, if this movie is going to be, as some others put it, "one long OVA," that itself is actually fine with me. smile.gif

But, to me the devil is in the details, and I hope this movie is going to be worthy of both FMA series (FMA-1 and FMA:Brotherhood/manga), and hopefully, they (the movie makers) would keep all the FMA characters in the movie as "in character," and somehow captivate us FMA fans for one hour plus some minutes, or however long this movie would be. (And, if they happen to be able to add any depth to any of the FMA characters or FMA story, that would be a nice bonus!) ..that's my expectations for this new FMA movie. ...that's not asking too much, right? biggrin.gif

So...where are more ads/promo and info for the movie? It's already May, and I want more details of the movie! laugh.gif

A story drawn by Arakawa is always welcomed by me cool.gif

A Pierrot's Aria
Ah, wow that's awesome! I wish I could go and see it just to get that volume! laugh.gif

Thank you for the news, FirstMoon!
Thank you for the news, FirstMoon!! biggrin.gif

From the linked ANN site in FirstMoon's post above:
Japanese moviegoers who see this year's Fullmetal Alchemist: Milos no Sei-Naru Hoshi will receive the "11.5th volume" of Hiromu Arakawa's Fullmetal Alchemist manga, while supplies last. Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 11.5 ~Tabidachi no Mae ni~ (Fullmetal Alchemist #11.5 Before Embarking on the Journey) will include a new story drawn by Arakawa herself.

So, this "new story" is like, a new FMA Gaiden from Arakawa-sensei??? Or, just some randome story?? unsure.gif
Hope this is a new gaiden!!

By the way, we may move this part of discussions to FMA manga forum... ^^

Ok, after taking eternity ( = hours xp) to load official JP site, I got it.
2011.05.10 超絶スペシャル来場者特典決定!! 「鋼の錬金術師 第11.5巻 ~旅立ちの前に~」先着でプレゼント!

『鋼』最新作収録のスペシャルコミックス「鋼の錬金術師 第11.5巻 ~旅立ちの前に~」、制作&プレゼント決定!!



This will be a bonus gift to people who actually come to the movie theater to watch this movie, and it's first come first served, and this will be a new FMA short story (Volume 11 and half, and the title as reported by ANN above ^^), and the news is saying that it has been decided to produce this and give this away as a bonus gift, and we have to wait for further info on this, it says. smile.gif

...someone please open a new thread in FMA manga forum on this. smile.gif
That's great news, thanks for posting it, FirstMoon! ^^

It's always nice to read a new FMA short story from Arakawa. biggrin.gif
Your welcome everyone!

QUOTE (Tombow @ May 10 2011, 07:01 AM) *
...someone please open a new thread in FMA manga forum on this. smile.gif

Okay,I'll do it happy.gif

A new image.Wonder what does it say
A Pierrot's Aria
Awesome -- a new image! I hope it's got some good info. x3 Thank you for bringing it to us, FirstMoon!
new pictures from this month's newtype

^ Thank you, hilary! happy.gif
Quickly skimmed the articles, but still mostly "PR fluff talk" kind of stuff (such as, the movie is full of dynamic speedy action, blah blah) and not much real news/info, or info we already know, such as brief introduction of Julia... sad.gif But, the pictures look nice!! ^^
(But, if anyone got spare time please go ahead and translate. ^^)
Anyway, the article said they finished VA recording. ^^

ETA: I found that a little Q&A part gives us a bit of info.. ^^

*According to the movie's producer, Mr. Ohyama, Julia is not a princess [of Milos], or anything like that, just a regular girl, except with some dark sad past [of her parents being murdered]. And, there is no such thing as Julia trying to flirt with Ed with the hope of getting him involved in her Balck Bat resistance group. smile.gif

*Also, Mr. Ohyama says that the area around the Table City has been dug up deep to form a deep valley, and at the bottom of the valley is where people of Milos currently live, and from the bottom of the valley to the highest point of the Table city is about 1,000 m high, and also the ground is controlled by Amestris Army, and thus being able to fly would give the resistance group a major tactical advantage.... hence the Black Bat, the resistance group with the ability to fly was born. smile.gif

Also... thank you, FirstMoon! biggrin.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
Thank you for the scans, hilary! It looks like a pretty cool picture. It's a shame there's no new info, though! ohmy.gif

ETA: Ah, interesting! Thank you, Tombow! happy.gif
I love the new pictures smile.gif I'm starting to like this new art style more and more.
Thanks for the pics hilary, and the translations Tombow! And it's nice to hear that Juila is just an ordinary girl...
New info at Amber's new journal entry

1. Xingnese and Homunculi don't appear in the movie. :cries: (From the interview of the director on the magazine "Pafu")

Also I really liked that they are not gonna with filler romance.Finally,some logic!

