Okay I don't know where else to make this topic.

And spoiler warnings because this is pretty much about character deaths.

Anyway, do you have a character you like a lot that died?

How do you think they could have been saved? Do you think there would be anything you could do if you were in the story?

Sorry if it seems a bit weird....but it's just meant to be fun. smile.gif

Anyway, I really like Envy and of course I'm all weak and stuff and can't fight what so ever....but I've always wondered if I could be there and put on my Envy costume, if I could have confused Roy briefly into thinking I'm Envy, and if that would have given Envy a chance to escape.

Of course I would die if I did that I'm sure. Burned alive. LOL.

It's interesting to wonder if that could happen though, if an Envy cosplayer could confuse Roy enough for Envy to escape. XD

Does anyone think it's possible? XD