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Full Version: 百姓貴族 (Noble Farmer)
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Noble Farmer 2006 (serialized in Unpoko), 2009-07 (serialized in Wings)

Genres: comedy, slice of life

Also, if anyone know any info on 「百姓貴族(仮)」"Hyakushou Kizoku" ("Noble Farmer", or something like that in English translation, I think): That's the tentative title for Arakawa-sensei's sort of manga essay kind of thingy (I think) on Japanese magazine "Unpoco(?)" vol. 8, coming out in Dec. 28 in Japan.... If anyone hear anything about it, please post!! Thanks!! smile.gif


ETA (replying to the post below ^^): Actually, 百姓 means "farmer" in Japanese. C:
(Though I understand that reading literally in chinese characters, the word means "100 last names = commoner") ^^
AA battery
awesome story 8D Too bad scans for it is soooo hard to locate...
A Pierrot's Aria
I had to share this image Noble Farmer because I think it's pretty adorable! It's the cover for a magazine "Wings". And if Google translator is correct, then Arakawa did the cover image; (which would make sense since it's her cow-persona!)

ETA: @Aele I thought as much. happy.gif It seems like a very cute manga! I've heard of it, but I've never read it before.
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That's from her other manga Hyakusho Kizoku or Farm Nobility
Oh I hope Arakawa-sensei is safe! She's one of my heroes!
Yay!! thanks so much for that!!! ^^ that manga seems to be awesome! \o/

AA battery
I found some scans~

official Taiwanese edition volume 1 (chapter 1-13) -

Couldn't find chapter 14-19 anywhere yet.

Japanese raw chapter 20 -
Chinese scanlation chapter 20 -

Japanese raw chapter 21 -
Chinese scanlation chapter 21 -

The Taiwanese volume 1 found w/ google search, while ch 20 and 21 scans found on Chinese baidu.

You can google for chapter 1 and 2 English scanlations. There is a group doing it now it seems.
A Pierrot's Aria
Thank you for providing all of those scans, AA battery! It's good to hear that there seems to be a group that are making English scanlations. I've never read/looked at this series properly, but it certainly sounds interesting and I'll probably end up reading it at some point. laugh.gif
AA battery
This series doesn't really have a "plot" but it's very entertaining to read that's for sure! Lots of cracks. It's all about Arakawa's farmer life and her family. =D

Oh, this is my 1800th post!
^ Congrats for making 1800th posts! happy.gif

Thank you, AA battery! biggrin.gif
I really like bits and pieces I read so far from this book.
And, it helps me understand about Arakawa-sensei a bit more also. ^^
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