But no Xing made me sad a bit...
A Pierrot's Aria
In all honesty, as much as I like Ling, May and everyone, I'm really not the least bit bothered that they won't be in the movie. laugh.gif
From the link Amber gave

A Pierrot's Aria
Thank you for sharing, nonamexyz!

The picture looks really cool, but because --to me-- the ground and sky look quite real, having the characters superimposed onto it makes it look slightly odd. laugh.gif
Thank you, FirstMoon for bringing the news, and thank you, Amber1003 for the news! biggrin.gif

According to Amber's DAJournal, this news is from Director's interview on Puff (pahu) magazine. As usual, if anyone can find the scan of the interview page, please please post!

Also, thank you nonamexyz for the pic! biggrin.gif I love that pic! ^^
The free exhibition at Tokyo AmLux is called "World of Fullmetal Alchemist" and will be held Tuesday May 31 ~ Sunday July 24. And, as reported by Amber, there will be a "Fullmetal Alchemist" character wrapping car, and also copies of original comic pics, other info from the animation production, video of Romi Park-san's interview, etc. at the exhibition.

The website had got new change!!!!!
^ Thank you, hilary! ^^

Yay, I was able to get on the official JP site with my friend's laptop!

The new look of the JP site: The background pic must be the new "key visual"...I like it! biggrin.gif

On that page, when click on Red button at Right bottom part, the pic posted by nonamexyz above will show up.

They got new trailers (90 sec version & 30 sec version), released May 20, 2011, and both look very good!

Also, starting today (May 20, 2011), "Al & Ed fan" comes as a bonus gift for buying pre-sale tickets (as reported by Michiyo- here)

Also, an additional Character/VA cast is announced:
Lieutenant Colonel Hershel: 木内 秀信 Hidenobu KIUCHI (He did Nero in One Piece, Doctor Kenzou Tenma in Monster, Hei in Darker Than Black, etc.)

The page for Soundtrack: I can't clearly read the small letters, but the pic in the middle of page with with Ed and Al looks like the first print bonus jacket cover.

Also, a news posted on May 19, 2011: Starting sometime in the beginning of June, you can buy "pre-sale ticket + Animate special FMA merch." set for 1,650 Yen (tax included) through Animate.
The set comes with the pre-sale ticket and a clear file (2 types, one is with Ed & Al and the other one is Roya and Riza)

I think that's all... other news were already posted and reported here, I think. ^^
(Michiyo- or A Pierrot's Aria, if you get the chance, could you re-post these info to the appropriate threads? ^^)
So many FMA news today, that’s great! The trailers look good and I like the new key visual. smile.gif
Here's the high-res version:

QUOTE (Tombow @ May 20 2011, 07:19 AM) *
(Michiyo- or A Pierrot's Aria, if you get the chance, could you re-post these info to the appropriate threads? ^^)
Done. ^^
Hmm, while I like the new key visual, I'm not as excited by the trailer as I feel I should be (considering what a massive FMA I am!). I still get the feeling that it's just an overblown video game plot, which has no real significance or intensity to it. It doesn't seem particularly original and kind of looks like a run-of-the-mill anime movie, which just happens to feature characters and elements from an amazing series.

And while there were a few clips I saw which have lovely animation, 90% of the trailer was disappointing to me. The animation looks jumpy and unrefined and I don't think the style suits Arakawa's characters very well. Even the L'Arc-en-Ciel song is not their best, in my opinion (and I'm not a casual L'arc fan either - I have all of their albums!).

But that's just my impression thus far! ;D Trying not to be too much of a downer and reserve full judgment until I've actually seen the movie. But I get the feeling it will be a fairly forgettable side plot which somehow got a theatrical release, nothing I'd want to use to introduce people to FMA.

A Pierrot's Aria
I regularly visit Funimation's website and see what their current/future releases are (well, because I enjoy their dubs xD); and I've just read that they've acquired the rights to this movie and will be releasing it early 2012. I'm really glad they'll be releasing it.

