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^ Yeah, 1 year seems to make sense, but I don't mind reading this for 3 years. ^^

And meantime, back to Vol. 1 momentarily.
QUOTE (AA battery @ Jul 26 2011, 03:34 AM) *
Those omake comics are gold. Too hilarious for words. I'm most amused by the ...orz in one of the 4komas XD

Since regular group seems to be taking time... here is one of the Vol. 1 omake. XD
Translation and editing by me, proof by A Pierrot's Aria. C:

This one is partially slightly Americanized version. XD I'm still waiting for RedHawk version. XP

(Click on thumbnail, then please click on "+" for full-size view)

Mizutani-san kind of looks like Tamako. laugh.gif
Ahahaha, that's a funny omake. XD Well, it's sad to hear that Silver Spoon will only be going for a year, but I look forward to reading the rest of it as it comes!
Silver Spoon vol 1 is still selling strong ...sold 85,684 copies a week before (last week's figures are not announced yet) and came in 5th.
So far (up to a week before) sold total of 175,941 copies, and the publisher, Shougakukan is now rushing to make additional printings*!
(* says so on the title page of chapter 13. ^^)

ETA: i.e It seems they run out of copies at bookstores. ohmy.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
Thank you so much for providing a scanlation of one of the omakes, Tombow! The pork bowls in that chapter do look tasty!!

And also, thank you for the news. I'm really glad that Silver Spoon is doing well! biggrin.gif
Thanks for the omake scanlation, Tombow, it was really funny! happy.gif

This week's Shonen Sunday is a double issue (#36-37), which means there'll be one week break, and the next issue (#38) and Chapter 14 of Silver Spoon will be out on Aug. 17.

Also, a new wallpaper can be downloaded from Shonen Sunday's website.
Thank you, Michiyo-! I like that wall paper! laugh.gif

Back to vol 1, translated "other characters" shown on Silver Spoon vol 1, as posted by Michiyo- here.





No. 40
A Pierrot's Aria
Thank you for the news and wallpaper, Michiyo-! The wallpaper looks pretty cool! biggrin.gif

And thank you for translating those character profiles, Tombow! biggrin.gif
That is so my new phone wallpaper. tongue.gif

& thanks for the character translations Tombow. It's nice to have information on the minor characters.
Volume 2 will be out december 16th.
A alternative cover for Gin no Saiji - Silver Spoon 2nd volume will be have in Shônen Sunday #02 (14/12).

Cover #02 Hq :
Oooh, that's really great. Thanks for sharing, Michiyo-!
A Pierrot's Aria
Thank you for sharing those scans, Michiyo-! And thank you, loicos, for sharing the cover scan --it's nice that Aki got a cover. biggrin.gif

This reminds me that I haven't actually read any chapters of Silver Spoon in quite a while. I really need to catch up. laugh.gif
Thank you, Michiyo- and loicos! happy.gif

I will try to get some of the omake translated later. ^^
Rough translations of the omake, no guarantee of accuracy (not native Japanese speaker, can make out some hiragana and kanji but no severely lacks vocab and misses nuances)

4th row, 3rd image from the left, image file number P00188
Left 4koma
Title: Mr. Principle
Panel 1: Happy
Panel 2: Furious
Panel 3: Sad
Panel 4: Delighted

Right 4koma
Title: Hachiken-kun (Note: Hachi literally means the number eight, so Hachiken=Eight-ken)
Panel 1:
Aki's Mom: "Hachiken-kun, are you a first-born son of a farming family?"
Hachiken: "No, I am a second born-son in a white-collar working family."

Panel 2:
Aki: "Ohhhh, he has an older brother. I wonder what his first name is..."

Panel 3:
*Aki thinks*

Panel 4:
Aki: "Nana(Seven)ken?" (Note: Nana=seven, so nanaken=seven ken. Children are sometimes named after numbers in order of birth; 1st son=ichiro (1st son) etc. Hachiken has the number eight in his name and has an older brother, so obviously his brother is number seven, right?)
Hachiken: "How did you come up with that?"

