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Full Version: News & info on FMA "Sacred Star of Milos" movie on official JP site & around the web (Compiled "Movie Guide" on the first post..updated on Aug. 8, 2011) Please DO NOT post spoiler movie storyline here
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^ You're very welcome! ^^

Thank you, Michiyo-! I added the quick translations. biggrin.gif

Arakawa-sensei's comment on the movie, now up on the movie's official JP site, with my quick them on Michiyo-'s post here.
A Pierrot's Aria
Thank you so much for the message Michiyo- and Tombow for the translation! biggrin.gif hug.gif

I'm glad Arakawa seems to have enjoyed it. happy.gif

ETA: Oh, and thank you again, Tombow, for the Power lesson translation! xP hug.gif
It's around 2 PM on Sat. July 2 in Japan now, and that means the theaters are already showing the movie in Japan now. So...
Checked around the Japanese blog sites, and from few entries I found, I learned the [possible] rough main storyline. ohmy.gif
But, since these are blog sites I haven't used before, and that means I don't know the accuracy of the story on these blog sites. Hence, I will wait to share it till I can confirm it with other sources later. smile.gif
wahh...time really flew so fast..I don't even notice that it's already July 2..the premiere for the most awaited last movie of FMA. *gasp*. I've missed so much info...can't wait for the audience feedback about the movie. biggrin.gif
<Program Note>

Since this movie has some interesting twists and turns in the storyline, and learning these spoilers beforehand may literally ruin the surprises while watching the movie, I created Spoiler Zone forum to separate spoiler discussions, and just moved my own Early Movie Spoiler Collection thread to Spoiler Zone sub-forum. tongue.gif

Anyone with discussions that include the movie's spoiler contents, please go to FMA MiloStar Movie Spoiler Zone sub-forum. biggrin.gif

A Pierrot's Aria, Michiyo-, A2D the Colourblind Zebra, & FirstMoon, you can find your posts on my "Early Movie Spoiler collection!" thread in MiloStar Movie Spoiler Zone sub-forum. biggrin.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
Sarahbn and Sakuyahanabi, I moved your posts concerning FMA Volume 11.5 to the Fullmetal Alchemist Movie-Goers to Get Manga Vol. 11.5 Thread since that's the dedicated thread for that volume! And this way we can keep any news concerning the movie itself and the Volume 11.5 untangled! happy.gif
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Now that the FMA MiloStar Movie is out in Japan, spoilers will likely to appear on the net.
We ask everyone to keep the spoiler discussions in the designated MiloStar Movie Spoiler Zone sub-forum, if you encounter spoilers, please post them ONLY in this sub-forum!
There are major plot twists in the movie, so if you donít wish to be spoiled, do NOT come there!

Please do NOT post and discuss spoilers outside the MiloStar Movie Spoiler Zone sub-forum!

The movie did quite well during the opening weekend in Japan! biggrin.gif

It was ranked 4th overall among all movies! Usually, anime movie gets limited number of theaters to show the movie, and hence ranking is lower than those Hollywood type movies that get shown in large number of screens (For example, last year's "the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya" anime was debuted at No. 7.) . smile.gif

"Fullmetal Alchemist: Sacred Star of Milos" was the top ranking movie among newly opened movie last week, and compared to the top 3 movies "Milos" was an anime movie and accordingly, had limited number of theaters showing the movie, with 90 screens nation-wide (this is considered as normal number for anime movie) in Japan, and considering that "Milos" coming in 4th is considered as excellent showing for anime movie. (FYI, "Shambara" had 233 screens showing the movie during the opening week, and that was considered as exception for the anime movie.) and during the first weekend 107,975 tickets were sold (including pre-sale figures) with the total sales of 145,033,800 Japanese Yen, or about U.S. $1,800,000 for the first weekend (Sat. & Sun.) of movie opening.

