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Thanks for sharing the images of the Good luck my way single, hilary!
Also, thanks for the link to the music video! It's really good, and it has lots of new scenes.

Now I can't wait to hear the full version of Chasing hearts! biggrin.gif

@4de: Yes, Chasing hearts by miwa is the opening song of the movie, and Good luck my way is the theme song.
It's already up in youtube.

Thanks for sharings biggrin.gif

edit: oh wow I'm late biggrin.gif
thnaks for the sharing! i wanto to heart chasing heart full song!! i like it.
i wish to live in japan and watch the premiere
0_0 ....! Finally, I've found Chasing Hearts full song

0_0 Song is very good. but I can't imagine how this song can fit to milos movie

Add youtube link
just for convenience tongue.gif
Thank you, hilary! biggrin.gif

I like the song, it's catchy. It'll be interesting to see it with visuals. ^^
A Pierrot's Aria
Thank you for the links to the full version of Chasing Hearts, hilary!

To be honest, when I first heard the preview I really didn't like the sound of it. However, I refrained from commenting on it since it was just a short preview. But upon hearing the full version it does actually sound quite nice and very catchy. I like it. biggrin.gif

That said, it doesn't sound very "Fullmetal Alchemist-y" (to use the technical term) at all. xD
Thank you, hilary and FirstMoon! I like Chasing Hearts! It sounds good! And the vid for Good Luck My Way with the movie scenes looks good! I like these new scenes better than the ones I've seen so far in the trailers! tongue.gif Can't wait to find out how they all fit together. biggrin.gif
Here are the lyrics of Chasing hearts:

Source: Uta-Net

Quick translations by Tombow: <The following are my very quick translations, and not the translations, but you will get the idea of what the song is about. ^^ Anyone who would like to come up with more artistic/poetic/better translations, please do! biggrin.gif ~Tombow>

"Chasing Hearts"

Vocal: by Miwa
Lyrics: by Miwa
Music: by Miwa

In the Blue Sky,
Summer clouds were peeking out

You were calling me from behind,
And, gazing at me with a smile that was even more innocent then usual

Since then, how much time have past, and how much hurt we endured
Do we still keep walking, and searching?

Running barefoot and laughing together...
Briefly looking into the past, and I see the glance of the future we dreamed of in the past
What I saw & what you saw
"They are likely the same,"
Whispered the gentle breeze, as it caressed my cheek

Song from the radio
Reminds me fondly of the time you were singing it softly

Then and now, what have changed?
Lost each other in suspicions, and are we drifting apart? Are we growing antipathy?

Gazing at you from behind, as you run on the beach
Please wait, don't run way. Can I still touch you, if I reach out now?
What's in your heart & what in my heart,
I want to tell you that they are likely the same,
And hold you tight.

Your favorite phrases, became mine,
The way you walk, became my stride,
Now I realize that I have this, this big feeling,
That all I want is having you in my life...

Running barefoot and laughing together...
Briefly looking into the past, and I see the glance of the future we dreamed of in the past
What I see & what you see
They are likely the same, so...
Please don't change,
And don't drift apart, forever

ETA: Thanks for the quick translations, Tombow, you're awesome! biggrin.gif
Now that I understand what the song is about, I like it even more! ^^
Thank you, Michiyo-! Nice find! biggrin.gif

I added my quick translations so that you guys get some idea. ^^ These are quick translations, so that
1. I don't guarantee the 100% accuracy... there are some parts where the tense of the sentences are not clearly announced, and I have to guess from the context, etc.
2. I am not a poet, nor a good writer. XD And, I don't have time right now to try to make them sound very poetic. If anyone would like to come up with more poetic English translations, please do! tongue.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
Thank you for providing the Japanese lyrics, Michiyo-! hug.gif

Wow, you're amazing Tombow!
It was very nice of you to do this quick translations for us. The lyrics are so lovely; I think my favourite part is the penultimate verse. wub.gif

Thank you!! hug.gif
I've found 45 sec. long samples of the soundtrack:

I hope the full version will be out soon. ^^
A Pierrot's Aria
Awesome! Thank you for bringing the previews to our attention, Michiyo-!

I really, really love the sound of the music; it makes me a little sad that I was unable to buy it. wacko.gif

ETA: Thank you, Tombow! hug.gif
^ Thank you, Michiyo-! I like what I hear in these previews! biggrin.gif

It would be helpful if we know the titles of these tracks when listening to these preview tacks, so....