4th row, 4th image from the left, image file number P00189
Title: Ushigoya(Cow Barn) Diary, "Cow cow cow" edition
Panel 1:
Narration by Arakawa-sensei: [This comic has many cows in it]
SFX (Arakawa-sensei) Draw Draw
Arakawa: "One cow"
"Two cows"
"Three cows"
"Four cows"

Panel 2:
SFX (Arakawa-sensei) Draw Draw Draw
Arakawa: "Five cows"
"Six cows"
"Seven cows"
"Eight cows"
"Nine cows"
"Ten cows"
"Eleven cows"
"Twelve cows"
(Writing on box/desk) Fresh daikon/white radish (Note: Arakawa-sensei is using the packing box farmers use as a desk.)

Panel 3:
SFX (Arakawa-sensei) Draw...
SFX (Arakawa-sensei) "Cow number...."

Silent SFX (Arakawa-sensei) ....nod

Panel 4:
Narration by Arakawa-sensei: [I discovered that it doesn't have to be (counting of) sheep to make me fall asleep.]
Arakawa: "Haa!!"
"I'm falling asleep!!"

(Tried editing a little. Please feel free to reedit. ^^ ~ Tombow)
Thank you, Dark_Fishie! Nice job! happy.gif
QUOTE (Tombow @ Feb 8 2012, 07:16 PM) *
Thank you, Dark_Fishie! Nice job! happy.gif

Heh, thank you Tombow. No editing necessary - my Japanese really isn't good enough to understand the nuances, much less translate them. Whoever is doing the scanlations should fine-tuning it later. I just swung by today after reading all of Gin no Saji - I'm enjoying it so far - and decided to translate a few of the omake since nobody else has worked on them yet. Can't guarantee I'll be back often though ^^;;
According to, the third volume will be released on April 18.

ETA, March 19:

The cover of Vol. 3 is out!

It's so cute! happy.gif
Haha, that's cute! laugh.gif Thank you, Michiyo-! happy.gif
Hiromu Arakawa has won two awards for Silver Spoon in the past few days!

First the Booklog Grand Prix in Manga category and today the 5th Manga Taisho Award.

Here are her comments on winning the awards:

Her comment on Shounen Sunday's website

Source: ANN and Amber1003's Deviantart journal

Congratulations, Arakawa-sensei! biggrin.gif
Oh my goodness, Booklog Grand Prix, AND Manga Taisho Award? AWESOME!! thumbsup_anim.gif

Congratulations, Arakawa-sesnsei!

Quick translation of Arakawa-sensei's comment on getting Manga Taisho:
Silver Spoon might be getting an anime adaptation?
AA battery
There is a bit more info regarding that anime adaptation on 2ch. But since it's from 2ch, take it with a grain of salt.

「銀の匙 Silver Spoon」がアニメ化決定!制作はJ.C.STAFFが担当し、今夏放送を予定している。
Silver Spoon Animation has been decided. Production team will be J.C. STAFF. Release planned for this summer.

キャスト Cast list
八軒勇吾:間島淳司 Hachiken Yuugo - Majima Junji
御影アキ:日笠陽子 Mikage Aki - Hikasa Youko
駒場一郎:谷山紀章 Komaba Ichirou - Taniyama Kishou
常盤恵次:山口勝平 Tokiwa Keiji - Yamaguchi Kappei
相川進之介:野島健児 Aikawa Shinnosuke - Nojima Kenji
稲田多摩子:平野綾 Inada Tamako - Hirano Aya
吉野まゆみ:堀江由衣 Yoshino Mayumi - Horie Yui

I must say my brain got fried a little seeing Yamaguchi Kappei dubbing Tokiwa though. KID-sama and Tokiwa...... @______@
Thank you, Pyroclasm and AABattery! happy.gif

Oh, that would be exciting!

^ I think that thread in 2-ch. is the actual (i.e. sort of "unofficial-official" 2-ch designated, so to speak,) Silver Spoon discussion thread, so there is a good chance the info can be true.