For a movie with less than 100 screens (90 screens for Milos) this is considered as extremely high number, and with this, current projected sales total by an expert is around 800,000,000 Japanese yen, or roughly U.S. $10,000,000 with the current exchange rate.
FYI, "Shambara" had the overall total earning of 1,220,000,000 Japanese yen (= about U.S. $15,071,000 using today's exchange rate) and that was considered as a GIANT hit for anime movie, and "Milos" getting [projected earning of] 800,000,000 Japanese yen would be a very respectable earning for an anime movie. smile.gif)

Top 5 Japanese Box Office movies for Sat. July 2 - Sun. July 3, 2011 (with exchange rate of $1.00 =80.95 Japanese Yen):

1. "Super 8" 204,415,911 Yen (= $2,525,212), (shown at 523 screens, 153,876 tickets sold), 2nd week of movie showing
2. Japanese movie "Revenge of Goddess of Andarsia" 198,374,694 Yen (= $2,450,583), (at 371 screens), 7th week of movie showing
3. "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" 168,876,271 Yen (= $2,086,180), (at 779 screens), 2nd week of movie showing
4. "Fullmetal Alchemist: Sacred Star of Milos" 145,033,744 Yen (= $1,791,646), (at 90 screens, 107,975 tickets sold) 1st week
5. "Thor" 129,912,365 Yen (= $1,604,847), (at 436 screens) 1st week


ETA: Jul. 14, 2011, Box Office figures for 2nd weekend (Sat. July 10 & Sun. July 11) of "MiloStar" movie:

"Sacred Star of Milos" held out well for the second weekend as well, holding steady at #4 in ranking! biggrin.gif
It narrowly beat out another big Hollywood movie, "I am Number 4" that had the opening weekend during this Sat. & Sun.

Top 5 Japanese Box Office movies for Sat. July 9 - Sun. July 10, 2011 (with exchange rate of $1.00 =80.95 Japanese Yen):

1. "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" 168,550,030 Yen (= $2,082,150), (shown at 778 screens), 8th week of movie showing
2. "Super 8" 142,383,500 Yen (= $1,758,906), (shown at 517 screens), 3rd week of movie showing
3. Japanese movie "Revenge of Goddess of Andarsia" 133,574,000 Yen (= $1,650,080), (at 371 screens), 3rd week of movie showing
4. "Fullmetal Alchemist: Sacred Star of Milos" 77,090,300 Yen (= $952,320), (at 90 screens) 2nd week
5. "I am Number 4" 77,068,800 Yen (= $952,054), (at 264 screens) 1st week

The movie has been ranked #1 for "per screen average" sales for two weeks!!

-However, next weekend is the opening week for "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2" and the new movie from studio Ghibli, "Kokuriko-zaka Kara (From Kokuriko Slope)," and Pokemon White & Pokemon Black, as well as current top 3 hit movies, and therefore steep competitions will be expected from these movies. ^^

New CM in the official website! (which will Automatically played by itself)
Thank you, hilary! biggrin.gif It includes part of Arakawa-sensei's written comment. ^^


Also... beside GanGan MiloBoshi Comic Vol. 11 1/2 that was distributed free at the theaters in Japan on the first day of the movie opening (limited to 5,000,000 copies, first come, first served) you can also buy Movie pamphlet (movie program) for 800 yen, and it includes 8 pages of newly written FMA comic that bridges the FMA main comic and this movie, with some very early scenes of the movie. (This booklet also includes message from Mr. Yuuichi Shinpo who wrote the scripts for the movie ...says he himself has been a big FMA fan ^^... , interviews, and other stuff. ^^)

ETA: For complete scans (all 8 pages) and translations, please go to FMA Sacred Star of Milos movie theater pamphlet thread. (Waring! the content of this mini-manga contains some movie spoiler!)

The following are 2 pages (out of total of 8 pages) from this "bridge" comic on the FMA MiloStar movie program,

(scan courtesy of amber1003)

My quick translations below (for the part I can read... ^^)

Right side page:

Ed: "With his abilities he could have broken out of the prison anytime he wanted."
Ed: "And, he uses that strange Alchemy..."
Roy: "Are you saying---- " "An Alchemy that's unknown to us?"
Ed: "......." "There must be more to this...."
SFX (Train) Roar
Al: "This is the first time we're traveling to that Western region."
Ed: "We'll find out what's out there once we get there."
Ed: "There must be a way there," "To get back our bodies."