QUOTE (Funimation)
Flower Mound, TX (May 21, 2011) – FUNimation ® Entertainment has acquired the second film based on the popular Fullmetal Alchemist franchise, FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST: THE SACRED STAR OF MILOS (also known as Fullmetal Alchemist: Milos no Sei naru Hoshi), which is set to premiere in Japan on July 2nd, 2011.

Longtime partner Aniplex, Inc. has awarded the U.S. theatrical, home entertainment, digital and broadcast rights to the animated feature-length film to American distributor FUNimation.

The movie is produced by studio BONES and directed by Kazuya Murata.
FUNimation will release the English dub version of FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST: THE SACRED STAR OF MILOS in theaters in early 2012 and on DVD and Blu-ray in the Spring.

Source - Funi's blog
Awesome! Thank you, A Pierrot's Aria for bringing the news! biggrin.gif
Good to know that:
1. It will be English dubbed.
2. The movie will get the theatrical release in the U.S.
3. And it will come out relatively early, in the early part of 2012, and the DVDs in Spring of 2012
4. Also, now we know the English title of the movie: Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos. smile.gif

Sure, I was hoping/expecting this, but it is good to see it officially in the news! biggrin.gif

I'm surprised how quickly this movie is following up with an English dub. That's awesome! I'm especially excited that it will be coming out in theaters biggrin.gif I'm definitely going to go and see it.

This is great news smile.gif
There’s an update on the movie’s official site:

L’Arc~en~Ciel and other former OP/ED artists, such as YUI, NICO Touches the Walls, Sukima Switch, Lil’B, Chemistry and Scandal commented on the FMA movie.

Hi everybody!!!!It's me , hil again!!!XDDDD
I'm here to bring a good news~~!!
I've just join the live show of [ FMA Sacred Star of Milos Movie talk]
in Niconico website
There had an interview between the voice actor of Edward , Alphonse , winry , and roy.....more!!
Most special is there was a short video of (properly is 11.5 comic pictures?) FMA Sacred Star of Milos Movie
Roy is acting as a teacher to tell us the story about [Table city] (milos)

Here is my post and the pictures I've cut : )

Thank you, hilary! happy.gif

Checking the pics now.... ^^
A Pierrot's Aria
That video with Roy teaching everyone about Table City/Milos looks like it would have been fun to watch. laugh.gif

Thank you for taking and sharing the screenshots, hilary! biggrin.gif
Screen-caps of the special show on Nico nico ("Roy lectures Milos history" part), courtesy of hilary

Says: "Teach us! Instructor Roy!! -History lesson-"

Says: "Currently: Amestris, Creta (on the West side of Amestris)"

Says: "Over 1,000 years ago: tribe C, tribe D, tribe E, tribe F"
(In the vid it says Creta nation was born by uniting all these tribes. smile.gif )

Says: "Over 1,000 years ago: Creta Nation, Creta I (Creta, the First), The chief of Cretua tribe"

(With my slow computer this will take forever. XDD My connection is getting too slow. Will be back & try continuing 15 min or so later. Meantime, if anyone would like to take over the saving, uploading, and re-posting, please do!!
I can add the translations then. ^^)
A Pierrot's Aria
Thank you Tombow! hug.gif And here are the rest of the images, courtesy of hilary:
(I don't know what's up with the image of Riza, but it loads so far until it just stops. laugh.gif )


(In the vid, here, Riza is saying "But, his face is.... [basically drawn as 'henohenomoheji'] *see my post below for this explanation ^^ You couldn't find the pic of his face in our data, could you?" ..i.e. Riza is implying that since Roy couldn't find the pic in the data, Roy went ahead and drew that face of Creta I. XD I guess this is supposed to be a comic scene. ^^)

<Says: "Creata I, Creta II, Creata III for what they are saying, I can't know for sure because I didn't see the vid, but they could be saying "howdy," or they may be ascending (i.e. dying) and saying to the next generation of Creta chief, "so long, please take a good care of the Creat nation" or something like that. Xp >
(I watched the vid and yes, as they passed away they were telling the next generation of Creta chief "to continue building the Creta nation.")

Says: "Tightly organized bureaucratic government system"
(In the vid Roy explains that after generations of nation building Creta has achieved creating a tightly organized government system.)

Says: "Meanwhile, around the same time..."
(In the vid Ed and Al notice a flying bat.)

Says: "More than 3,000 years ago"
(In the vid Roy says these two curve lines are rivers, and Milos was born by Milos tribe settling in on the delta land between these two rivers.)