Hope this comes true! biggrin.gif
AA battery
It could be real, but the comments following the comment I quoted all sounded pretty doubtful, so that's why I figure it's better to take it with a grain of salt for now. I think it's still early to turn SS into an anime (in terms of the amount of plot currently available)... BUT, it could be one of Sunday's tactics in attempt to bring up the weekly magazine sales.

After all, the only biggies in Sunday right now are Silver Spoon and Detective Conan. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Conan is the only series in it that currently has an anime adaptation still airing on TV.

If they are looking into ending SS manga and anime together (like what was done with FMA manga and FMA brotherhood), the timing might be just about right though. I think we are on the Autumn chapter 4 right now. If both Autumn and Winter have roughly 10-15 chapters each, that would mean once the anime starts airing, it would be when the Winter chapters start. For an anime with 26 episodes (note: this is me taking a guess), it would not be going faster than the manga, as the manga would only need about 4 more months to complete. If the SS anime adaptation has 13 episodes though then it'd be a close call (Arakawa-sensei may not be able to take any breaks from drawing if they are rushing with SS anime).

Anyhow, taking it with a grain of salt... still secretly hoping KID-sama won't be dubbing the chicken brain. XD;

PS. Someone in that 2ch thread mentioned that Hachiken should be dubbed by Sakaguchi Daisuke instead, and I absolutely agree with that. Shinpachi and Hachiken sounds like a perfect match. XD
A Pierrot's Aria
I hope the news is true --I'd love for Silver Spoon to be adapted into an anime. I really need to catch up with the manga... @_@

It'd also be awesome if the cast list is true. Yamaguchi Kappei for Tokiwa Keiji is a great choice. laugh.gif
AA battery
bk1 has restocked Silver Spoon vol 3 limited edition (the one that comes with a silver spoon). Better get your hands on it now if you haven't already done so! It's already sold out on various websites such as amiami and amazon.

You can use surface mail, SAL, air mail, and EMS with bk1. They take credit card for payment.

(Please don't ask me how to buy from it if you cannot read any Japanese, as I don't want to bear the responsibility of potential errors. Ask a friend who can read Japanese, or use an online translator to help you.)

Alternatively, you could use cdjapan...

I personally don't use it because they overcharge shipping (they quote an estimate higher than actual shipping). BUT if you are uncomfortable with buying from a Japanese website then cdjapan is not a bad choice.
AA battery

Silver Spoon Vol 3 photos.
Thank you, AA battery! Nice spoon! biggrin.gif

Next Silver Spoon vol, Vol 4 is scheduled to be out in July. I wonder what kind of bonus they would come up with. ^^
QUOTE (AA battery @ Mar 30 2012, 06:54 PM) *
If they are looking into ending SS manga and anime together (like what was done with FMA manga and FMA brotherhood), the timing might be just about right though. I think we are on the Autumn chapter 4 right now. If both Autumn and Winter have roughly 10-15 chapters each, that would mean once the anime starts airing, it would be when the Winter chapters start. For an anime with 26 episodes (note: this is me taking a guess), it would not be going faster than the manga, as the manga would only need about 4 more months to complete. If the SS anime adaptation has 13 episodes though then it'd be a close call (Arakawa-sensei may not be able to take any breaks from drawing if they are rushing with SS anime).

Sorry if I'm out of the loop, but has it been mentioned when SS is supposed to end? I've noticed the seasons in the manga, of course, but it didn't occur to me that the end of winter would also be the end of the manga. I figured SS wouldn't have a super long run, but I'm surprised to hear it could end that soon. XD Is that a theory or has Arakawa said something about it?
^ @allykatty1 - I can't remember which interview it was, but I recall Arakawa-sensei saying Silver Spoon story would go on for 1 year ( i.e. Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter) in one of the interviews. I think I posted about that somewhere in this Silver Spoon forum.
If I can find it I will post the link. smile.gif
QUOTE (Tombow @ May 1 2012, 01:28 PM) *
^ @allykatty1 - I can't remember which interview it was, but I recall Arakawa-sensei saying Silver Spoon story would go on for 1 year ( i.e. Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter) in one of the interviews. I think I posted about that somewhere in this Silver Spoon forum.
If I can find it I will post the link. smile.gif