Left side page: (story jumps to the fighting scene on the train roof-top, and there is a caption above that, but it's missing from the scan)

Ed: "Hey, Mr. Chimera,"
Ed: "Are you traveling to Table City by yourself?"
(Ed transmutes his automail into his usual knife)
Wolf Chimera: (seeing Ed transmuted his automail into a knife) "You're..." "Fullmetal Alchemist!"
Caption: Each thought & concern intertwine with thoughts & concerns of others -----
Winry: "Ms. Riza, where is Table City located?"
Riza: "In the level 3 Military Alert Zone." "Entry restrictions for the area is in effect also."
Roy: "If this gets escalated with the way it is going now, this could turn into another boarder incident between Amestris and Creata..."
<I can't read the last caption>

And, that's all the scan we have for this mini-comic for now. ^^
A Pierrot's Aria
@hilary Thank you for sharing that CM! happy.gif

Thank you for bringing the scan and taking the time to translate, Tombow! You're awesome! biggrin.gif

The pamphlet sounds like it contains some other pretty interesting stuff, too!
LJ user chan_chanz has posted new FMA articles from the August issue of Animage and Animedia:



v ETA: Thanks for the info, Tombow! ^^
Thank you, Michiyo-!

Top one is the interview with the movie's Animation Director, Kiyotaka Oshiyama and Unit Animation Director, Shingo Natsume (at the bottom), and comments from Movie Director, Kazuya Murata and Character Design & Chief Animation Director, Kenichi Konishi on the left page. The comments from Director Murata says that Animation Director Oshiyama and Unit Animation Director Natsume were brought in as assistants to Director Murata and Character Design & Chief Animation Director Konishi, but they ended up having much bigger roles, as those 4 of them each contributed their opinions and ideas for each scene design, and each drawing of characters in each scene, from the characters' movements, to how the facial expressions should be, etc. etc.... ^^

Second one is the interview with Ed's Japanese VA, Romi Park-san. She said that for this movie she visited the bones studio first time, after 8 years of doing VA for Ed character, and cried when she witnessed the staff spending many days for 2 seconds of movie scene.
And about the last dialogue of the movie... according to the script book Roy was to speak the last quote, but during the recording, there was a discussion among the staff and VA casts, and in the end they made recording of the quote by Ed, and by Roy, and Movie Director, Kazuya Murata along with Sound Director, Masafumi Mima and some others made the final decision. (You have to watch the movie to find out which version was used. ^^) And then she made some comments on the new Ed figure. smile.gif

The last one is general promo of the movie and FMA manga vol. 11 1/2. smile.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
Thank you for bringing us the scans, Michiyo-! hug.gif

And thank you for telling us what they're on about, Tombow! hug.gif That bit about whose version of the quote they decided to use sounds interesting. biggrin.gif
<Program Note>

QUOTE (hilary @ Jul 15 2011, 06:23 AM) *
0_0 wow I found the newest trailer of the movie
warning : full of spoiler .....

Thank you so much, hilary! I moved your post to Spoiler Zone. biggrin.gif
I'm so excited to it to come out! I'm going die if it doesn't! tongue.gif

^ Welcome to our board, thequeentohisqueen! biggrin.gif

Here is a news on US, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan premier schedules.
(For more discussions on theater premier schedules, please go to FMA:MiloStar theater showing schedules thread. smile.gif

QUOTE (Tombow @ Jul 22 2011, 02:50 AM) *
U.S Premier:
There will be world premier of Fullmetal Alchemist Sacred Star of Milos English subbed version at OTACON 2011 at July 29-31 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland. The movie's director Kazuya Murata will be attending this exclusive screening and the Q&A panel afterwards.
The movie will come to regular theaters in next Spring.

Hong Kong:
The movie will premier in 8 of 30 movie theaters in Hong Kong in the begining part of November, 2011.
Pre-sale for the tickets will start July 29, 2011 at ACG HK.

Movie will premier in movie theaters on Aug. 26, 2011

Movie will premier in movie theaters this Fall.