Says: "More than 3,000 years ago, Milos"

The area around the year 1,520
(In the vid Roy says that around the year 1520 Creta started invading Milos.)

Says: "Creta Nation (on West side), Amestris Nation (on East side)"
(In the vid Roy says the former Milos region became under control by Creta, and Milos people has spread toward the East.)

(In the vid Roy says that in addition, in the cneter of the area is now a place called Table City.)

(In the vid Roy says Creta government used Milos people to dig up around the city. Roy doesn't know what Creta government was looking for by digging up the area. The digging continued for 300 years.)

(In the vid Roy says that ..and then the area that wasn't dug up and left standing turned into the Table City.)
(As explained in the show, there was a city there first, at the ground level, but the area around the city was dug up and became valley, and hence the city at the center part became that odd 3D "table" shaped city.)
A Pierrot's Aria
<double posting with justice.. ^^ ~ Tombow>

Says: "Creta people"

Says: "Creta people (top), Milos tribe people (below)"

Says: "Creta people (top) <-- Hierarchical Class Society --> Milos tribe people (below)"
(In the vid Roy says Creta government controls the Table City, and Milos people are forced to live miserable living at the bottom of the dug-up valley.)

Says: "Currently: Amestris people (top) <-- Hierarchical Class Society --> Milos tribe people (below)"
(In the vid Roy says that as Amestris took over the Table City from Creta, now Amestris is atop the class society over Milos people, and some Milos rebels are trying to get back their own country.)

Says: (SFX) "Meow~~~"

Says: "Fullmetal Alchemist 'Sacred Star of Milos' nationwide premier on Saturday, July 11, 2011"


Additional images (not the animated thingy with Roy, those are all above. xD)

Thank you so much, again, hilary! hug.gif

Thank you for the translations, Tombow! happy.gif And that's a really creative way to draw a face. xP
Thank you so much, A Pierrot's Aria! I added my translations. happy.gif

By the way, as a side note, that Creta chief's face is drawn with the traditional Japanese "graffiti-cartoonish" へのへのもへじ ( fashion, using Japanese Hirakana, へ, の, へ, の, も, へ, & じ. ^^


Full video can be seen from here smile.gif

Seems like Romi Paku talks about the volume 11.5 which is given to anyone comes to movie.It looks very thick!
Thank you, FirstMoon! biggrin.gif

QUOTE (FirstMoon @ May 29 2011, 01:22 PM) *
Seems like Romi Paku talks about the volume 11.5 which is given to anyone comes to movie.It looks very thick!
At first I thought so,too, but it turned out, Romi Park-san is showing the script book for the movie.

Here, Rom Park-san is showing the script book for the FMA MiloStar movie, and saying that it's very thick/huge, and part of the reason for it is that the book contains many action scene sketches inside.
She said that the book was so heavy that her hand got the wrist pain while holding the book for VA recording sessions.

After this the show turns to Roy's Milos history lesson anime (posted above). smile.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
Thank you for posting the video, FirstMoon, it was nice to see it! biggrin.gif It's nice that they went to the trouble to create the little history lesson for us. xP

And thank you so much for all of the translations you've done, Tombow! happy.gif You're awesome!

I've got to say, I really wish that I could get a copy of Volume 11.5. It seems like it's going to be one awesome book. laugh.gif
^ You're welcome. biggrin.gif
I got as far as the end of "Roy explains Milos history" on the vid. (Remember that my computer is ultra slow XD) and added more translations from the vid on the posted pics above.
I got to go now, but I will check the rest of vid later, and see if we can see/hear any more info on that 11&1/2 book. smile.gif
(Meantime, if anyone would like to post the whole translations, please do!! ^^)

ETA: I watched the vid on the posted link through the end, but the vid does not contain all of the contents of the show aired on Nico Nico. The vid ends prematurely, and hence the part contained in the linked vid does not contain the part about Romi Park-san mentioning about the 11 1/2 book (if there was such mention in the show.) I'm begining to think that there might have not been any mention of the 11 1/2 book in the show and instead everyone mistook that script book as the bonus 11 1/2 book. sad.gif

Anyway, if anyone finds the vid with the part that's mentioning anything about the 11 1/2 book (if there was such mention on the show), please let us know! smile.gif


By the way.....

<Program note>

Here is a thing...
I think we got enough postings of "I don't care for this movie because it's a side story..." by now. tongue.gif

And, as much as I understand the disappointment by those who were expecting some "real" continuation of FMA story (more likely for MANGA/Brotherhood FMA, or maybe FMA-1) ..or something like that, I think by now we know this movie is not that.