Oh, OK! Thanks. Hmm, Silver Spoon is all right, I've been reading it here and there and like it (though my habits are more like, forget about it for two months, then read a bunch at once! Just not the cliffhangers FMA had, hah...), so I guess I'm sort of sorry to hear that... but then super excited to see what Arakawa does next!! biggrin.gif
AA battery
This is Oricon top 100 manga sales record from 2011 November 21st to 2012 May 20th. Silver Spoon's sale is pretty good. Within these six months, Silver Spoon vol 1, 2, and 3 netted over 1460000 sales! Pretty sure it'll soon reach two millions after vol 4's release.

I have no interest in translating this whole thing so I'll just bold Silver Spoon vol 1, 2, and 3, as well as Hyakushou Kizoku vol 2.

The numbers stand for RANK, TOTAL SALE (within evaluation period), PUBLISHED DATE (day/month), SERIES, VOLUME.

Silver Spoon 1 APPEARS to have much less sale than vol 2 and 3 BECAUSE it was published in July 11th, 2011. This Oricon chart only counted sales between Nov 21st 2011 to May 20 2012. In other words, the fact that it still ranked #49 despite it was published much earlier than this evaluation period means a lot of people still bought Silver Spoon afterwards.


*1 3,161,123 12/02 ONE PIECE 65
*2 2,821,277 12/05 ONE PIECE 66
*3 1,186,970 12/01 君に届け 15
*4 1,113,081 12/02 NARUTO-ナルト- 59
*5 1,045,584 12/05 NARUTO-ナルト- 60
*6 *,965,515 12/04 HUNTER×HUNTER 30
*7 *,788,873 12/05 君に届け 16
*8 *,762,604 12/04 青の祓魔師 8
*9 *,736,761 11/12 進撃の巨人 6
10 *,643,209 12/01 テルマエ・ロマエ IV
11 *,630,650 11/11 よつばと! 11
12 *,624,801 11/12 BLEACH-ブリーチ- 53
13 *,613,846 12/03 BLEACH-ブリーチ- 54
14 *,610,956 11/12 銀の匙 Silver Spoon 2
15 *,608,995 11/12 黒執事 13
16 *,602,677 12/03 3月のライオン 7
17 *,590,870 12/04 進撃の巨人 7
18 *,561,250 11/11 ONE PIECE 64
19 *,558,691 11/12 FAIRY TAIL 30
20 *,558,531 12/01 バクマン。 16
21 *,555,501 12/03 僕等がいた 16
22 *,548,258 11/12 名探偵コナン 74卷
24 *,527,471 12/03 バクマン。 17
25 *,492,198 12/04 銀の匙 Silver Spoon 3
26 *,487,598 12/04 FAIRY TAIL 32
27 *,482,770 12/04 D.Gray-man 23
28 *,461,711 12/02 銀魂-ぎんたま- 43
29 *,455,203 12/05 バクマン。 18
30 *,454,919 12/02 FAIRY TAIL 31
31 *,444,737 12/02 トリコ 18
32 *,442,974 12/01 夏目友人帳 13
33 *,434,058 12/02 ガラスの仮面 48
34 *,428,160 12/04 名探偵コナン 75卷
35 *,422,391 12/04 銀魂-ぎんたま- 44
36 *,420,435 12/01 新テニスの王子様 7
37 *,415,573 11/11 おおきく振りかぶって 18
38 *,412,940 11/11 今日、恋をはじめます 13
39 *,411,625 12/01 家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN! 37
40 *,410,099 11/12 ジョジョリオン 1
41 *,402,095 12/04 トリコ 19
42 *,396,177 12/03 To LOVEる-とらぶる- ダークネス 4
43 *,389,615 12/02 今日、恋をはじめます 14
44 *,387,868 11/12 妖狐×僕SS 6
45 *,371,091 12/04 家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN! 38