(Source: AnimateTVNews.JP, Convention Fans)
A Pierrot's Aria
Here are images of the pre-sale ticket set (including a calendar and a guidebook) for those in Hong Kong, kindly posted by hilary here!

^ Thank you, A Pierrot's Aria! biggrin.gif
(I'll try to add extra info and translations later.. ^^)

English subbed version of Sacred Star of Milos premiered on Jul 30, 2011 at OTAKON 2011 in Baltimore, MD, US.
After the premier of the movie, the movie's director Kazuya Murata had Q&A session.
Here are some of the Q&As:
Q. Roy Mustang did not have as big of a role in this film. Was that an editorial choice? Why didn't he have a bigger part?
A. (Murata):The Japanese fans were angry about the same thing.

Q. Was the manga creator, Hiromu Arakawa, involved in the script in any way for this film?
A. (Murata): Hiromu Arakawa has always had the stance that she would leave the animation creation to the staff. Since the beginning, she has said "I look forward to what you come up with."

Q. What kind of research did you have to do to make this movie?
A. (Murata): Since Amestris is based on England, I looked at other European countries like Spain for the architecture of Table City, and everything else came from my head.

Q. Was it difficult to create a story that didn't mess up the plot-line of the show, since the show was already over?
A. (Murata): Since the film happened in a country that the characters had never gone to and didn't go back to for the rest of the series, it was difficult to conclude it in a way that didn't affect the rest of the existing story. But, having it in such a locale let us concentrate on the story without worrying about the affects on the rest of the series. Also, I had to be careful with how much Al fell for Julia because it could seriously affect what happens in the future.

You can read the whole Q&A posted by Crystalyn Hodgkins on AnimeNewsNetwork

<Program Note>
By the way, anyone who would like to talk about the possibility of another FMA:Brotherhood movie, and what would you like to see in that movie, please add your post on "Do you guys like to see Sequel/Prequel/Midquel of Brotherhood (as TV anime series, DVD/TV special, theater movie, besides "Scared Star of Milos" etc.)? If so, what would you like to see? thread. biggrin.gif

ETA: Aug. 3, 2011
This was a scene from OTAKON at Baltimore, MD, U.S. this past weekend where the world premier of English subbed "Sacred Star of Milos" movie was held. ... the pic below is the crowd that was waiting to see Sacred Star of Milos movie at OTAKON. biggrin.gif
There was another big event on Saturday, the premiere of Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos. The crowd was a sight to behold!

(Source: Meeping anime blog on Otakon 2011)

The blog said the movie was played twice, once on Saturday and once on Sunday. smile.gif

ETA: Aug. 4, 2011
Couple more pics of people waiting to watch the U.S. premier of Sacred Star of Milos at OTAKON
(Posted by Patric GD on Flicker)
Click to view attachmentClick to view attachment


From the movie's official JP site, on U.S. Premier of Milos movie at OTAKON.




It says that the premier was a huge hit. It was scheduled for Sat. July 30, 5 PM (local time) and there was a long line to go into the theater even 2 hours before the showing time, and the theater of 5,500 seats got filled up moments after it opened, and there were hundreds of fans who waited ling hours couldn't get in the theater, so they decided to add an extra showing on Saturday also. Over all 8,000 fans watched the Milos movie in these two showings. This year's OTAKON had record braking attendance of 32,000, and this means 1/3 of these attendee at OTAKON have watched the movie.

People waiting for the Milos premier at OTAKON

Completely filled theater with 5,500 fans to watch Milos movie

(Pics are both from Milos official JP site)
<Double posting with justice. This post will be merged later>

On Aug. 5, 2011, at a theater in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, they will have some of the main movie staff (directors, etc.) as guests and hold a panel talk/discussion event prior to the showing of the movie.