So, from here on, if that is what you are going to post, please post it on newly created "I haven't seen the movie yet and I'm already disappointed because..." thread. laugh.gif So that this thread and all other threads that are meant for Milostar movie discussions can be used for the discussion that are related to the actual content of MiloStar movie. smile.gif


Thank you, and now please go back to FMA:MiloStar discussions! biggrin.gif
To be fair, while there's a lot I'm finding disappointing and/or out-of-place, overall I'm still excited to see the movie! Despite all my reservations, if I could afford it, I'd totally schedule a trip to Japan "conveniently" around the time it's in theaters. tongue.gif

The Nico Nico vid was cute - I assume the music in the BG must be from the OST, right? In addition to what I've heard in the newest trailer, I'm liking the soundtrack so far!
According to the latest news on the movie's official site, the premiere of the movie will be on June 29, 500 people will be invited to see it.
Romi Park and other guests will also attend this special event.
Thank you, Michiyo-! biggrin.gif
From the link for NEWS page of MiloStar official jp site, as posted by Michiyo- above...
2011.06.03 プレミア試写会開催決定!!




日時:2011年6月29日(水) / 17:30開場 18:00舞台挨拶 18:30開映
場所:新宿ピカデリー スクリーン1
ゲスト:村田和也(監督)、朴ろ美(エドワード・エルリック役)、ブラックマヨネーズ、SKE48(松井玲奈他数名)他 登壇予定!

News posted on June 6, 2011:
Special premier of FMA:MiloStar movie!!

Shortly before the nation-wide premier, we'll have the on-time only special premier of FMA "Sacred Star of Milos" movie, on June 29, 2011, for lucky 500 FMA fans!!
From the visitors of official FMA MiloStar jp site 100 lucky FMA fans will be invited to this special premier!
To enter the drawing, fil out the entry form at the bottom of this page and click on enter (bottom left button) ...if you're in Japan and can attend this premier. ^^ If anyone is serious about entering the drawing and needs help, post here and I can help you with more details. smile.gif
You can also enter into separate drawing for tickets for this premier with July issue (coming out on June 11, 2011) of GanGan magazine.

Date & Time: Wednesday, June 29, 2011. The theater will be open for seating starting 5:30 pm, the announcements and guest comments starts 6:00 pm, and the movie starts 6:30 pm.
Place: Shinjuku Piccadilly theater, screen 1, Shinjuku, Tokyo.
Guests: Director of the movie, Mr. Murata, Ed's Japanese VA, Romi Park-san, comedians Black Mayonnaise who are also VAs in this movie, etc.

Wow, so... it will be less than a month!!! ohmy.gif

Cover pages of animedia this month
I'm going to but it tomorrow XDDDD
A Pierrot's Aria
Thank you for the image, hilary! happy.gif I wonder what kind of info the issue will have in it. ohmy.gif
^ It comes with a "book-in-book" booklet for FMA "MiloStar" movie, filled with interviews with Japanese VAs for Ed, Al, Julia, etc... (that's what the cover says ^^) And, I think download of the illustration pic from this cover will be available, but I guess we have to see the info in the magazine. tongue.gif

Awaits for more scans with info (if hilary can get the mag tomorrow ^^) Thank you, hilary! biggrin.gif
one more news
here's a short Q version video of promoting milos star movie
QUOTE (hilary @ Jun 9 2011, 08:35 AM) *
one more news
here's a short Q version video of promoting milos star movie

Thank you, hilary! biggrin.gif

It's a vid of cartoonish Ed & Al answering questions about the movie, with some cameo appearance of Winry, Alex, etc. Very cute! laugh.gif
In the vid, Ed "almost" explains what does the title of the movie, "Sacred Star of Milos" mean, but Al stops it and says we have to watch the movie to learn that. Oh shucks... I want to find out what the title means now! tongue.gif

ANIME KINEJUN vol.1 「鋼の錬金術師 嘆きの丘(ミロス)の聖なる星」大特集 2011年 7/4号
released day : 30 june 2011
A Pierrot's Aria
@Tombow Ah! Sounds good! biggrin.gif All this news is making me realise how close it's getting to 2nd July. laugh.gif

Thank you for sharing this image, hilary!! You're on a roll today!! xP hug.gif Roy's eyes in that image are a really lovely shade of blue!
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