46 *,362,249 11/12 アオハライド 3
47 *,362,009 11/12 とある魔術の禁書目録外伝 とある科学の超電磁砲 7
48 *,359,927 11/12 ちはやふる 15
49 *,358,665 11/07 銀の匙 Silver Spoon 1
50 *,356,037 12/03 もやしもん 11
*51 *,355,841 12/03 ちはやふる 16
*52 *,347,317 12/04 ジョジョリオン 2
*53 *,342,349 11/12 ぬらりひょんの孫 19
*54 *,341,736 12/04 アオハライド 4
*55 *,340,406 12/01 GANTZ 33
*56 *,340,168 11/12 宇宙兄弟 16
*57 *,332,215 12/01 GIANT KILLING 22
*58 *,323,278 12/03 宇宙兄弟 17
*59 *,321,919 12/01 好きっていいなよ。 8
*60 *,321,381 12/02 ぬらりひょんの孫 20
*61 *,314,078 12/02 あひるの空 34
*62 *,305,915 11/12 黒子のバスケ 15
*63 *,301,283 12/04 ぬらりひょんの孫 21
*64 *,289,812 12/04 GIANT KILLING 23
*65 *,289,214 12/02 ソウルイーター 21
*66 *,287,829 12/03 黒子のバスケ 16
*67 *,287,455 12/03 スキップ・ビート! 30
*68 *,279,317 12/04 黒子のバスケ 17
*69 *,278,045 12/02 SKET DANCE 22
*70 *,277,529 11/12 べるぜバブ 14
*71 *,271,698 12/03 SKET DANCE 23
*72 *,269,201 11/12 ダイヤのA 29
*73 *,267,690 12/01 WORST 28
*74 *,264,568 09/11 テルマエ・ロマエ I
*75 *,261,585 12/03 べるぜバブ 15
*76 *,260,799 11/11 機動戦士ガンダム THE ORIGIN 23 -めぐりあい宇宙編-
*77 *,253,849 11/12 好きです鈴木くん!! 14
*78 *,253,019 12/03 BASTARD!!-暗黒の破壊神- 27
*79 *,252,050 12/03 ダイヤのA 30
*80 *,249,896 12/01 頭文字<イニシャル>D 44
*81 *,246,050 11/12 男子高校生の日常 5
*82 *,240,182 10/04 妖狐×僕SS 1
*83 *,240,170 11/12 はじめの一歩 98
*84 *,238,629 11/12 CLAYMORE 21
*85 *,238,532 12/03 好きです鈴木くん!! 15
*86 *,237,335 12/04 SKET DANCE 24
*87 *,237,239 12/05 GANTZ 34
*88 *,236,146 10/09 テルマエ・ロマエ II
*89 *,234,208 12/03 咲-Saki- 9
*90 *,232,883 11/08 ONE PIECE 63
*91 *,228,437 10/04 妖狐×僕SS 2
*92 *,222,140 12/01 とある魔術の禁書目録(インデックス) 9
*93 *,221,729 12/02 会長はメイド様! 14
*94 *,220,130 10/07 妖狐×僕SS 3
*95 *,219,121 11/12 エア・ギア 34
*96 *,216,178 11/04 テルマエ・ロマエ III
*97 *,215,035 11/07 妖狐×僕SS 5
*98 *,214,435 11/02 妖狐×僕SS 4
*99 *,213,541 12/02 百姓貴族 2
100 *,211,154 11/12 ハヤテのごとく! 31
Thank you, AA battery for the info! biggrin.gif
That's pretty respectable numbers there! Glad to see that the series is doing well!
A Pierrot's Aria
Here's the cover for vol 4:

I like it!! Thank you, A Pierrot's Aria! biggrin.gif
That's a really nice cover, thanks for posting it, A Pierrot's Aria! smile.gif
AA battery
Silver Spoon vol 4 will come with a silver spoon as well. Apparently it's the same one as the one from vol 3, so if you bought vol 3 already you don't really need to get vol 4 unless you want the same spoon.

Shounen Sunday, however, will have a different version of the spoon at one of its September issues. (I have no idea what's the difference between Shounen Sunday and Shounen Sunday S)

By the way, anyone know what website I can get this magazine from? (where I buy my Japanese manga) doesn't seem to carry manga magazines...