And, this even will be streamed live on USTREAM
The streaming will start Friday Aug. 5, 2011 22:15 pm Japan time. (that will be August 5, 2011 at 9:15 AM Eastern U.S. time...or about 19 and a half hours from now ...I think. ^^ Please double check your equivalent local time in relation to Japan time. smile.gif )

Announced on Milos official JP site.
I just got an email from the official MiloStar site, there's some kind of live streaming video on UStream that's starting in about 15 minutes from the time I posted this. Here's the link. I don't know enough Japanese yet to have figured out what it's about though. Here's the text they sent me:



<LOL, sarahbn, please see my post right above yours. XP (But, thank you for sharing the info happy.gif ) ~ Tombow>
Watched the live streaming of panel talk (in Japanese) by the director of the movie, Mr. Murata, etc (fill in the rest of names later ^^)
ETA: They were... Director of the movie, Kazuya Murata, Character Design & Chief Animation Director, Kenichi Konishi, Unit Director, Shingo Natsume, & Animation Director, Kiyotaka Oshiyama.

It was short. The whole thing was only 30 minutes long, and during the first half they said Mr. Murata and Mr. Konishi used to work together at Studio Ghibli, and then for the production of this movie Mr. Murata invited Mr. Natsume and Mr. Oshiyama into the production stuff, etc., but they were talking very softly, and away from the mic, so even with the full volume on my computer, I couldn't catch many of their words. >.< (Anyway, I could catch that they were very passionate about the production of this movie. ^^)

And then, the director, Mr. Murata talked about his trip to U.S. to attend the U.S. premier of "Sacred Star of Milos" at OTAKON. He said it was hot (temperature-wise XD U.S. is having a record breaking hot Summer this year XD) and he said he was amazed that even in that heat many attendees of the convention were waring heavy costumes... according to his impression, 80% of attendees were waring costumes (i.e cosplaying) XDDD
And, he reported that the premier of the movie attracted huge amount of fans and the theater could hold only 5,500 so they decided to add one more showing on Sunday, and altogether 8,000 fans watched the movie in two showings at OTAKON (as reported elsewhere ^^). And, he said, in the first showing which he attended, soon after the movie started and at the moment Ed showed up on the screen the theater was filled with the huge cheers from 5,500 fans in the theater. ^^

Here is a pic of the director, Mr. Murata with T-shirt with his illustration of Ed, Al, and Julia... it seems he brought another one just like this to OTAKON and it was auctioned at OTAKON.
Click to view attachment

Then, there were drawings among those who attended today's event, and these illustrations & autographs by director, etc. were given out.
Click to view attachmentClick to view attachment
There will be drawing for those who watched the streaming also for the same prize.
We'll try to enter the drawing. XD... Those who are following FMABoard on Twitter, there will be one twitt in Japanese coming your way shortly. Please ignore this Japanese twitt, as this is us entering this drawing. tongue.gif

ETA: Aug. 23, 2011
Better pic of the director with the T-shirt, from the News page of official JP site
The shirt has the illustration of Ed in the middle, Julia on the right, and Al on the left.
Click to view attachment

ETA: No problem, sarahbn! Thank you so much for bringing the info! happy.gif
Ack, sorry Tombow! I was so excited about having been able to read enough Japanese to figure out the gist of the email, I forgot how to read English!! blush.gif
Misty- Nala
Amestris is based on England? I though it was based on Germany... huh.gif

I don't know if this question really goes here or anything but I'll give it a try. Is there a way to see the movie online? I live in a place where there's no chance of seeing an anime movie in theaters. Or do I just wait until the DVD is released? I'm in no hurry of seeing the movie, I'm just very curious since I have heard only positive feedback about it.
QUOTE (Misty- Nala @ Aug 26 2011, 04:10 PM) *
Amestris is based on England? I though it was based on Germany... huh.gif

Mangaverse is mainly based on England.There are other countries too (like France and Germany as you said) but main part is Britain wink.gif

As for your other question,not yet dry.gif LOL,All I heard was negative feedbacks btw.
<Program Note>

QUOTE (Misty- Nala @ Aug 26 2011, 06:10 PM) *
I have heard only positive feedback about it.
QUOTE (FirstMoon @ Aug 27 2011, 02:13 AM) *
All I heard was negative feedbacks btw.

Misty- Nala & FirstMoon, hey guys, how many "feedbacks" have each of you seen? And, where did you see these?