Here is my quick translations of OST track titles: * Note: Some translations are not precise because to explain the concept I need more than a few words allowed for the title. xd Also, some titles are sort of spoilerish, so I used the spoiler tags. ...going over the OST titles, we can sort of imagine the flow of the story. smile.gif

Fullmetal Alchemist "Sacred Star of Milos" OST

1. Meet [Fullmetal Alchemist]!
2. At the End of Pathless Trail
3. Uninvited Foe
4. Unstained Alchemist*
5. Flying Raid
6. Ashley's Story
7. Black Bat Squadron
8. Paean of Sunlight
9. Unknown Dark History
10. Track for the Mountain of Sorrow
11. Transforming a Star
12. Heartbeats of Julia
13. Atrocious Fierce Battle
14. Longing*
15. Triumphant Cry of Soul
16. Aria for J
17. The Voice of Fleeting Life
18. Ancient City

<Original Japanese OST track titles>

1 見参!
2 道なき道の果て
3 招かざる敵
4 孤高の錬金術師
5 飛翔急襲作戦
6 アシュレイの断章
7 黒コウモリ戦隊
8 陽光讃歌
9 知られざる闇の史
10 嘆きの丘の軌跡
11 星の錬成
12 ジュリアの心音
13 激闘惨劇
14 想いと共に
15 魂の勝鬨
16 Jに捧げるアリア
17 儚き命の声
18 古の都
thank you so much!Michiyo-!!!!
The soundtrack songs seems so great!!!!!
But that's a pity that it is too expensive
Hope someone can share the songs soon / w \
WOW, I actually really like most of the samples!! biggrin.gif I have a feeling this is going to become one of my new favorite OSTs. I'm a sucker for good instrumental soundtracks... my opinion of this movie just went up a notch. smile.gif

A Pierrot's Aria
I've managed to listen to the full soundtrack and in my opinion, it sounds fantastic!! wub.gif

I can have a download up very soon...ohmy.gif *Currently uploading* I'll update this post! happy.gif

ETA: Here's a download of FMA MiloStar OST

And I'll also update with streaming links for those who don't want to download. ohmy.gif

ETA: I really hope that all the YT videos work for everyone. wacko.gif

1 見参! ~introduction~ (Meet [Fullmetal Alchemist]! ~introduction~ )

2 道なき道の果て (At the End of Pathless Trail)

3 招かざる敵 (Uninvited Foe)

4 孤高の錬金術師 (Unstained Alchemist)

5 飛翔急襲作戦 (Flying Raid)

6 アシュレイの断章 (Ashley's Story)

7 黒コウモリ戦隊 (Black Bat Squadron)

8 陽光讃歌 (Paean of Sunlight)

9 知られざる闇の史 (Unknown Dark History)

10 嘆きの丘の軌跡 (Track for the Mountain of Sorrow)

11 星の錬成 (Transforming a Star)

12 ジュリアの心音 (Heartbeats of Julia)

13 激闘惨劇 (Atrocious Fierce Battle)

14 想いと共に (Longing)

15 魂の勝鬨 (Triumphant Cry of Soul)

16 Jに捧げるアリア (Aria for J)

17 儚き命の声 (The Voice of Fleeting Life)

18 古の都 ~Outroduction~ (Ancient City ~outroduction~)

YT Playlist.

(Added interim English translations of titles ^^ ~ Tombow)

^Thank you for adding the translations, Tombow! hug.gif
I'm listening to it right now, and I agree with A Pierrot's Aria, it's really good! ^^
A Pierrot's Aria
^Yeah, it's definitely very good! It's a very emotive and very intense sort of soundtrack and it sounds very amazing! biggrin.gif

I've updated my post with a download link and YT links. happy.gif
Thank you so much for finding it, and making DS/Youtube links, A Pierrot's Aria! happy.gif

I like this OST. biggrin.gif
I have to say, I'm personally very, very, VERY impressed with the soundtrack. In fact, it has to be one of my new all time favorite soundtracks PERIOD, be it anime or not. There's not a single track I dislike or can bare to skip. It's sounds very celtic, which is one of my most favorite genres to listen to. Those flutes and violins...I could go on and on on how much I love it.

Thanks so much for sharing, A Pierrot's Aria! smile.gif
Thanks for sharing, I really like this OST. smile.gif I especially love track 9. and 12, but they're all great.
<Program Note>

Now that the FMA MiloStar Movie is out in Japan, spoilers will likely to appear on the net.
We ask everyone to keep the spoiler discussions in the designated MiloStar Movie Spoiler Zone sub-forum, if you encounter spoilers, please post them ONLY in this sub-forum!
There are major plot twists in the movie, so if you donít wish to be spoiled, do NOT come there!

Please do NOT post and discuss spoilers outside the MiloStar Movie Spoiler Zone sub-forum!

thank you so much!!A Pierrot's Aria
Sice I've heard the 45sec. of the soundtrack I'm sure that this CD is fantastic!!!
A Pierrot's Aria
^Yeah, it's fantastic CD, glad everyone is enjoying it! biggrin.gif I actually can't pick a definite favourite --I love them all.
I really love the soundtrack! It's distinctive while still having the more orchestral feel that Brotherhood had. I can't wait to hear it in the actual movie instead of just tracks floating around the net.
The music (as many have already found out) is AMAZING in this movie. Beyond words.

It really adds to the scenes and makes them that much more awesome! I saw the movie before listening to any of the songs and they all blew me away. I love the ending theme the best I think. I stayed to listen to it through the entire credits!

I don't think you'll be disappointed once you see the music with the movie!!! smile.gif
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