Rough translation (there may be mistakes, and I rewrote some parts so that it flows better in English)

Shounen Sunday S September issue, which will be out on July 25th, will have a special-made spoon from Arakawa Hiromu's Silver Spoon.

Silver Spoon vol 3 special edition that's currently for sale, as well as Silver Spoon vol 4 special edition that will be out on July 18, both come with a special spoon. These two volumes come with a spoon that has a cow logo, while the Shounen Sunday S magazine edition will have a spoon with the Oezo Agricultural High School's logo. Shounen Sunday S's planned retail price will be 580yen (this is for the added spoon, so I'm guessing its regular retail price isn't 580yen).

Silver Spoon also currently has an official twitter. Its name is "Oezo Agricultural High School Official Twitter", and it will contain info such as manga volume release date and any other news.


荒川弘「銀の匙 Silver Spoon」の特製スプーンが、7月25日発売の少年サンデーS9月号(小学館)に付属することが明らかになった。

発売中の「銀の匙 Silver Spoon」3巻特別版、そして7月18日に発売される「銀の匙 Silver Spoon」4巻特別版にも特製スプーンは付属するが、少年サンデーS9月号の付録は別のデザイン。単行本特典のスプーンには仔牛のロゴが入っているが、雑誌付録のスプーンはロゴ部分が大蝦夷農業高校のものになっている。サンデーS9月号は付録付きで580円を予定。

なお「銀の匙 Silver Spoon」は、Twitterに公式アカウントを開設。「大蝦夷農業高校 公式ツイッター」の名前で、単行本の発売日など最新情報を発信している
deadlypenguin666 of the characters have a pet cow blink.gif ......I SAW THAT COMIN" HIROMU-CHAAAAAN!!!

......okay, maybe not. tongue.gif
Silver Spoon Vol. 4 is on the first place on Weekly Oricon Comic Rankings (for July 16-22) with 397,416 sold volumes. Also, the special edition that comes with a silver spoon is 17th with 48,067 sold volumes.
It’s great that Silver Spoon is doing so well. smile.gif

Source: Mangahelpers
That's a great news! Thank you, Michiyo-! biggrin.gif
AA battery
Oh actually Silver Spoon Vol 4 already sold over 1 million copies as of last week. (It had broke Shougakukan's record - Silver Spoon Vol 4 was the fastest manga that reached 1 million copies in such short period of time for all the manga that were published by Shougakukan. Although I like Conan too I was THRILLED to see Conan getting defeated by Silver Spoon lol)

You can check out the cool website below for promotional videos of Silver Spoon. You can click at the white bell thingie at different place on the map to see videos from different hours of the day at school.

Or if the map is too much of a pain to look around, you can visit the link below for the neat-and-cut-out links of the videos.

Get pretty wallpapers here...

Below is Silver Spoon's official blog, check it for any latest Silver Spoon news.

And for those who didn't know already, Silver Spoon Vol 5 (which will be out in October 2012) limited edition will have TWO silver spoons w/ different pattern than the ones that came with Vol 3/4. The retail price of that will be a tentative 999yen.

Silver Spoon Hong Kong edition Vol 3's limited edition also came with a spoon (it looks different from the Japanese version)... I hope my cousin managed to get me a copy~
Than you AA battery for the news and links! That's a great news for Silver Spoon, and good news for Shougakukan also! biggrin.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
Thanks for all the news. I'm glad Silver Spoon is doing so well. biggrin.gif

Although I'm totally guilty of falling behind with it again. *Facepalm*

You can watch some of the ad vids here. biggrin.gif
The cover for Vol. 5 is out:

Thank you, Michiyo-! I like it! biggrin.gif

AA battery
If I remember correctly, Silver Spoon vol 1-5 total up to 6300000 copies now, and for this year's oricon manga chart, it has ranked at the 7th.

Source: my memory. XD; (too lazy to find link, sorry!)
Thank you, AA battery! Nice to see that Silver Spoon is doing well. biggrin.gif
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