The reason I'm asking is because we're looking for decent reviews of FMA Sacred Star of Milos movie that are written in English.
So far, the movie is shown only in Japan, in Japanese language, and French subbed version is shown only one day in Paris, English subbed version was shown only two times so far in a theater at OTAKON in Baltimore, U.S, and it just started showing in movie theaters in Singapore yesterday, and hence English written fan-reviews of this movie are still hard to come by.
We have posted the ones we could find on our Sacred Star of Milos review thread, but we can use some more reviews.
If any of you see decent reviews of the movie written in English, please post on our Sacred Star of Milos review thread. (Please don't forget to use SPOILER COVERS for all spoilers! ^^)

Please keep in mind that we'd like to have DECENT reviews with credible source info. What we mean by DECENT is that not "one line" remarks such as "the movie sucks!!!" or "it's awesome!!" kind of stuff, but we'd like to have real reviews that have at least some PARAGRAPHS detailing WHY it is good/bad/liked/disliked/whatnot in the review author's opinion, and possibly touching on different aspects (story, animation, VAing, etc.) of the movie.

I, myself, have already read over hundred of such reviews, but they are written in Japanese, and hence I don't think posting them here would be very helpful. tongue.gif Anyway, what I can tell is among those who went to see the movie somewhat open-minded, there are some who loved it all the way, and then there are some who hated it all the way, while majority of viewers were falling somewhere in between; liked some aspect of the movie while did not like some other aspect of the movie.... it seems certain aspect of the movie is favored by many, while certain other aspect of the movie garnered many unfavorable reviews, and yes I know quite well about these "favored" points & "unfavored" points of the movie by now, but since I haven't seen the movie I'm holding my "judgement" till I see it myself ^^

Anyway, if any of you guys find decent reviews of the movie, please re-post that on Sacred Star of Milos review thread. biggrin.gif


As for the on-line viewing, no there are no official online-viewing options announced so far. We'll post the info if/when we get such info.

As for some of those scam sites that seem to have been popping up on the Web that "promise" you the free viewing of "Sacred Star of Milos" movie and lure you to click on the unknown link, I would wholeheartedly recommend NOT to click any of these links. Besides being illegal, most of these are, at best, cam version of the movie in Japanese or some other non-English language (English version was so far shown only twice in a movie theater, and the report from those showings are that the security was extremely tight at these showings and it was practically impossible to illegally record it, so the chance of you running into English cam version is very slim) or at worst, you may be shown some seedy video that you don't want to see, and above-all these links are most likely filled with malwares that may ruin your computer, or steal some valuable info from your computer, and it's totally not worth the risk, in my opinion. The board will delete any such illegal on-line viewing links, if posted.

<Double posting with justice. This post will be merged later>

FMA "Sacred Star of Milos" is coming to the West coast (U.S.)!!

The movie will be shown during Burbank International Film Festival, at AMC 6 theater, Burbank, CA (U.S.) on Saturday Sep 17, 2011, 1:00 PM - 2:45 PM

Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos
Burbank, CA

FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST: THE SACRED STAR OF MILOS is an animated movie based off the storyline of the Fullmetal Alchemist [FMA] manga and the FMA: Brotherhood anime. It is the second film based on the popular Franchise, the first being FMA: CONQUEROR OF SHAMBALA, which premiered in Japan on July 2nd, 2011.

In this film the Elric brothers continue their journey to find the Philosopher's Stone. It is in the lost holy land of Milos, that the Elrics search. What Secrets are hidden in Milos? Riddles must be solved and dangers faced, before Ed and Al can find the truth.

Ticket is $12. You can get more info on this event, map to the theater, etc., here.

For discussions on this in our forum, please go to this thread. smile.gif
<Double posting with justice. This post will be merged later.>

jplexasia on SGCafe posted the MiloStar goods available at the Singapore theaters that are showing FMA MiloStar movie, and the content of the movie guide book.
Click to view attachment
2 kinds of posters, paper bag, T-shirt, and the the White one in the center is the movie Guidebook.

Click to view attachment
The content of Milos movie Guidebook. It's in English, and it seems this is the similar content with the movie guidebook available for upcoming Hong Kong showing.


For FMA fans in Taiwan,

FMA Sacred Star of Milos movie will premier in Taiwan on Oct. 28, 2011!!

(Click on the pic above to get to for more info...the site is in Chinese ^^)

For more discussion on this, please go to Milos movie theater showing schedule thread. smile.gif
The film site has an advert for the Blu-ray and DVD release of The Sacred Star of Milos which will be the 8th February 2012. Here:

The blog/news section also contains information regarding the release, including features which will be included on the DVD/Blu-ray and what the new releases will contain: for example, a making-of documentary and posters/pin-ups. Here:
QUOTE (phoenixmiko @ Oct 3 2011, 12:47 AM) *
The film site has an advert for the Blu-ray and DVD release of The Sacred Star of Milos which will be the 8th February 2012. Here:

The blog/news section also contains information regarding the release, including features which will be included on the DVD/Blu-ray and what the new releases will contain: for example, a making-of documentary and posters/pin-ups. Here:

Thank you, phoenixmiko! happy.gif hilary told us about this and we've been discussing this on FMA "MiloStar" Blu-ray / DVD thread, so we'll merge this to that thread later. ^^
Everyone, please join the discussion on MiloStar DVD/BD (Japanese) on FMA "MiloStar" Blu-ray / DVD thread. biggrin.gif
Merlyn LeRoy
-Official Milos Facebook page and FMA twitter-

Facebook page:


Looks like the twitter account is for both the movie and general FMA promotion.

Here's the one-minute trailer.
Merlyn LeRoy
Hat tip to CR:;v=a4o3utRx6hs
-FMA: The Sacred Star of Milos - Tweet Your Way to L.A.! Contest, A contest from Funimation!-

Go to see this post from Funimation:
Merlyn LeRoy
A few more theaters added to the US list:

And a list of Canadian theaters:

hey everyone, for those who have facebook, go to this link: (this is the official page of Milos movie).

There, you can get your alchemist license. This is my license:
Here is a clip for the film English dubbed:

It seems to be the first three minutes or so of Milos. Even UK fans like myself can watch it! I loved it. *goes to replay it*

updated news!!!!

Cover of DVD/BD !!!

Original Art book cover!

Fanbook cover!!
His Name is Unknown
Wow - beautiful covers! Sacred Star has really been kept under wraps; with all the high profile torrent leaks, it's surprising that no cam-rips have appeared online. Hats off to the distributor; my anticipation is at an all time high.

Always a pleasure to get some new Milos info. Thanks for the update hilary!

Oh, and thank you, phoenixmiko, for the heads up on that exclusive english clip. I've watched it at least 5 times. biggrin.gif
Merlyn LeRoy
LA Jan 20 premier:

Guests at the showing will include director Kazuya Murata, BONES president Masahiko Minami, and voice actor Vic Mignogna.

Tickets for the screening are currently on sale at , the first 100 tickets purchased will include an autographed limited edition event poster.

FUNimation is also currently hosting a flyaway contest to the premier via:

For more details about the US theatrical release, visit:!/FullmetalAlchemistMovie2
(the Facebook page has more theaters -- Minnesota is finally on the list, yay)
A Pierrot's Aria
Thank you for the news, everyone!

I'm tempted to get the artbook, but I'm not too sure. DX (And what's a fanbook? xD)

But I'm really looking forward to when this movie is released on DVD! Heck, we'll never get a theatre showing of the movie here in the UK. laugh.gif
Pride the Arrogant
Hey guys! Good news: Funimation just said on its YouTube channel that the DVD and Blu-Ray will be released on April 24, 2012. biggrin.gif
Thank you for the news, Pride the Arrogant!
Wow, that's soon, and I'm excited! biggrin.gif
Kiniro usagi
I bought the Blu Ray and DVD Combo (pre-order) and till today was the shipping, the waiting was very long bu I believe that it costs it.
A Pierrot's Aria
Thank you for the news, Pride the Arrogant!

I just visited and it seems that the region 2 copy of the movie is coming out on September 3rd. That's quite a while away, but I might just wait for that release instead of importing a region 1 copy this time. laugh.gif
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